The Kids from the Brady Bunch

Who needs the Partridge Family? These kids do it all -- they even cover the Beatles!

This is the best of the several Brady Bunch albums that were produced in the early 70's. This one doesn't contain the popular Time To Change tune that Peter Brady sang on the show, but the studio band and overall sound quality on this disc makes it superior to other Brady releases. The recording of Sunshine Day from this album was used verbatim in the Brady Bunch movie, a testament to the contribution that vinyl makes even in today's digital world (ok, they probably used the original studio tape, but still...)

What impressed me most about this record was that I could actually identify each individual Brady in most of the songs -- quite a feat when you consider that there are six children's voices mixed together (or maybe it's a sad commentary on the number of hours I wasted over the years watching television).

The Kids from the Brady Bunch
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Drummer Man (MP3) Lay it on me, Drummer Man!!
Candy (Sugar Shoppe) (MP3) Marcia makes you a sweet offer you can't refuse.
Love Me Do (MP3) A cheesy Beatles cover that actually rocks, in its own special Brady way.

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Your Comments:

The Twonk (GGlass@imaginedBoy.dotty ) says:
Re: W.A.N.T.E.D ? Applications from Eve Plumb Wannabes for the post of life partner to The Twonk (stage1) are now closed. Due to the overwhelming response from many quite seriously disturbed individuals, highly qualified psychiatric professionals will be available for consultation during the interview process (stage2). The Twonk wishes to express his gratitude to all those who applied and offers his deepest condolences to the very small minority who were just too dam ugly to be considered. All stage2 candidates must now report to:

The Funny Farm
Insania Lane
I?m a Green Teapot County
Cloud Cuckoo Land,

Interviews will take place in the Big Soft Rubber Room via a small hole in some very thick glass. (04-06-2002)

Joe ( says:
If mike brady REALLY loved those kids so much, why didn't he give them a toilet in their bathroom? He DESIGNED the house, didn't he? I bet he and Carol had one in theirs (even though we never got to see inside it). Where were they supposed to "go" anyway - Tiger's doghouse? hmmm.......... (04-03-2002)

joe ( says:
been searching all over the internet for a diagram of that damn staircase. want to build a staircase in my new home to match the bradys. Help. (03-30-2002)

Neffie ( says:
You may think I'm crazy, but what the hell: (03-11-2002)

Debashish Guria ( says:
I love the Brady Bunch. My favorite Brady is Marcia. (03-11-2002)

ME says:
Tabitha. You are wrong. Stupidity is defined perfectly in your post. You are the pot calling the kettle black. (02-21-2002)

Bradley ( says:
Hello. I would like to know what Eve Plumb's single "The Fortune Cookie Song" was like.
If any old Brady Fan can recall ever hearing it at all, Please email me. Also if some one (Most likely not but...anyway) has the song as an mp3.
I've had a Brady Song Download week. I have all the main songs and I've also been downloading songs I've never heard before (eg Sugar Shope and Gonna Find A Rainbow). Any other songs anyone suggests I listen to??? Also if you would like a copy(mp3)song that I've got, email me. I see some people were asking for mp3 songs in previous posts. Lastly.....I love the Brady Bunch, and I love Eve(Jan)Plumb. Thanks. (01-25-2002)

Bob Moyer says:
I tried to listen, but my skin began to crawl. I must be weakening. Too much blood in my alchohol stream, maybe... (01-16-2002)

angeline montano ( ) says:
hi!hope you visit me at my website i will make sure that you will like it. (01-08-2002)

Lyn ( says:
The BradyBunch is a clasic and it always will be, even now in the year 2002 it is amazing to see that BradyBunch has not died down, and I am proud of that,BradyBunch is still on TV.With Maureen and Florence and Ann.B Davis it is truley wonderful! (01-04-2002)

kim ( says:
where can i find your christmas show (12-24-2001)

Mannie the Virgin says:
The NETWORK didn't know it had the key to a good American society. If the Bradys would have stayed with us on a weekly basis, we would be stronger and wiser, our politicians and other media heroes would have had a standard to reach.
MARCIA, MARCIA, MARCIA! (11-06-2001)

tabitha (gohku43) says:
i think the brady bunch is really stupid its so stupid that all the people that watch it should not watch it anymore because its stupid (10-28-2001)

brittany nicole lee (rt 2box 132 milan gr ) says:
i love your song bradybunch will be wach you on tv to night bradybunch
byby (10-28-2001)

Sean ( says:
All of you teens out there who dont like the brady bunch we dont care. We dont want to be like kids who do drugs and listen to rap we want to be our own person. Also I LOVE JAN!!!!! JAN JAN JAN!!! I EVEN HAVE A CRUSH ON THE CHARACTER JAN FROM THE SHOW IN THE EARLY 70s!!!! Greg is my second favorite character. I have mostly every Jan episode on tape. I'm 13 and middle child and im going through the jan brady stage. If anyone wants to talk about JAN!!! or the show and other characters(Marcia, Bobby, etc.) PLEASE EMAIL ME!!! I FEEL LIKE IM THE ONLY PERSON WHO LOVES THE BRADY BUNCH!!!! (10-11-2001)

Chris_Knight_Gurl says:
For those who don't like the Brady Bunch, keep it to yourselves! Keep it clean! The Bradys RULE FOREVER- especially CHRIS KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!................... (10-08-2001)

Aimee ( says:
I am 15, and love the Brady Bunch sooo much! My friends and I decided to do some songs from the show for Talent Night at school, but we need the dance moves and to see the costumes so we can make some that are similar. It's hard to find what we need! So, if anyone knows where to find the performance episodes or a picture of the costumes please E-mail me! Thanks! (09-27-2001)

Kyle ( says:
to all those people that hate The Brady Bunch, i hate you. the Brady Bunch rukes!! sure, it's easy and simple, but at least u don't have people cussing at one another through beer bottles!! i think the young Jan (Eve Plumb) is CUTE!!!!!!!!! ok, so i'm 13, what do i know, right? (09-25-2001)

James Habitan ( says:
HI I"m your newly fan for the Brady Bunch. I like most of your episodes like the time you were lost in the Grand Canyon and Cursed in Hawaii. I gonna watch you at NBC 4. (09-22-2001)

Ray ( says:
Het guys,
I really, really need a version of 'It's a sunshine day' please if anyone can help me?

mp3 or Karaoke


Ray (09-11-2001)

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