Claude Denjean demonstrates his Moog skills on this Phase 4 Stereo Spectacular.

Some guys take a traditional record, throw in a few notes from their Moog Synthesizer, and call it a Moog album. Not Claude Denjean. The Moog takes center stage in this 1970 London Records release, in all its raw beauty.

Electronic music never quite "made it" into mainstream culture -- that's probably because it took so much work to produce these albums. For all its wizardry, the mainframe-sized Moog could only produce one sound at a time. Artists like Claude Denjean recorded track after track, probably sitting up late into the night hunched over Moog keyboards and sixteen-track tape machines.

Sounds like these might seem ordinary in today's world of digital sound manipulation, but I try to imagine how radical and exciting the Moog must have seemed in the 60's and 70's before everyone had MIDI cards and polyphonic Korg synthesizers.

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Proud Mary (MP3) You can almost hear the Moog mouthing the words... wah weft wha wha whob whin wha whitty... ok maybe not.
Sugar, Sugar (MP3) Claude knows how to make your life so sweet... yeah!
Venus (MP3) A heavy-handed Moog version of the classic tune.

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Your Comments:

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
The Holy Grail of Moog music is - of course - Exotic Moog by Les Baxter. I'd give my left tone-wheel for a copy of that one! Fortunately, I have my own Moog sythesizer (it's a mirco-moog, and yes - size DOES matter) so I can re-live the excitement in the privacy of my own home. But for the rest of you puny humans, you'll just have to stream Claude and live vicariously... (11-11-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS! (10-27-2004)

Rato ( says:
The entire album is available only this week on RATO RECORDS: WWW.DISCOSANTIGOS.COM (09-25-2004)

frank ( says:
go onto the parakeet training record exhibition and peanuts for brains is also stirring up trouble there 2.hes hela retarded so don't listen to him. (07-27-2004)

olly ( says:
Does anyone know if the moog cookbook ever released their albums on vinyl? I can't find them anywhere. (07-15-2004)

tim says:
Album is available on eBay in CD format, somebody got a copyright release for a charity fundraiser. (07-08-2004)

CMDR.Koenig ( says:
reninds me of the dances we had.......oh Mia...sigh (06-22-2004)

George W. Bush says:
Look, Peanut Head...get OFF NOWW!!!!!!!! you are a stupid ASS...MORON....GOOF... (05-27-2004)

Stan Dunn ( says:
Where can I get this album on CD? (05-27-2004)

Don Popek (Don says:
Phil, UFO Is the greatest Micheal Schenker The greatest. Love Jean and Don Popek (04-05-2004)

DIsN (res07oeg@) says:
An interesting attempt to carve a niche in the mainstream market for synthesized sounds. Some classic synthesizer sounds here to be sure, but unfortunately the effort doesn't seem to quite make it.
Nevertheless, for the pure analog synthesizer fan, an album to add to your collection (it's in mine). Yup, analog synthesis at its rawest! (03-26-2004)

beat jacker ( says:
This record is amazing! A goldmine of samples and such. (02-24-2004)

Commander John Konig says:
Maya, Ah honey, honey! You are my candy girl, and you got me wanting you!

I like shape shifters. Moogs I can do without.

Go here; (02-22-2004)

Per-Gunnar Eriksson (Sweden) says:
Did they cancel Moonbase Alpha?!??! Bastards!!! (02-21-2004)

El Chode says:
He should have used reason 2.5 (12-24-2003)

Sanchie Boots says:
Buy the CD<\a> (12-07-2003)

Homer ( says: something you would hear at the dances on MOONBASE ALPHA!!! (11-13-2003)

Bill ( says:
I had this album professionally transfered to CD. I'm willing to share it at cost ($20) anyone interested? (11-06-2003)

Bill ( says:
Does anyone know where I can get this album on CD?

HELP!!!! (09-16-2003)

Jeffrey Roberts says:
Go to:
to get an MP3 Version of "Everybody's Talkin'" from this album! It was released on a CD called Siesta Party, I think.
I also have High Quality CD labels.

By the way, we should all contact London Records and request this albums CD release. (08-20-2003)

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