Bored with being a famous TV star? Make a record!

"People know that singing is not my bag," says Telly Savalas on the liner notes to this 1974 release, "but if I say, 'Hey, this is how Telly feels about this or that song,' I can't mistakes. I can only make mistakes by pretending to be a great singer".

A classic example of the "famous actor makes a record" genre, Telly uses his ill-begotten allotment of vinyl to thrill us with mediocre versions of "Something", "You and me against the world", "Rubber bands and bits of string", and many (far too many) others. Unfortunately, Telly's classic New York drawl gets drowned out by the music on all but a few of the tracks, making this album practically worthless even to die-hard Kojak fans.

What is an actor doing making a record, you ask? Telly answers this question by modestly saying, "I was asked to make a record". One has to wonder exactly who did the asking, though.

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You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (MP3) Who loves ya, baby?

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Your Comments:

Nikol ( says:
Who loves ya baby. I do.
Now I´m listening his songs. I do it everyday when I´m here alone.
Telly is amazing. Yes, I write "is" ´cause he is (if we love him) (11-08-2006)

Mr. Raymond Tristan-Brown ( says:
I am trying desperately to find the song recorded by Telly 'If' on either CD or audio tape. do you have any ideas where I can purchase this please. (11-07-2006)

Rob ( says:
Thing was, in the seventies if you were a television star, some agents and production houses thought of you as a "performer" rather than an actor. Hey, if you were an actor, you'd be starring in movies, right (rather than doing support work like Telly) If you are a performer, you can 'perform' on an album, which will promote the show, right?

Well, the latter might be true, but clearly the former premise needed a bit more thought.

THen again, Telly does sound a little like a Greek Barry White, if such a thing can be contemplated. (10-29-2006)

jack m purvin,m.d. ( says:
they believed he was a real new york city cop, got tons of fan mail one of the best actors around, and an all around friendly nice guy, also his borther from kojak was also a professional acotor in all ways, it runs in the family, the best kojak,telly was the best. (10-17-2006)

John Brennann ( says:
Do you know if Kojak ever arrested someone for eating a hot dog with ketchup? (09-21-2006)

mary ( says:
Te amé, amo y amaré por toda la eternidad mi amado telly.
Que Dios te tenga en su Luz para por Siempre.

Mary Rose (Buenos Aires - Argentina) (09-01-2006)

TheBroons ( says:
Am looking for a copy of this album, especially the song : rubber bands and bits of string.
I love him, me (08-19-2006)

Wellsy ( says:
Where can I get a track listing for this album and for Telly's other album? Can one of you cats lay it on me? (08-01-2006)

Joe E Mack ( says:
To who luvs ya baby and his "bald pr..." remark-give it a rest, pal. The man was in a zone all his own and made it work to perfection. Check out his great turn as Big Joe in the ultimate guy's flick Kelly's Heroes. Why he didn't get an Oscar nom is beyond me. He was the guts of that film amidst a stellar ensemble cast (brother George included). He was his own man which is why the good folks out there remember him. I believe his acting chops elevated all the other cast members around him. (07-31-2006)

Mark Bubniak (Mark120463@AOL.COM) says:
When did Telly start his head shaving? How long years? (07-12-2006)

Tammy ( says:
I want to buy, download or get the song "If" but can't find it. Any help would be great?? (06-27-2006)

lady letece (larika183@.YAHOO,COM) says:
i think telly was fine and sexy and a wonderful actor i wish i could have had some of his lollipop (06-11-2006)

Kaye ( says:
I met Telly Savalas at London Gatwick airport in 1987 while I was stationed in the UK, I was the only person to walk up to him and ask for an autograph. Telly was so sweet and gave me the autograph putting a X after his signature stating "This X is for a kiss, I can't afford nothing else".

Very nice person wearing his usual black suit but no lollypops (he preferred Cherry lollypops), he had his big bodyguard with him. (04-27-2006)

Liza ( says:
Your site is the best. I love your humour, layout, design and everything! (04-10-2006)

Poppy says:
If I had met Telly when he was alive I would have licked his lolly pop all night long (04-05-2006)

Elena ( says:
Even though I have this album, I will not comment on the singing, However, I do feel that episodes of Kojak that incorporate Telly's singing are very effective and add to the theme of that particular eposide. His voice echoes the melancholy tones of Greek tragedy.

Question? Does anyone know of any works published by his beloved mother CHRISTINA SAVALAS?

Please email back.

Thank you kindly (03-19-2006)

Chupa Chup says:
Iv been sucked in by Telly for too long.
Im not letting him take a bite out of me any more.
If he sings so good (according to the Rocket Man) why doesnt the Rocket Man hum a Telly Tune on the next Cranium occasion. (01-24-2006)

Anthony B says:
I've spent my life living by the majesty of Sevalas. In case you're wondering, it was me who did the asking, OK? (01-18-2006)

Paul Rocket Man Jones says:
The less said the better but while im here can i invite all of you to the Seals to hear me sing Tellys version followed by Willi Shatners Rocket Man.
I will even sing an original from my friend in the front row - he'd love it.
ps and so would my sister. (01-17-2006)

Richard Baron ( says:
In some of the TV's First season of Kojak they showed a picture of someone on the wall, who was it?
I don't know. (11-11-2005)

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