Things Go Better With Love

Featuring Jeannie C. Riley's unbelievable country hit, The Rib.

At first glance, it might appear that the poster-sized, triple-foldout album cover is the best thing about this album from Jeannie C. Riley (of Harper Valley PTA fame). After all, it isn't often that you get a stunning 36" photograph with your album purchase. (It took five passes on an HP ScanJet to capture the image -- if you're very brave, click it to see the 433K high res version).

But, for all this, it's the music that counts. And the centerpiece of Things Go Better With Love is a song called The Rib. Like some kind of twisted, backwater, Limbaugh-approved version of feminism, The Rib seeks to extoll the virtues of womankind but doesn't want to risk offending the sensibilities of even the most chauvanistic male (probably a good plan, given the fact that Jeannie's legs seem to be one of the major selling points). The result is so farfetched that even after several listenings, I am still not sure what's going on. And Adam called me Woman... for I am The Rib.

The inside liner notes on my well-worn copy provide an address for the Jeannie C. Riley fan club (3106 Blemont Blvd, Nashville TN 37212) along with a message from Plantation Records that "This record is guaranteed against all defects including breakage, wearing out or any dissatisfaction on the part of the purchaser". So far, I haven't got any complaints.

Things Go Better With Love
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Back Side Of Dallas (MP3) This is what big cities do to poor small town girls. It turns them into... bartenders? I don't get it. Oh, wait.
The Rib (MP3) Is this what they mean by "suffrage"?

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Sir Droopy Drawers says:
STOP THE PRESSES!!! (Rumor)It was reported (I think) that Dolly Parton is going to buy out Kenny Rodgers Roasters. The restaurant will only serve breasts & the drinks will only come in LARGE CUPS! Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me. (03-22-1998)

Colin Pickett ( says:
Things go better with love is a great album and Jeannie C. is a wonderful lady. How I wish this album and more of her plantation and MGM albums were available on CD. Come on record comapanies please re-release them. (03-11-1998)

Richard ( says:
Bugger the music. Where can I get a copy of the album cover. I think I'm in love (or at least lust)! (01-21-1998)

Thom Hutchison ( says:
I love this album, and I also love Jeannie. She's a sweet caring individual who many should aspire to be like. If we had as many people around as her the world would be a much more pleasant place to be in. She also has a wonderful voice to preceed her personality. I pray that you all get the chance to meet this individual. (11-12-1997)

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