Things Go Better With Love

Featuring Jeannie C. Riley's unbelievable country hit, The Rib.

At first glance, it might appear that the poster-sized, triple-foldout album cover is the best thing about this album from Jeannie C. Riley (of Harper Valley PTA fame). After all, it isn't often that you get a stunning 36" photograph with your album purchase. (It took five passes on an HP ScanJet to capture the image -- if you're very brave, click it to see the 433K high res version).

But, for all this, it's the music that counts. And the centerpiece of Things Go Better With Love is a song called The Rib. Like some kind of twisted, backwater, Limbaugh-approved version of feminism, The Rib seeks to extoll the virtues of womankind but doesn't want to risk offending the sensibilities of even the most chauvanistic male (probably a good plan, given the fact that Jeannie's legs seem to be one of the major selling points). The result is so farfetched that even after several listenings, I am still not sure what's going on. And Adam called me Woman... for I am The Rib.

The inside liner notes on my well-worn copy provide an address for the Jeannie C. Riley fan club (3106 Blemont Blvd, Nashville TN 37212) along with a message from Plantation Records that "This record is guaranteed against all defects including breakage, wearing out or any dissatisfaction on the part of the purchaser". So far, I haven't got any complaints.

Things Go Better With Love
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Back Side Of Dallas (MP3) This is what big cities do to poor small town girls. It turns them into... bartenders? I don't get it. Oh, wait.
The Rib (MP3) Is this what they mean by "suffrage"?

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Your Comments:

Guy Paul ( says:
Jeannie C. Riley was and always will be one groovy gal. Her recent recordings are mighty fine, too ... maybe even like her voice better now, but she did sure have some killer production on some of those early Plantation albums.
Way to go, Jeannie (reminded myself of "Run, Jeannie, Run." That one was great, too!) (03-17-2003)

Steven says:
JEANNIE C. RILEY TODAY: (03-16-2003)

Steven says:
The "Things Go Better With Love" album is a 1960's time capsule of country music on an independent label. This was only their 3rd album (Plantation Records/#PLP-3). She also recorded the 1st two albums on that label. Jeannie C. Riley was a small town girl (Anson,Texas) who was marketed as the chick from the wrong side of the tracks whether she liked it or not. Celebrity was thrust upon her, w/the massive success of "Harper Valley P.T.A.", she didn't know what hit her! Yes this album is corny, & hokey, but that's it's appeal. "Things Go Better With Love" is a very catchy tune. I never liked "The Rib". "Our Minnie" is the best tune about friendship. "The Backside of Dallas" is about a prostitute & it's cool too. The 36" album cover/poster is totally "groovy" ;)!!!!! (03-16-2003)

Debbie ( says:
I was brought up on the Things go better with love album,and no matter what has been wrote about the Rib I think it is a great song. I have been trying to get a copy of the album without any success for a long time. I have been unable to down load the song from this site. if any one has a copy of the album can you contact me, please. (03-15-2003)

Beth ( says:
Jeannie looks gorgeous in the picture. Sure The Rib is a silly song. That's why it has so much appeal. It beats even Helen Reddy's I am Woman in its silliness. But one shouldn't judge Jeannie from the song. Riley was easily one of the best country singers in the early 70's. (02-07-2003)

Beth ( says:
Jeannie looks gorgeous in the picture. Sure The Rib is a silly song. That's why it has so much appeal. It beats even Helen Reddy's I am Woman in its silliness. But one shouldn't judge Jeannie from the song. Riley was easily one of the best country singers in the early 70's. (02-07-2003)

Ruptured Testicle says:
Man, Jeanie's looking awful tasty! I've got to go spank it now... (12-10-2002)

David ( says:

I have one thing to say. As a performing Drag Queen, "Harper Valley PTA" is one of my best tipping numbers to perform!! GO JEANIE (11-04-2002)

Jimmy says:
Why are you addressing Jeannie as though she's going to read what you wrote? It's a frigging PICTURE of her!

Get help! (11-03-2002)

John says:
God, this is awful. Did she write this? Coca Cola should have gone after her for swiping their slogan for the album's title. The fold out picture is cool, though. Her outfit looks like something from the Legion of Super Heroes. (10-17-2002)

autodafe says:
paul and paula, when are you going to release a new album? (10-10-2002)

paula ( says:
i can't believe this nasty talk about you, jeanie!
i think your a wonderful person.. stick with that gospel group you are aqainted with and keep jesus christ in your heart and you'll go along way...
i have been with you and the group on severl occasions and i love talking with you... you prayed with me backstage in michigan when angela ws having her baby , you helped me pray for my mother because she's going thru some depression .
we all love you in ohio.... (10-03-2002)

Paul says:
I'm confused - a celebratory anthem of subservience. Not a million miles away from Stand By You Man when you think of it... (09-25-2002)

Judith Marrs ( says:
My husband was Jeannie's drummer during the 1970's, and she is the most kind person I have ever met. She is real. When she signed autographs for her fans, she really was interested in their lives and always wrote a personal message to them. I haven't heard from Jeannie in a while, but I sure pray she's doing great. And her Godson DM has a great band going and wants so much to meet her. (09-17-2002)

wandaroo says:
Oh my god this song sucks so bad it made pepsi squirt out my nose. gag gag gag gag gag
I AM THE RIB! Not leg bone to be walked on, not a hip bone to be sat on, not a back bone to be leaned on. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (08-19-2002)

e v e says:
FINALLY!! i can say, this is probably the WORST song available, through this site. this song is absolutely miserable!! ugh. i HATE this lady.

not an album, to be listened to.... (08-15-2002)

Daredevil6 ( says:
Great voice, great legs, great tits. That's all. (08-08-2002)

Jack says:
Jeannie looks like a goddess, and oh, those silver boots make me soooo stiff!;) (08-05-2002)

Lester Matzkin ( says:
"Harper Valley P. T.A." it ain't! This "Rib" tickled my funny bone. (07-16-2002)

jfkdajflka says:
Damn....this picture of her is HOTTTTT!!!!! I would LOVE to have just one night with her in that outfit! (05-28-2002)

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