Bored with being a famous TV star? Make a record!

"People know that singing is not my bag," says Telly Savalas on the liner notes to this 1974 release, "but if I say, 'Hey, this is how Telly feels about this or that song,' I can't mistakes. I can only make mistakes by pretending to be a great singer".

A classic example of the "famous actor makes a record" genre, Telly uses his ill-begotten allotment of vinyl to thrill us with mediocre versions of "Something", "You and me against the world", "Rubber bands and bits of string", and many (far too many) others. Unfortunately, Telly's classic New York drawl gets drowned out by the music on all but a few of the tracks, making this album practically worthless even to die-hard Kojak fans.

What is an actor doing making a record, you ask? Telly answers this question by modestly saying, "I was asked to make a record". One has to wonder exactly who did the asking, though.

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You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (MP3) Who loves ya, baby?

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Your Comments:

Richard Baron says:
What was the flavor of the tootsie pop that he was useing in the series "KOJAK"? And I don't care how
many licks it takes to get to the center. (11-11-2005)

derkronenkranich ( says:
I like Telly Savalas Films and Music.
My favorit song is 'If', my favorit film is 'Birdman of Alcatraz' and 'Kojak' of course too.
Very sad that he dies so early!
Telly, we miss you still again...

Berlin, Germany Oct.22 2005 (10-22-2005)

Uma Cooter ( says:
I found Telly's movie, "My Palikari." Or however it is spelled. It took awhile, but I have it! Anybody want it?

--Uma (10-09-2005)

Nonie (onlythenonie@yahoo,cin) says:
Does anyone know for sure if Telly sang the "Azure Dee" song at the beginning and end of one Kojak episode?? (10-02-2005)

Tolli-IL says:
I remember him-one of very few actors I do rememeber at around 5yrs old-there was a softness about him i just can't forget. Miss you Telly. (09-29-2005)

Athanasios Kolettis ( says:
Does anybody know if any of his old Players Club commercials exist on tape or DVD??? If so, where can they be found? Thanks! (09-26-2005)

Stan ( says:
In the for what it's worth category, there is a Telly album on Audio Fidelity from 1975 as well as the album on MCA from '74. Is there more? (09-13-2005)

Mike says:
Telly played a giant man in an old SciFi movie that I can not remember the Title. I think it was Attack of the 50 Foot Man, but I just can't remember for certain. Does anyone remember the movie starring Telly?

Thanks (08-21-2005)

jobies ( says:
anyone know where i can download the song IF...
one of the coolest remakes of a song WHERE OH WHERE IS THE CD ...MUSIC EXECS TAKE NOTE.
I'm still trying to find it :( help me please. (08-02-2005)

ronel ( says:
Im a HUGE fan..born in 1973!...what a guy....
has anyone noticed that is up for sale?
and where can I get a wave file where Telly says: Who loves ya babe?

thanx (07-07-2005)

jack purvin ( says:
one of the best actors of all time, from kojak, to the dirty dozen..could handle any part and was a nice guy to boot..with fond memories to a great actor, telly savalas..we all miss you. (06-28-2005)

russ ( says:
hey I own this record and "Rubber bands and bits of string" brings a tear to my ear.

but for a real treat you must try Jim Nighbors sing Thers a kind of Hush!!
rock never had it sooooo gooood. (04-28-2005)

DC ( says:
A friend of mine bought this album 15 years ago. It was one of those 99 cent records with a notch clipped out of the cover.

I somehow had the innate instincts and forethought to record it onto cassette.

I play it as background music to my annual Bad Movie Party. It fits in like a glove... (04-22-2005)

Christo Savalas says:
My cousin Nick runs the website which has I believe most of my Pop's songs to download. Glad you liked the music, and I hope you find what you're lookin for!
Christo (04-02-2005)

SweetThan ( says:
I'm desperately searching for any of the music by Telly, especially the songs If & You and Me Against the World
any help at all in locating these is appreciated
SweetThang (03-26-2005)

Rianne ( says:
I'm desperately trying to get the song IF...
Does anybody know how to get it? My boyfriend likes it so much and I want to get it for his birthday...



The children speak. says:
My kids just listened to this and asked, "What's wrong with him, dad?" (01-23-2005)

Steve ( says:
found this album (and more) copied to CD on ebay.. out of the many 100's of albums I have, this has to be the worst! Email me if you'd like a sample mp3 ;-) (01-22-2005)

Geneva McDonald ( says:
I was sitting watching tv and a preveiw came up about a new kojack,i was pretty upset ,because to me there will never be a Kojack like telly,i dont think they should have another one.Telly is one that no one can ever take his place and i wont watch the new one,and that is for sure.Rest in peice Telly. (01-19-2005)

Jace ( says:
I can't wait for the Kojak DVD season 1 to come out! I'm sure Telly would approve.

Do you have any wav or MP3s pf his famous "Who Loves Ya Baby?" catchphrase, please?

Jason (London, England) (01-16-2005)

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