The Estate: Old and New

When wedding bands from Long Island go bad.

Here's my theory: sometimes, a wedding band can become just too successful. When one gets big enough that they think they can record their own album of 50's and 60's covers -- watch out.

Bad and Worse should be the title of this record. Everything from the sound quality to the photography to the selections of the songs looks like it was done by Joey Buttafuoco one weekend when he had some free time at the garage. Actually, The Estate is made up of Roy Stassi, Tom Stassi, and Sal Stassi -- make that three Joey Buttafuocos.

My copy is signed by the band members and dedicated "To Betty and George" -- no doubt a thankless pair of newlyweds who suffered through The Estate's mediocre drivel on their big day. I hope their marriage was more memorable that this record.

The Estate: Old and New
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Beatle's Medley (Real Audio) This track is nothing if not completely unnecessary. I can't believe this is actually on a record.
BarbaraAnn (Real Audio) This track is pretty awful. I recommend you don't even play it. I warned you.

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Your Comments:

friend of family says:
im sad to announce that the lead singer of the estate roy stassi shot himself in the head a couple of nights ago i do not know if hes still alive or not but this is definetly a tragic loss for everyone (12-23-2005)

mellowdee harmonee says:
My father in law once had a goat that would only give milk if he sang the Beach Boys. She would have loved this version of Barbara Ann. I think it's just as good as the original.

Also, like Joli I'd love to hear MacArthur Park again, as well as "Honey" by Bobby Goldsboro. My mom, sister and I would have fits of hysterics every time we heard them.

Thanks to discovering this site, I may have to call in sick to work tomorrow... (08-12-2005)

unclebuzzy2000 ( says:
I thought I was in a few bad bands...wait a minute ..maybe I was in this band... (06-12-2005)

chris hall ( says:
Who's the older guy on the cover? is he a band memeber, the Stassi's father .... or does he just own the car? (06-11-2005)

hannibal says:
these recordings might sound passible if you are listening them, while drunk, at a wedding. It's an enormous mistake to let people hear this while sober. (06-07-2005)

Scott ( says:
When I listen to the Estate, I feel like I'm sitting in a bad bar around 1971-and for some reason I like that feeling. Does anyone have a copy of this for sale at a reasonable price? Also, is this an LP or a 45? If it is an LP, what other songs are on it? (05-28-2005)

Courtney says:
My grandparents were Betty and George (doubtfully the Betty and George) but I'd like to pretend since they did have 50 years of wedded bliss forcing us kids to listen to terrible music on their record player (05-24-2005)

Enon Frappini says:
This "Barbara Ann" is NO worse than the original... maybe it's better. The Bleach Boys (not a typo) suck the big one, and there's something about male falsetto singing in general that turns my stomach. It's hard to believe they sold millions of records, but as H.L. Mencken said, "No one ever went broke underestimating the good taste of the American public."


Maalox ( says:
If y'all think this is as bad as it gets then you need your horiozons broadened. This ain't good, but I've heard much much much MUCH worse. (04-20-2005)

Stacey says:
I have been listening to the The Estate for over 15 years and I always enjoy myself. I guess everyone is entitled to your own opinion but maybe some of you don't know how to have fun! I think The Estate- new and old has done a fabulous job and it's quite obvious that they have a large following because they keep booking the gigs... (03-03-2005)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
I can see none of you lot ever played in a band, let alone a wedding band. Let me tell - it's a thankless task. First off, you got a bunch of blue-haired old ladies telling ya to "turn it down" the whole night. Second, you got a bunch of amateur drinkers boogy-ing their hearts out(sometimes, literally) right in front of you - never a pretty sight. Third, you got Uncle Leo asking for "Mi Cara Mia Con Tutu" or some other song and can believe it when you can find it in the "fake book." He then goes off to complain to the father of the bride about the "bums" up on the stage. Bounced checks. Late nights. Ugly bridesmaid dresses with exposed flab. It ain't an easy job, dude. It kinda like digging ditches, only with music.

Fortunately for me - I switched to digging ditches a while back. You meet a better class of people! (11-16-2004)

gon ( says:
sexboys 12**13**15** (10-31-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! (10-28-2004)

Joli ( says:
I'd run even farther & faster than Forrest Gump doing his cameo marathon run. (10-14-2004)

Joli ( says:
This site is addicting. Oddly enough, the Stassi's don't put dents in my Chassi? (Chasse? Chassis? Chassie? Other ethnic variance?) There must be something seriously WRONG with me! And I don't even like the Beach Boys. Go figure. I take that back, I like Sail On Sailour & the Sloop John B. Song but THAT'S WHERE IT ENDS! I am hoping to run across MacArthur's Park on your site someday. Has anyone actually taken the time to read the lyrics to that song? Whoever wrote the lyrics for that song... oh my word! The lyricist for this song had absolutely NO concept of what words to choose or use to WIN a woman. For example, "Old men playing checkers by the trees." You know, that line get's me everytime... even over & above "Hey baby, what's your sign." Even over & above "Your eyes sparkle like blue sapphires." Or the line "The birds like tender babies in your hands" (I think it was hands)..." It does not get any more SAPPY than that. It's not enough that the cake part of that song took the cake, then we must bear with THE REST of the song. There was also some dumb line about a yellow dress. God SPARE me. If a man quoted this song well proposing to me I'd shriek in abject horror. (10-14-2004)

Pascal says:
Way better than the fucking Beach Boys !! (06-20-2004)

m says:
you guys are awful sexy i enjoy your band you guys are da bomb (05-25-2004)

Simon says:
Dreadful...Pathethic...They Sound Like A Cat In A Vaccum Cleaner! (05-06-2004)

Frank Larosa says:
Wow. I am monitoring you now. Your ISP is also. (05-02-2004)

Peanut Head says:
Hey Frank Larosa!

Dese guyz are cool!....check out da Ford P.O.S. onna cover wid dese cool dudes...dey sound JEST LIKE da Beagles....heavy shit!

Ok though...dey NOT Jimmy OSMINDT though...Jimmy woulda barfed halfway through de session BUT he would NOT have said nuttin' to dese guys...

Guys..when ya gonna put out anudder LP? guys are DA BOMB!!!..I specially like yer unyforms...lemme know when yer releasin' a new LP..come on over for some booze and address:

Mr. P. Nut Head
34 Estateisforeclosingontheirsecondalbum Road
Bumfuk, Long Island

Yup...cmon over wid da smokes and booze..I'll put on some Jimmy OZMINDT den we get nekkid Mommy is calling me...I haveta go...bye... (05-02-2004)

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