Bored with being a famous TV star? Make a record!

"People know that singing is not my bag," says Telly Savalas on the liner notes to this 1974 release, "but if I say, 'Hey, this is how Telly feels about this or that song,' I can't mistakes. I can only make mistakes by pretending to be a great singer".

A classic example of the "famous actor makes a record" genre, Telly uses his ill-begotten allotment of vinyl to thrill us with mediocre versions of "Something", "You and me against the world", "Rubber bands and bits of string", and many (far too many) others. Unfortunately, Telly's classic New York drawl gets drowned out by the music on all but a few of the tracks, making this album practically worthless even to die-hard Kojak fans.

What is an actor doing making a record, you ask? Telly answers this question by modestly saying, "I was asked to make a record". One has to wonder exactly who did the asking, though.

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You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (MP3) Who loves ya, baby?

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D.R. KIMBALL (MASH 2201 @AOL.COM) says:

Grant Cumming ( says:
Christian or Christo, i tried e-mailing you and came to the word " beef" as the e-mail address...i hope this is'nt a joke because i am very interested in telly savalas and have a great deal of respect for his would be a shame if somebody was to fool around like that... If you are for real please contact me...thanks!! (03-26-1999)

Florian Weiss ( says:
To Christian Savalas: I tried to write you an e-mail about my internet comment, but I do believe you made a little mistake with your mail address. Thanks (03-22-1999)

Kaiser Sosa says:
Telly Savalas is my god, I have an alter to him build in my room, I worship him and pray to him everyday (03-18-1999)

Christo Savalas (Beef 99999) says:
Hello everybody out there. I found this sight and thought that it was very cool. It's really great that someone took the time to make it. I noticed that there were a lot of questions up there and I will answer some. First I saw one about why he always had a lollipop in his hand. The reason was because he was trying to quit smoking at the time, so instead of holding a cigarette in his hand he held a lollipop. Also there were some people who were interested in biographical information. If the people who wrote that wanted to they could e-mail me at the address above and I would gladly answer any questions about my pops. Or if you wanted we could just talk about something. I wrote a biography in school about him and I had a lot of funny and interesting stories in it. Most importantly, I saw up there that there was a rumor that my parents were going to get a divorce. That is completely false. My parents loved eachother very much and it makes me sad that someone would start that kind of a rumor. In fact, just five months before my father died he gave my mom a diamond wedding aniversary ring. If anyone wants to send me e-mail I would be happy to reply, and also thanks for making this webpage. (03-08-1999)

Christian Savalas (Beef 99999) says:
Hey everybody out there. I found this web page and found it very cool. The internet wasn't really around when my father died. It's really cool someone took the time to make this site. I saw some of the questions and I am going to try to answer some of them. First off I saw the question about the lolipop. The reason he always had one was because he was trying to quit smoking so he held the lolipop in his in his hand instead. Also I saw a post that said that the person writing it wanted biographical information. If you are still interested, e-mail me at the address shown above and I will answer questions or just talk about my father with you. Now most important of all, I saw that it was rumored that my parents were going to get a divorce. That is entirely false. My parents loved eachother very much and were together for seventeen years. That rumor was probably started by somebody in the Savalas family that didn't like my mom. In fact my father gave my mom a diamond anniversary ring to express his love for her just five months before he died. It makes me sad that people would think that about my mom. (03-08-1999)

chris ( says:
Hey Telly fans! I'm looking for Kojak collectibles -- especially t-shirts, vintage or otherwise. Can anyone help me? (02-24-1999)

Grant Cumming ( says:
Hi! I am a huge savalas fan..from kojak to the dirty dozen films!! I was wondering if anybody can help me obtain information on his biography. I can't find anything in the book stores or on the net..I tink he was a great actor and is definetly a great role model for me in my pursute of acting....any info would be much obliged!! (02-13-1999)

Larry Smalley ( says:
I was Captain of a Learjet back in the 1970's and I flew Telly from Oklahoma City to Dallas. He said, "is this thing safe?" (02-07-1999)

donnie wells ( says:
telly is my favorite actor and always will be baby (01-31-1999)

Howie Kim says:
Brando, Coburn, Marvin, McQueen, and Mitchum...they were the coolest and the toughest but no one can ever touch Telly. Telly, you were the coolest cat of them all! You just took everyone to school baby. As for your singing, no one belts it out like you, especially your sensational performance of "We All End Up The Same" during the end credit of your movie "Pancho Villa." What I wouldn't do to own your complete catalogue of recorded materials! I love ya baby and I miss ya. You were the genuine article, period! (01-27-1999)

Mitch ( says:
Telly had 3 albums!!!!! I have the first, Still looking for "Telly", but also have #3-"Who Loves Ya Baby?" That album has provided much enjoyment if for nothing else...the title track alone is worth the price of admission! (01-25-1999)

Dan Shepard ( says:
I found an autographed copy of this lp at a Goodwill store 2 yrs ago for 50 cents. There, just had to brag!!! Now all you Telly fans should be aware that "Telly" is his 2nd lp. His first lp, "The Two Sides of Telly Savalas" was released in 1972 on a small label called JAM records (mine is a UK copy). It features an abysmal rendition of "I Walk the Line", a totally inappropriate performance of "I Shall Be Released" (Telly sings Dylan!!!), "Try to Remember", and a dramatic reading piece called "Looking Back at Thirty". It seems this lp was created as a promotion vehicle for the Kojak show as there is an ad for the show on the front cover. So now the mystery deepens! It would seem that Telly conscientiously approached the recording of the 2nd lp, having been pleased with the results of the first. Could it be that he had a genuine creative yearning for success in the record business? Maybe we should view his recorded output as a true expression of the SOUL of the man Telly, and not as examples of typical celebrity recordings. I believe in my heart that his recording forays must have satisfied some inner need for him, and served as a creative outlet for his artistry as a human being. We are blessed with the myriad talents left behind in our memory by this man. The liner notes from the "Two Sides" lp are as follows: Intense, aggressive, fair-minded, but relentless and tough...this is Telly Savalas as "Kojak", a New York cop you won't easily forget...produced this fall by Universal for the CBS Television Network. The back cover reads: Gentle, sensitive, a warm human being...this, too, is Telly Savalas, with a zest for living and for love. So there we have it- the two sides of this man. (01-06-1999)

Zackarias Holtelius ( says:
Did Kojak wear a "Pulsar LED" wristwatch in any of the TV-series? Pulsar LED was the first "digital" wristwatch. Im looking for any information about these watches. See more at (11-29-1998)

Elaine ( says:
I love KOJAK and would like to know episode list. Can anybody help me? Thanks (11-22-1998)

david stein (docmal@hotmail) says:
Telly you were the greatest.That charisma can never be replaced. I loved kojak and have been trying for years to get a hold of any episodes as they are not shown on Australian tv anymore.IF only we could see you again in brand new episodes your death stopped the dream. Who loves ya baby. We all did! (11-14-1998)

Florian Weiss ( says:
To Vinnie: The sucker was part (and trademark) of his famous role as Theo Kojak. I think he just needed it to solve a case. But I got a question for anyone who knows something about it: Two weeks ago I read an article in the Internet that Telly was about to divorce from his wife. The mentioned reasons were that she never really loved him (and perhaps even just married him because of his money), and after his death she got most of his inheritance;and not his sons. Does anyone know if this story is true ? (10-29-1998)

Jack Cassady ( says:
Their is a great new band called Savalas, and they have dedicated themselves to the emulation of all things Telly. (10-29-1998)

Jeff Wiley says:
Back when I was a wee youngster in high school, I first learned of the legend that is Telly. Whenever the parody of Telly was shown on Saturday Night Live I wanted to know who the real man was. Certainly Phil Hartman did a good job impersonating Savalas, but it didn't squelch my thirst for the knowledge of the real Telly, the man, the myth, the experience. I didn't know a whole lot about "the man" and would often search for ways of better identifying with "the bald one" by spontaneously using many of his memorable catch phrases such as"who loves ya baby". I tried my darndest to speak in the manner of that suave Greek we've all come to know and love. Where ever you are Telly may you truly be happy in knowing that we all love ya baby!!! (10-23-1998)

Mike Hartsell says:
I never thought much of Savalas until I saw the Saturday Night Live parody of Phil Hartman playing Telly Savalas. I figured if such a parody could be played on a man a man such as Savalas must be great. I then began building an image of Telly in my head. I wasn't disappointed in the least when I turned on Kojak on my local television and I saw the handsome bald Greek who wouldn't take shit off anyone, and I realized what I had missed out on. Who loves ya baby. Telly does (10-23-1998)

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