Music To Moog By

Otherwise known as, 'Music to seduce beautiful girls by'. Give it a try today.

This beautiful Audio Fidelity release showcases Gershon Kingsley's considerable skill with the Moog synthesizer, covering such popular tunes as "Nowhere Man", "Scarborough Fair", and "Paperback Rider" (sic) along with six of Kingsley's original compositions.

In the 60's, an expensive stereo system, a bottle of wine and a record like this one were all you needed to properly secduce a member of your favorite sex. Sheila Benow, the artist who designed the cover art on Music To Moog By, must have known this -- yes, those are nipple flowers growing out of the Moog (click the picture for a closer look).

I don't know how many people actually used records like this in their intended fashion, but I'm single, I like wine, and I have a nice stereo system, so if you're an available female and you'd like to try it -- drop me a note.

Music To Moog By
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Twinkle, Twinkle (MP3) A psychedelic version of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Just what you need when the LSD kicks in.
Paperback (MP3) Actually, it's the Beatles' Paperback Writer, misidentified on the album jacket.
Nowhere Man (MP3) Kingsley gets a little crazy on this Beatles hit, but what the hey? Live a little.

See Also: Enoch Light Presents Spaced Out, Moog!

Your Comments:

Old Hippie Type ( says:
Frank - I just caught up with your great website for the first time today. COWA FUCKING BUNGA dude... It turns my haze all purple and causes my axis to be bold as love... Anyway, judging from YOUR comments and the comments of FLORASID (from 07-31-2005) I hope that you two found a way to get it together. Women with 9 nipples are usually harder to come by than some of this alien vinyl of yours... Cheers (10-28-2007)

Steve Carras ( says:
Really good for those of us who like "Kraftwerk". Or "Hot Butter" doing "Popcorn" (connection: the artist-composer Gershon Kingsley) (04-09-2007)

Phil McRevis says:
No fair! I think I heard a real guitar on "Nowhere Man". I thought I was going to hear a drum solo a lå Frankenstein by the Edgar Winter group after the freakout in "Twinkle Twinkle". Maybe Edgar ripped it off. Goes to show you can never trust an albino in drag. Unless Gershon had a time machine and stole it from Edgar, in which case I apologize. (11-29-2006)

Bill says:
NOW I know why my brother had those Moog records! (08-08-2006)

John Mercurio ( says:
I think you did a spectacular job on this project. It rings of Keith Emerson. Thank you.
I would like to ask if you know of a way to turn my Ensoniq KT-88 Workstation of the '90's into the Moog sounds of the '70's I just enjoyed. Please Help! I only have a MIDI output on it, and I'm being told by keyboard people in music stores that there is no way to do it, and I disagree. What about the new Moog Voyager? Thanks again, and if you send any reply, I surely would appreciate it. - John Mercurio (05-03-2006)

kif says:
check out "trip" by maciej kochan, it's based of the song "popcorn" on music to moog by. google hvsc if you want help getting started (it's in there) (04-09-2006)

Paul M London ( says:
Get down with your bad self!! Poor old embittered Gershon. He was clearly off on one when he decided to commit his talentless musings to tape. And what does it say for the hapless turkey at Audio Fidelity records who signed and recorded him. Isn't life just so wonderful??? (08-03-2005)

florasid says:
how can a guy like you be single, frank???? sadly, basic geography keeps us far, far apart, because i don't really like wine all that much and frankly (no pun intented), you probably wouldn't need it.

p.s. i'm actually the model for those nipple flowers (07-31-2005)

Hannibal ( says:
nipple flowers? The 60s really were more hip than today (05-13-2005)

Lizette says:
I wonder if Ms. Benow used Polaroids of her own etherial areolas for those flowers (now THAT'S flower power, kids) or a collage from some porn 'zine or a medical textbook. I've heard of models who only have one body part photographed, their hands or feet for example, and of course, nude or at least topless models, but can you imagine the consternation of some young model desperate for to strut her stuff to get famous, and being told, "Now Miss, all we want is pictures of JUST your NIPPLES..." (02-06-2005)

popsadoolian ( says:
I meet Mr. Moog at a company I was working at back in the eighties. He was very embittered at that time about how the japanese companies did him in. He made a comeback, though didn't he? (01-16-2005)

Dave-UK says:
Really enjoyed the Moog tracks and brought back a lot of memories of the 60s/70s. Thanks! (01-05-2005)

Mr Bigg says:
SHut up Terd Ferguson! you homosexual faggot bastard. Go say dumb crap somewhere elese. Somewhere where yo momma is. Nobody here likes you (12-01-2004)

H. Trud Ferguson says:
Did you read my comments on the other Moog album. Forget all that. Look at the album cover on this. You mean Moog albums can get me laid? Holy crap. Moog on, man. Moog on forever! (11-25-2004)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
Moog-Schmoog! I wanna talk about additive synthesis! All the kids are doing it - and it TASTES great! So leave your analog sythesizers behind and take a tip from the Doctor. You ain't SHIT unless you can use algorhythms to create life-like oboe sounds! (11-11-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS! (10-27-2004)

Geezal says:
I find the severed nipple tree a little disturbing. Moog sounds good. (09-17-2004)

. says:
you are going to die. slowly.. (07-25-2004)

Squirrel Police says:
I hear this stuff in my dreams. Such boho,
beautiful tones. They're so sweet and sticky
you could roll them up and smoke 'em. (04-27-2004)

Hailey says:
did I hear scratching? (02-05-2004)

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