Bored with being a famous TV star? Make a record!

"People know that singing is not my bag," says Telly Savalas on the liner notes to this 1974 release, "but if I say, 'Hey, this is how Telly feels about this or that song,' I can't mistakes. I can only make mistakes by pretending to be a great singer".

A classic example of the "famous actor makes a record" genre, Telly uses his ill-begotten allotment of vinyl to thrill us with mediocre versions of "Something", "You and me against the world", "Rubber bands and bits of string", and many (far too many) others. Unfortunately, Telly's classic New York drawl gets drowned out by the music on all but a few of the tracks, making this album practically worthless even to die-hard Kojak fans.

What is an actor doing making a record, you ask? Telly answers this question by modestly saying, "I was asked to make a record". One has to wonder exactly who did the asking, though.

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You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (MP3) Who loves ya, baby?

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Chico Feo says:
Telly along with Bronson and Eastwood is one of my inspirations. Savalas was clever, strong, and witty, all the things I try to be, but only do half as good as Savalas himself. Watching Kojak and quoting Telly Savalas in the most unfitting situations entertained me and my friends for years. In fact when a senior in high school this "Telly commentary" spread to all the underclassmen who would mimic us, and pretty soon kids were yelling out "Who loves ya baby" to scores of others answering "Telly Does!!!" or "Savalas", through the school halls and right in the middle of lectures interupting teachers etc. Finally the newspaper put out an article "Tellied-out" begging the student body to cease the ever-present Telly commentary! To this day everyone in this town is still H.U.F.T. (Hard Up For Telly). When Savalas passed away in 1994 we felt we had been bereaved of this great man, but I'm sure he's in heaven causing just as much stir as he did down here! (10-23-1998)

will slater ( says:
My favourite Savalas moment must be in the amazing Escape to Athena where Telly plays a greek resistance leader, the film has many incredible moments not least the at the end which provides my enduring image of Telly as he gets down to some greek dancing with a particularly lovely lady. (10-21-1998)

Vinnie ( says:
Telly was cool. I looking to settle an arguement, Why did Telly always have a lolipop in his mouth ? Please help if u can. (10-16-1998)

Annette Elliott-Phillips ( says:
Iloved Telly very much and I never never missed none of his pictures. I miss him alot. Not enough pictures are showing in memory of him. I mean to say, we can't live in the past but its all we the fans will ever have of him so please try and get some more pictures and movies of him on the air. Annette, Who Loves You Telly. (10-13-1998)

Florian Weiss ( says:
I was a fan of his work since I saw ,On Her Majesty`s Secret Service`. I was 8 then. I always wanted to meet him, but I had never an opportunity. When I heard of his death, I was shocked. The world lost one of its best actors. I am so glad that 2 months ago I spotted an autograph of him in my friend`s friend collection. I am so proud to have it now. (10-04-1998)

Scott, 25 from palm beach, fl. says:
Mr. Savalas is one of a kind. Kojack was just one of his great performances. My favorite is Telly as "Big Joe" in "Kelly's Heroes". Mr. Savalas is an icon of american film and television, and will not be forgoten. (10-02-1998)

todd l ( says:
telly, my brother and i have always loved ya,especially with that line from KELLY'S HEROES, "weee ain't got no booze". with my head first shaved tonight, i figure i'd pay homage at your sacred site. (10-01-1998)

Thelly ( says:
Does anybody have any idea where to find a wave file of Telly's famous "who loves ya, baby?" line? I have searched and haven't found it yet. Thanks. (09-29-1998)

Mr. Ed says:
Yoy think tellys lp is odd, I have an old record called"Festus sings & talks about Dodge city & stuff" You may remember Festus as Matt Dillons deputy in the show Gunsmoke. It is actually quite funny. (09-25-1998)

Guest (www:// says:
A great fan of Kojak (09-10-1998)

Michelle ( says:
I too loved Telly Savalas,he was one hell of an actor. They dont make them like Mr Savalas anymore. May he rest peace and may he always be remembered and live in all our hearts forever. I used to love to watch Kojak although I'm only 30 years old I really enjoyed that show. And boy was he a good looking man in his younger years! I too heard the rumour of him being the father of my all time favourite actress Nicolette Sheridan and whether he is or isnt,who cares just to know they were associated and they are both at the head of my favourites list suits me fine. But he is the Godfather of another of my favourites- actress Jennifer Aniston! Anyway Telly was a legend and I will always remember him forever. (08-09-1998)

aleka ( says:
I admired Telly for his deep love for greece. He wouldn't miss an occasion given to praise Savalas family birthland. I really wonder if other- younger- members of Savalas family keep on this fine struggle. Any comments and response will be more than welcome. We have lost contact with the Savalas family after great Telly's departure. Sincerely, Aleka (08-06-1998)

Jonathan Cope age 9 says:
I liked him in Kelly's Heroes and in The Battle of the Bulge. (07-31-1998)

The Damn Telly ( says:
Hey you little piece of slimy shit, Just because I am dead, doesn't mean that I can't kick your ass! I can and I WILL! I have my ways, so beware! You haven't praised dear old, SEWANHAKA in a while! Your time is running out. I want you to write a letter to the local newspaper editor, telling him about the virtues of a good quality high school. Yes, you dumb piece of dung beetle turd, I MEAN SEWANHAKA! Inform him out the alumni is far superior than those from other piece of shit high schools. Yes, I MEAN CONNECTWAT! The difference between us and those little shits are that we, the great Sewanhaka alumni, has superior thinking ability and opposable thumbs. Unlike you little dick turds who have to go to a dictionary to find out how to spell "DUH". I have to go now, I have to piss and I think I will shower upon Connectquot. You loves ya baby? I sure as HELL don't! Regards, Telly (07-18-1998)


mike maglaras ( says:
what was the epasode that telly was in on combat (07-10-1998)

Paul Greenwood says:
I Used to Watch Kojak as a Little Kid The Only Adult show I was allowed To watch. I went to his grave in LA and just Stood There. It's Sad that he is Gone (07-06-1998)

Glenda Reynolds says:
I recently read about the fight over his will and his widow said she had been with Telly for 17 years?Could that be right? She was 19 and he was over 30 years older? (06-17-1998)

dave philpott ( says:
Telly not only graduated from Sewanhaka H.S.back in N.Y. but he used to caddy in Garden City where the stories still linger about him. (06-15-1998)

Nicholas Savalas ( says:
To Karen Smith: Nicolette Sheridan is not - not! -the daughter of Telly Savalas. She was already 10 yrs. old when Uncle Telly had an affair with her mother on the set of "On Her Majesties Secret Service"; her brother, my first cousin, also named Nicholas, is his son. Uncle Telly loved kids - and Nicolette was a sweet child without a faher figure. While we all love her like a sister, we don't really like that rumor...esp. after hher well publicized romances... (04-13-1998)

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