Music To Moog By

Otherwise known as, 'Music to seduce beautiful girls by'. Give it a try today.

This beautiful Audio Fidelity release showcases Gershon Kingsley's considerable skill with the Moog synthesizer, covering such popular tunes as "Nowhere Man", "Scarborough Fair", and "Paperback Rider" (sic) along with six of Kingsley's original compositions.

In the 60's, an expensive stereo system, a bottle of wine and a record like this one were all you needed to properly secduce a member of your favorite sex. Sheila Benow, the artist who designed the cover art on Music To Moog By, must have known this -- yes, those are nipple flowers growing out of the Moog (click the picture for a closer look).

I don't know how many people actually used records like this in their intended fashion, but I'm single, I like wine, and I have a nice stereo system, so if you're an available female and you'd like to try it -- drop me a note.

Music To Moog By
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Twinkle, Twinkle (MP3) A psychedelic version of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Just what you need when the LSD kicks in.
Paperback (MP3) Actually, it's the Beatles' Paperback Writer, misidentified on the album jacket.
Nowhere Man (MP3) Kingsley gets a little crazy on this Beatles hit, but what the hey? Live a little.

See Also: Enoch Light Presents Spaced Out, Moog!

Your Comments:

Alex Delarge says:
moog is good , moog is great. who do you think of when you masturbate? (05-16-1998)

yehyeh ( says:
Cripes man! I tried to steal this record from my roomate's girlfriend's stepdad, but got caught. This and Claudine Longet's first LP. it would be worth a prison sentence for "paperback rider" alone. or not. *she said yehyehyeh (05-10-1998)

Karlo B. Bello ( says:
so I have alot of AIR stuff (the french band), and I'm realizing that the only songs that I really enjoy are the ones that are in collaboration with J j Perrey. So, I'm thinking that his stuff must be exceptional and that I need to get my hands on some. How do I do that, i can't like find any. (05-10-1998)

Jim Horn ( says:
Wow - does anyone know where to find a copy of the Audio Fidelity album "Popcorn" done by Kingsley and his "First Moog Quartet"? I'm particularly looking for the tracks "Cold Duck", "John Phillip Moog", and (of course), "Popcorn". Tapes or other versions would be an acceptable alternative. Thanks! (03-19-1998)

Luc BUISSON ( says:
Hello, where can i found the "MOOG MIG MAG MOOG" record ? I am looking for it since many years ... thank you (03-14-1998)

Yoni Ramras ( says:
i would very much like to purchase any kind of music which contains the moog synthysiser or any other information about where i can get it. (02-13-1998)

Mike ( says:
I enjoy nothing better than a bit of Perrey and Kingsley when I am trying to recover on a hung-over Saturday morning from the disgracefully debauched excesses of Friday night. Lock yourself in your bedroom, turn the lights off, slip in your silk pyjamas, light a candle, slip on the Perrey and Kingsley and treat yourself to a well-earned nervous break-down. Moog me up a fat one Gershon !!!! Rock it !!!!! (11-18-1997)


tommic from israel ( says:
would like to chat e-mail about "MOOGS" did you know moogs records coasts 30c# less then 1$ but they are hurd to find " WHEN I MEAT AWOMEN WE LISTEN TO KLAYDOSCOPIC VIBRETIONS TOGETHER AND DRINK WINE " (10-24-1997)

Linda says:
Where can I locate Music to Moog By? Is available through any catalogs, stores, etc.? (10-23-1997)

Mike says:
If anyone knows where I can get some of the original moog recordings on CD, please leave info here. Thanx!!! (10-10-1997)

Blacula ( says:
Yes, I think Gershon had a thing for the ladies. It took me a good 1/2 day until I noticed the "flowers". For even better moog irritainment, try Kingsley's collaboration "Perry and Kingsley" albums. Play this record at 17rpm if your turntable has it. (06-08-1997)

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