The Estate: Old and New

When wedding bands from Long Island go bad.

Here's my theory: sometimes, a wedding band can become just too successful. When one gets big enough that they think they can record their own album of 50's and 60's covers -- watch out.

Bad and Worse should be the title of this record. Everything from the sound quality to the photography to the selections of the songs looks like it was done by Joey Buttafuoco one weekend when he had some free time at the garage. Actually, The Estate is made up of Roy Stassi, Tom Stassi, and Sal Stassi -- make that three Joey Buttafuocos.

My copy is signed by the band members and dedicated "To Betty and George" -- no doubt a thankless pair of newlyweds who suffered through The Estate's mediocre drivel on their big day. I hope their marriage was more memorable that this record.

The Estate: Old and New
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Beatle's Medley (Real Audio) This track is nothing if not completely unnecessary. I can't believe this is actually on a record.
BarbaraAnn (Real Audio) This track is pretty awful. I recommend you don't even play it. I warned you.

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R. Friz ( says:
Looking for Craig Davison who went to Parson's College? (05-31-2003)

Vladimir Martinez-O'Reilly III says:
Forgive my dad, he's a fuckin' jerk. This band sucks more balls than my dad when he's out hustling on a Saturday night. Love the beginning of "Barbara Ann" hahaha! I would rather eat out Richard Simmons' asshole than have these shitbags play at my wedding. Betty and George probably were the victims of murder/suicide shortly after the debacle/wedding. (04-13-2003)

Awful Arfur says:
Hey these guys are a hell of a lot better than KING USZNIEWICZ & THE USZNIEWICZTONES on Norton Records!
But that ain't sayin' much! I've mangled better songs worse than this! (04-03-2003)

Charles Evel says:
Ive had better sounds come outta my ass... (02-12-2003)

Thunderfudge says:
I think listening to these clips has ulcerated my duodenum. (01-28-2003)

MightyOrson ( says:
All this and in kick-ass hi-fi MONO. (01-19-2003)

Vladimir Martinez-O'Reilly Jr. says:
You stupid bastard, your files are cool but they don't work. Ass. (01-05-2003)

Craig Davison ( says:
Oh Yeah! My buddy & I found copies of this LP in a Bufflo, NY record store back in the '90s. The Mason Reece look-a-like at the cash register actually gave if to my friend because he couldn't imagine anyone wanting to buy one. I went and got another from the rack and plopped down my sixty-nine cents!

What wrong with BARBARA-ANNE? Listen to the precision of the instruments hitting the big "crash" at the beginning of the track!

Oh, Joy! (10-21-2002)

Joseph Gallant ( says:
Ouch! (08-21-2002)

Daredevil6 ( says:
Like shit in tun casserole. It just stinks! (08-08-2002)

Tom Tuerff ( says:
These guys remind me of the "Swingin' Medallions." Remember them? "Double Shot of My Baby's Love?" Same kind of "Big Barn" production where the whole band plays at once around a coupla mikes.

Hey, it worked for the Swingin' Medallions. (05-24-2002)

Sal stassi (stassibrothers.united) says:
listen you pizzaf*** stainface kool w* Buddski,
eh...ehh..wait here's my brother sassi ...yes pfffff...'ear, now get this right buddsky..whose seeds are this..huh...? You know,, wait Buttafukki, you're going nowhere, get your a** on this couch, I mean buddski, wimpa**, don't pass that news like this...You know after all your father still 'ownes me for that night with your mother...and you don't know your father, naw do you? Well I do and he owns me a lot, and when I talk a lot, i mean a lot..buddafukki sit down..pass it come on pass it... (10-31-2001)

Buddski ( says:
Yeah....I know these guys. Been trying to get in touch with them for a long, long time. Yeah, seems they owe me some dough. For some blow. That's right, honeys, I'm talkin' nose-dive. Yuh dig? How else do you explain the Beatles medley?
My comment. I'll tell you this, though--those guys were fucking prima-donnas. Thought they were the next Grass Roots--like they could be the Grass Roots, huh?!


CP says:
"Bobberann" sounds more like the Regents' original than the Beach Boys - channeled through Joey Dee & the Starlighters. Unfortunately, this isn't howling bad, just excretiously boring. (10-16-2001)

STE says:
What's wrong with "Barbara Ann"? It sounds just fine! (09-27-2001)

Eric ( says:
On "Barbara Ann" it sounds like they're playing the slick 70s version of "Palisades Park". You have to love that mikes-ten-feet-away-from-the-singer feel, it really hides the incompetence of the vocalist. (Great falsetto there.) Of course, then you get to hear the incompetence of the rest of the band. Aw shit... (07-01-2001)

Roman Pativ says:
Wow. This is exactly like every sucky bar band I've ever heard. In fact, this is the essence of suckiness, distilled into a powerful, concentrated form.
Now I remember why I don't go to bars anymore. (06-19-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
Typical hotel-lobby band. I can't believe they bothered to make a record. Idiots! (06-17-2001)

HMMMM says:
The Estate sucks anyway so who gives a big bubbling shit. (05-27-2000)

Frankie ( says:
Well, we only recorded this album before we broke up in '79. The royalties actually stretched to a twelve-pack, I think our version of "Barbara Ann" was the finest ever!! We toured with Chick Willis too...if I find that bastard I'll beat the shit out of him, I still reek of piss from when his "bitch" missed! (11-15-1999)

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