Bored with being a famous TV star? Make a record!

"People know that singing is not my bag," says Telly Savalas on the liner notes to this 1974 release, "but if I say, 'Hey, this is how Telly feels about this or that song,' I can't mistakes. I can only make mistakes by pretending to be a great singer".

A classic example of the "famous actor makes a record" genre, Telly uses his ill-begotten allotment of vinyl to thrill us with mediocre versions of "Something", "You and me against the world", "Rubber bands and bits of string", and many (far too many) others. Unfortunately, Telly's classic New York drawl gets drowned out by the music on all but a few of the tracks, making this album practically worthless even to die-hard Kojak fans.

What is an actor doing making a record, you ask? Telly answers this question by modestly saying, "I was asked to make a record". One has to wonder exactly who did the asking, though.

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You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (MP3) Who loves ya, baby?

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Vinyl Kid ( says:
I have that record in better condition and signed! i bought it at a festival for 1 dollar. It says "say it with a kiss, love, telly savalis" I played it once (only once cuz i dont wanna reck it) and it was the cheeziest music ever! i mean i was rollong on the floor laughing! hey if u could give me a price value on my record thatd be great! thanks (11-20-1999)

Craig ( says:
Came across this site while surfing...didnt know Jenifer Aniston was his Godchild...wish she would visit this site and leave her mail addy *LOL*. (11-18-1999)

kelly ( says:
telly put his heart into every roll he played from the bird man to kojac , with execellent results,i am personally thankfull to telly for his versin of if. (11-14-1999)

Duane says:
I remember hearing about the death of Mr. Savalas on the radio. It was the very first time a celebrity death upset me. He was great. I spent my summers in Cloquet, MN. I remember my father pointing out Telly's boat one day when we drove by a Duluth harbor. What the hell was Telly doin' in Duluth I asked. I don't remember the answer. (11-12-1999)

mike ( says:
WHO LOVES YA BABY? (11-11-1999)

MindLunch ( says:
I found this picture of Telly Savalas on a medical website. Apparently he injured his nose while practising his lollypop routine. (11-10-1999)

Robert says:
Telly was beautiful. (11-06-1999)

luke lewin ( says:
I have been an on again off again fan of Telly all my life. Just saturday night I saw one of his old movies and the song "Yesterday when I was young", sung by Telly, in his very unique style,sprang to mind. I've been humming it ever since. I'd love to find a copy of the lyrics to this song but havn't yet been successful. Best of all, I'd love to find a wav file with Telly himself singing this tune. To anyone out there "Come on make my day" after all "Who loves ya baby?" Mail me at with a site location Thanks (08-23-1999)

buddy ( says:
like to know in way is christian savalas is related to the late great telly savalas and does christian have any pics of himself with is family? (08-16-1999)

Editor of ( says:

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Mario ( says:
Hello, I am looking for the episodes with STEFANIE POWERS in English and German. Thanks a lot for your help. Mario (07-16-1999)

Amy ( says:
hi, the first movie Telly shaved his head for was Bird Man of Alcatraz. (07-12-1999)

Bob says:
What was the first movie that Telly shaved his head for? (07-05-1999)

sondra ( says:
what kind of lollipop was it??????????? (06-24-1999)

jon tragg says:
telly is great--last nite i watch a western made in spain called A TOWN CALLED BASTARD and he was the best actor in it, far better than robert shaw, stella stevens and marty landau. after telly died by crucifixion the movie went downhill fast. (06-22-1999)

Mooncat says:

Yeah you've got a link from us by the way.

Telly's the man (06-20-1999)

The Mooncat ( says:
I've got "love is such s sweet surprise" - smooth

Click here

Check it out


Debbie Gelson says:
Hi Christian and Nick, I finally decided to visit this site. I'm so happy it exists and that there are so many who admire your "papa" and "uncle" so much that they feel compelled to express their feelings at a forum like this. It was especially nice to read your postings. I will always love my "uncle telly" as well as all the great members of the Savalas family, both departed (Mana, George Uncle Tom and Thea Olga) and happily still with us. (06-12-1999)

Amy ( says:
I have only recently come to know Telly Savalas and appreciate his magnificent acting talent and wonderful on-screen persona.I'm very sad that I didn't know who he was while he was still alive. Reading these posts from all who miss him has brought tears to my eyes. I just want to say Telly will live on in our hearts and as long as we remember what great talent he left behind in movies and television, his memory will never fade away. He's probably up there in Heaven still sucking on those lollipops! (05-22-1999)

Kate ( says:
I have tried to post several times but the comments were never recorded on this page. Telly is the kind of man every woman should have as a lover. He is an actor unsurpassed and I cherish every moment of Kojak I can get. Missed? Yes he is. But we can watch his magic when we can and be enriched. (05-10-1999)

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