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Jane Morgan's New Approach to the Big Hits.

In every life there are seminal moments when things become clear and the future changes forever. For me, one of those moments came in 1986 when I bought this record for a quarter in Port Jefferson, NY. I had long since given up on popular music (my last favorite band, ABBA, hadn't had an album in years), and I was ready for my musical tastes to mature. When I popped on this record and heard Jane's swinging version of "Good Lovin'", an entire new world of music opened up for me. And I've been collecting records like this one ever since.

Jane Morgan was some sort of big-band singer in the 40's and 50's. I know because I found some old Jane Morgan albums at a thrift store once. Here, we find her applying that big-band style to the Big Hits of the day (I can't find a date on the album, but it looks late-60ish). This seems to have been a big thing among record executives for a number of years -- find some pre-Rock and Roll performer who's not quite pulling in the crowds anymore, and have them record their New Approach to that year's Top 10. Even Tony Bennett fell for it (see his "Tony Sings the Great Hits of Today" elsewhere on this site).

According to the liner notes on this album, "Every once in a while, even the most hardened control room crew lights up like a teenager meeting his or her idol for the first time. It happened quite recently in our studios when Jane Morgan sang a collection of contemporary hits, in her own very special style, for this new Epic album". Well, I have to admit that I lit up when I heard this record, too, though my motivations were somewhat different.

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Good Lovin' (MP3) What all music might have been like if they had never invented Rock and Roll.
These Boots Are Made for Walkin' A classic tune, delivered in any even more classic style. So good it hurts.

See Also: Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits, Tony Sings the Great Hits of Today

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ReNée St-Denis ( says:
I have old vinyl records left from my mom and dad and the one that smoothes my soul is Fascination with Jane Morgan and the Troubadors. Kapp High Fidelity. Her voice just calms me so much and I find heaven on earth when I play that record. This morning I wish I knew what is here life now and wonder if you have an-e-mail address where I can write. Tahnk you. ReNée (07-15-2004)

Peanut Head says:
Jean Moregun iss dat hot babe from da Bong Show...always dikkin' around with dat Rip Taylor fruitcake guy....didja know dat JAMMY OSMENDIT played on dis LP wid Jean?...he was about 7 yers old, but he wuz playin' da skinflute cuz Jean wuz pretty gud on it too...

She wuz funny...she liked umbrellas an would not leave her house wid out onna cover...Jammy tol me dat Jean wear NUTTIN' underneath dat coat fer da shoot...all da guys wuz walkin' wid boners till da cover finished....den Jammy's sister an brudder come over an....oops...what Mommy?...oh no..haveta go..bye.. (07-07-2004)

Bea (Bea@) says:
This is hysterical!
I am laughing so hard. I love records like the hammond pops, and often find myself do do doin'...

I hear Frauline Millar ran away with her girlfriend to Hollywood or something like that.... (05-24-2004)

Duncan ( says:
This is the Jane Morgan who went out with George Bush's father (03-22-2004)

Met&Jason ( says:
She swings crazy man!
We want more! (02-29-2004)

Jeff ( says:

Love it! (02-26-2004)

chrisy says:
She rocks! (02-25-2004)

Sharron says:
Is Jane Morgan and J.P. Morgan the same person. There was a J.P. in the 60's that appeared on game shows like the Gong Show and Merv Griffith Show. I doubt it - but thought I would ask. (02-20-2004)

mike ( says:
cant really tell if youre joking about liking her music or what. in my opinion, she blows both original artists away. (02-19-2004)

Chris ( says:
Yup - Jane is still alive and is Mrs. Jerry Weintraub and apparently still will sing at parties. Another great one from Jane is Jane Morgan in Nashville, circa 1969. (02-05-2004)

Michael Berlin ( says:
Bravo! Hooray! (02-03-2004)

Paul (BarkingHare@Excite.Com) says:
This is actually pretty good. I too forgot what the originals sound like too. Still, all jokes aside; I like these tunes. (01-02-2004)

Bill Again says:
What most impressed me when I was 7 years old was when she sang the last half of the song in french, but that version of the day that the rain came down apparently doesn't exist! (12-30-2003)

ferrgus says:
Oddly, I can't remember what the original version of Good Lovin' sounds like anymore. Jane's rendition has erased it from my memory.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. (11-14-2003)

Paul Murphy ( says:
what joy we've had listening to these absolute classics ...Mrs Miller ..fab (11-14-2003)

Homer ( says:
she should have done a theme song for NO ONE LIVES FOREVER...ya know....the PC Game? (11-13-2003)

Peter Healey ( says:
I was so glad to visit your website. Thank you so much for all the interesting tidbits of the past. I do have a question regarding Jaye P. Morgan. Can you tell me what she is doing now and if I can see some up to the minute pics of her? I would appreciate it immensely. Sincerely, Peter Healey (07-20-2003)

Scott Montgomery ( says:
Ummmm.... This is a FAR better voice than Miss Sinatra, and this version of "Boots" is FAR better than the original.

Who can forget Miss Sinatra's embarrasing Bond movie theme????

This site is a hoot! Thanks so much for putting it together. (07-15-2003)

swingin&singin says:
Janies got my gun cocked and ready.This kitten can walk her booties over me anytime. (05-28-2003)

ernest stanley ( says:
misty i believe the song you are seeking was by Jaye P Morgan, you will find the lyrics under Jaye P Morgan. on (05-12-2003)

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