The Estate: Old and New

When wedding bands from Long Island go bad.

Here's my theory: sometimes, a wedding band can become just too successful. When one gets big enough that they think they can record their own album of 50's and 60's covers -- watch out.

Bad and Worse should be the title of this record. Everything from the sound quality to the photography to the selections of the songs looks like it was done by Joey Buttafuoco one weekend when he had some free time at the garage. Actually, The Estate is made up of Roy Stassi, Tom Stassi, and Sal Stassi -- make that three Joey Buttafuocos.

My copy is signed by the band members and dedicated "To Betty and George" -- no doubt a thankless pair of newlyweds who suffered through The Estate's mediocre drivel on their big day. I hope their marriage was more memorable that this record.

The Estate: Old and New
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Beatle's Medley (Real Audio) This track is nothing if not completely unnecessary. I can't believe this is actually on a record.
BarbaraAnn (Real Audio) This track is pretty awful. I recommend you don't even play it. I warned you.

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Your Comments:

mmmmmmcm says:
you guys are very cool hows the singing fantastic i bet half you guys out there dont have the calyuns to even breathe a word of interestlet alone sing (04-21-2004)

m says:
that singer is a hotty you are all babes r o y your the bestsexy toooo fansss (04-21-2004)

mm mb rh says:
we love you guys you awsome these other idiots dont know shit funny as a crutch howbout you stick it up their asses love your es girls (04-21-2004)

the 4 es broads says:
you guys are awesome these people got shit in their ears and their about as funny as a crutch which personally we ladies would like to shove up you know where sorry we love you guyskeep up the good love mm mb rh (04-20-2004)

Bilgemaster ( ) says:
Gosh, what's not to LIKE? I think they're "edgy." (03-22-2004)

Meat ( says:
Being on a top ten list these days is an insult. And whoever your drummer is, eats dirty asshole. Such an easy instruement, yet he STILL makes it sound bad! (03-16-2004)

ET22 says:
Get a life - is your life so exciting and full of excitement that all you have to do is write rude stuff about people and what they did years ago...if that is the case, then u r the sorry ones. Get a life and maybe someday you'll have the opportunity to see one of these fine people in person and realize how rude u have been. We were all young once - at least they were trying to be productive and not being a menace to society! It's all in good fun and obviously u r so perfect yourself that u probably are on the top ten list...oops, no you're not, so I wouldn't be talking crap!! (03-05-2004)

Paul says:
Are you proud you made the internet? You're right up there with girls who eat shit and spam. (03-03-2004)

Paul says:
Made a lot of money? Yeah. Not to play, I'm sure. (03-03-2004)

Meat ( says:
You worked? You made money? So what? That doesn't make you any good. You have no talent what-so-ever, and nothing else matters. (03-03-2004)

Roy (royarticle35) says:
Sorry about mispelling , (continually and least) but at least we made money from your kind of A-holes. (03-01-2004)

Roy Stassi (Article35@hotmail) says:
Sorry, The above is the real e-mail address, but I guess your to weeded out to read, u f-ing retards (03-01-2004)

ROY (roy says:
Thankyou all, for wasting your time on a,(I admit a piece of junk album). But, in all honesty WE made a lot of money from ASSHOLES like you that cintinually booked our band. SO! who are the lazy bastards here???? At Least we actually WORKED for our living. I don't recall seeing your bands on the top ten chart. This is Roy. P.S. reply if your NOT TOO BUSY WORKING!!!! P.S.S. At lesat WE made the internet. (03-01-2004)

Foobar says:
This record should be called the Mistake! Not the Estate. (02-03-2004)

Chip says:
I want to see Star Wars Kid dance to this tune. That would be Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawsome.

Ramps! (01-29-2004)

Michael Jackson (looking4loversALLover) says:
What are you homos talking about? Can I join? I think their music is mauvelous! simply mauvelous!!! (11-19-2003)

Will says:
The Bass on BarbaraAnn KICKS ASS, Man!

Sorry, I meant SUCKS ASS!

Hahaha, this is a GREAT site. You were right, I shouldn't have played it. Now I feel like ordering $1000.00 worth of Cinnamon Rolls and holding up in a North Carolina Hotel with posters of Tammy Faye

Thanks (10-23-2003)

Mr T ( says:
Since they went to the trouble to record it, you have to assume that this is them at their best. (10-01-2003)

Beasty says:
They should get sued by Paul Mcartney and Ringo Star for Assault and Battery of a song. Are these guys drunk? You can actually hear them slurr words out. And what's with those cheap ass fluffy tux shirts, one dude needs a cummer bun to keep his big ass belly covered and should be in a nursing home. (07-28-2003)

Craig Davison says:
Look dude, fuck off. I never liked you, so leave me alone. (07-01-2003)

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