Claude Denjean demonstrates his Moog skills on this Phase 4 Stereo Spectacular.

Some guys take a traditional record, throw in a few notes from their Moog Synthesizer, and call it a Moog album. Not Claude Denjean. The Moog takes center stage in this 1970 London Records release, in all its raw beauty.

Electronic music never quite "made it" into mainstream culture -- that's probably because it took so much work to produce these albums. For all its wizardry, the mainframe-sized Moog could only produce one sound at a time. Artists like Claude Denjean recorded track after track, probably sitting up late into the night hunched over Moog keyboards and sixteen-track tape machines.

Sounds like these might seem ordinary in today's world of digital sound manipulation, but I try to imagine how radical and exciting the Moog must have seemed in the 60's and 70's before everyone had MIDI cards and polyphonic Korg synthesizers.

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Proud Mary (MP3) You can almost hear the Moog mouthing the words... wah weft wha wha whob whin wha whitty... ok maybe not.
Sugar, Sugar (MP3) Claude knows how to make your life so sweet... yeah!
Venus (MP3) A heavy-handed Moog version of the classic tune.

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Your Comments:

PHIL ( says:
I work for a French independant label (Nave) and we are about to release a compilation presenting some covers of ?My Way?. We are planning to include the Hugo Montenegro version from the album ?Moog Power?. We have the approval from BMG France to include the track but they cannot find any master of that song in their offices. Would any of you have a copy of this album ? Could you send me that song "My way" by mp3. We are doing the mastering of the album at the end of this week (Friday August 22) ?

Thank you.


schmange ( says:
Can't believe I finally found out the name of this album and who it's done by. I bought it as a kid and it got lost years ago. I've been asking about it for years.

Peace & Grooviness

Schmange's Guitar Tricks


Richard Barton ( says:
Does anyone have a copy of "The unusual classical synthesizer" by Mike Hankinson ? It's features the VCS3 Synth. I'd accept either a tape of it, or the original vinyl album.
I've got an original vinyl of "MOOG!" by Claude Denjean.... I can, in exchange provide either a tape of it, or swap the original vinyl for your vinyl of the Hankinson disk.
Richard (07-15-2003)

Bill ( says:
So where can I find a copy (great condition) of this album to replace my old one lost in a fire? Or is there a CD out there somewhere in Europe, 'cause here in Canada all the kids in the CD shops look at you like you have 3 heads if you even mention moog! (07-05-2003)

Ivanhoe Vargas ( says:
This music may sound pueril for today's more sopfisticated electronic music listener, but it's pure magic. Claude Denjean, along with Steven Reich and Walter/Wendy Carlos, truly revolutionized music as we know back when big bands and 60's bubble gum sounds were in vogue, and I find it a shame that of the three, only the latter two can be easily found in CD format. If anyone knows where this music may be found, be it downloadlable form or CD form, please notify me as I have been after this particular artist for years now. Thanks

Ivan (06-16-2003)

the Moogieman ( says:
This is really good music to trip out to.Try it sometime. (05-28-2003)

rafael tapia ( says:
Yo amo esta musica , empece a escuchar moog de claude denjean en el ano 73, y dejo una marca en mis sentidos ,especialmente nights in white satin
si saben donde puedo comprar esas versiones en cd , mandeme un email por favor. (05-15-2003)

corky burger ( says:
I too have this album and agree that it rocks moogstyle....
i collect Moog albums on vinyl so if anyone has some that they want to shift then let me know. (05-08-2003)

Gerard van der Vorst ( says:
Looking for the sixties single from Jacques Denjean la route b/w/ mickeys monkey on MP3, who can help me? (04-29-2003)

Bill ( says:
anyone know where I can get the digitised version for download? And of course the cover as well? (03-29-2003)

Moog Christ ( says:
Looking forward to your biog. Dana.
Denjean's 'Moog!' Lp is pretty special in my opinion, one of the greats. His other two moog LPs, 'Closed circuit' and 'Moods' have some interesting moments too. (01-14-2003)

Dana Countryman ( says:
Fun to see my old high school buddy Claude Rorabaugh's comment on this fun page! Hi Claude!

Well, this year I will start work on a book on the life and amazing music of Jean Jacques Perrey. I will be with him in France this June to officially start the interviewing process. I'm interested to hear from anyone who worked with him in the '60s, or any other time for that matter.
Also, I am currently recording my OWN Moog CD of Happy Electronic Music and you can check out the progress on my site ( You can even download an mp3 of one of the tracks.


-Dana Countryman (01-12-2003)

Ron Yamauchi ( says:
I have this album! I swiped it from my uncle's collection years ago. I should tell him that it is a source of fascination and cult adoration now, he would be thrilled to be au courant at 80. (10-23-2002)

hervedurin ( says:
I look for that disc ( it's bad that it wasn't released on CD) (09-25-2002)

delibeoa (IZI IRISH QT IZI) says:
i have writen to you befor and you still havn't returned my post. i really would appreat it if you would kindly return my email. i would love so much to here " i swear " from all 4 one "
if anybody knows how i can get that song pleas im or e mail me telling me how to thaks alot
<3 delibeoa (08-30-2002)

delibeoa (IZI irish qt IZI) says:
i cant find the song i wana find. the song i want is "i swear" the song is written bye " all 4 one " this is a good site but i wana here the song that this site said they had but dont have so pleas find otu how to get that song because i wana here it.
think you so much ,

Extream says:
EVEL IS THE MAN! (07-16-2002)

DJ Napp ( says:
I have transferred my copy of this LP onto CD, along with the Moog Orchestra's STAR WARS "soundtrack" foisted on the unsuspecting public back in 1977. If anyone would like to propose a trade (CD-R copy for CD-R copy of something in your collection) drop me a line and I'll be happy to mail you a copy. (07-09-2002)

Jeff ( says:
I have all of the Moog! album (except for "United we Stand") in MP3 format. It is from a old 8-track. (07-08-2002)

Carl Morris ( says:
I've got this record kicking around in my collection, along with Jean Jacques Perrey, although I've never given either a proper listen. I think I bought it in Kuala Lumpur. Or a charity shop.

I shall have to go home and investigate. (07-05-2002)

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