The Kids from the Brady Bunch

Who needs the Partridge Family? These kids do it all -- they even cover the Beatles!

This is the best of the several Brady Bunch albums that were produced in the early 70's. This one doesn't contain the popular Time To Change tune that Peter Brady sang on the show, but the studio band and overall sound quality on this disc makes it superior to other Brady releases. The recording of Sunshine Day from this album was used verbatim in the Brady Bunch movie, a testament to the contribution that vinyl makes even in today's digital world (ok, they probably used the original studio tape, but still...)

What impressed me most about this record was that I could actually identify each individual Brady in most of the songs -- quite a feat when you consider that there are six children's voices mixed together (or maybe it's a sad commentary on the number of hours I wasted over the years watching television).

The Kids from the Brady Bunch
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Drummer Man (MP3) Lay it on me, Drummer Man!!
Candy (Sugar Shoppe) (MP3) Marcia makes you a sweet offer you can't refuse.
Love Me Do (MP3) A cheesy Beatles cover that actually rocks, in its own special Brady way.

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Mary Pannell ( says:
I would like to know if thee movie are on video. The name of the movie are: 1 Brady's 500 2 Moving Experience 3 Hat In The Ring 4 Bottom Up thank you very much I would like to know I would also like to purchase them. THANK YOU MARY PANNELL 1628 C NORTHEAST MIAMI,OK 74354 (02-20-2000)

Ken ( says:
Greetings from Australia. I am 35 and I have been a fan of the Brady Bunch since it was first seen here in Australia in the very early 70's or so. I am looking to buy some or any of the Brady Bunch or related original 7" singles from any country. Not CDs or LPs just 7" singles (45s). If anybody can help me, please email me as soon as possible. Thanks. Take care. (02-19-2000)

Brooke says:

Adam Brucks (506 Arlington St.) says:
Dear Brady Kids, I like your show and I watch it a lot. I want to tell yall how much I like you all and I want to find out so many things about yall. I'm sorry that back then beginning of 1974, yall didn't get respected much. You don't know me, but I am a real fan of yall. Sincerely, Adam Brucks (02-04-2000)

Adam Brucks (506 Arlington St.) says:
Dear Brady Kids, I like your show and I watch it a lot. I want to tell yall how much I like yall and I want to find out so many things about yall. I'm sorry that back then beginning of 1974, yall didn't get respected much. Sincerely, Adam Brucks (02-04-2000)

Annalisa Ordonio ( says:
Hey Brady kids!, I am so exited to meet you I been waching your show every day. Hey Marchia how is that nose is it feeling better and boys stop playing ball in the house you might break something like you broke your moms favorite vase hmm. well any way hope you wright soon BYE!!! your new friend, Annalisa Ordonio (01-23-2000)

Natalia Kovachevich ( says:
the brady bunch is a cool movie i have a very brady sequel and the brady bunch movie on video i am looking for the brady bunch posters on the computer right now and when i find some i will print them. (01-20-2000)

Ted Allison ( says:
The Real World is the one you make. There are people that live in a Brady Bunch type world...I was,and still am one of them.I like it,and don't mind being called a square because am enjoying life so much there is no time to be worry about it. Sad that so many think of it as a dream world. There really is much more to be positive about than down. (01-12-2000)

Elise Miller says:
Your show is awesome (01-12-2000)

David Cross ( says:
Nice (01-08-2000)

britney spears says:
great page (01-08-2000)

Jade Polk ( says:
Cindy! I like Cindy! ( besides, who was the maniac freak that put the s in lisp?) I'm really sorry Cindy!!! Cindy! Cindy! Cindy! (01-04-2000)

Fairy says:
Hey it's me again!!! Tomorrow I think there will be a brady bunch marathon on Nick at Nite!!!!! Be sure to watch it!!! (12-28-1999)

Fairy ( says:
I think this site is cool! For Christmas,I got a VERY big box of merchandice which includes an autobiography of all the stars that played in the show,their autographs and pics.It's cool! (12-27-1999)

Debbie ( says:
The Brady Bunch was such a weird show!as i was watching the show was like....NO! The show needed me!So I was like...YES! So I went down to the studio and asked them and they were like....NO! And I kept on saying....YES!!!! They never listened to me and now that i made up this story you are like ......YES!The story is finaly done!!!!!! Well I still Wish i was a part of the bunch!So I'm like still saying the show NEEDED me but this whole thing as you know is fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(SIGH) (12-27-1999)

(SING THIS IN THE THEME OF THE THEME SONG)aAaAAAAA a..pla pla pla pla pla!dididididididisasasasasasasamoblablablayafayafa yafa! dirdir dir nanana!rty uiop thy re re titootata! lalalalalala!meka pook ster maya anna maya stool of fat! fat fat fat mina stoik maria hahaha tritootitatritootita lalalalalalaladirdiririrfafafafa (12-27-1999)

I Love Fat!A.k.a Brady Fat says:
I think that fat is very cool!If any of you really like Peter, fat is your thing!!Ecspecially now when he is big and he is and i MEAN is the king of FAT!(Sorry for those who really like Peter a.k.a the king of fat.!)Well that's my cousin's and mine's opinion!!! Bye!!!! (12-27-1999)

Angela ( says:
Angela Anoconda is the coolest show ever made!!! Oh,I love your website!Keep up the good work!!! (12-27-1999)

Fro says:
Why were fro's popular back then!!!!!???? (12-27-1999)

Brady Hater says:
Most people really like the Brady Bunch!!! Well,I hate them!!!!!I used to like them in 1997,the year of the clouds!!!!! (12-27-1999)

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