The Kids from the Brady Bunch

Who needs the Partridge Family? These kids do it all -- they even cover the Beatles!

This is the best of the several Brady Bunch albums that were produced in the early 70's. This one doesn't contain the popular Time To Change tune that Peter Brady sang on the show, but the studio band and overall sound quality on this disc makes it superior to other Brady releases. The recording of Sunshine Day from this album was used verbatim in the Brady Bunch movie, a testament to the contribution that vinyl makes even in today's digital world (ok, they probably used the original studio tape, but still...)

What impressed me most about this record was that I could actually identify each individual Brady in most of the songs -- quite a feat when you consider that there are six children's voices mixed together (or maybe it's a sad commentary on the number of hours I wasted over the years watching television).

The Kids from the Brady Bunch
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Drummer Man (MP3) Lay it on me, Drummer Man!!
Candy (Sugar Shoppe) (MP3) Marcia makes you a sweet offer you can't refuse.
Love Me Do (MP3) A cheesy Beatles cover that actually rocks, in its own special Brady way.

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the beerbelly savage ( says:
I heard that one of the girls from the Brady Bunch made a few adult movies. If this is true, then which one was it and what flick was she in? (03-31-1998)

Lindsay Stevens says:
I think all the Brady kids are all d'bomb, exept for bobby! i don't know i just don't like him! (03-20-1998)

Droopy Drawers says:
Drug experimentation was the result of watching the "Brady Bunch" back in the 70's. The only one that made any sense was "Tiger" and he was killed shortly after the series begun. Rumor has it that he was hit by a car. Evidence has it that he was hit by the "Partridge Family" bus! Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me. (03-17-1998)

john collins ( says:
what are all of them doing , and ages now (01-11-1998)

Michelle Bazor ( says:
I have been watching the Brady Bunch for the last 29 years of my life. I am now 35 and now my daughter (9 years old) loves it! We have been watching it on TBS, but they took it off their schedule as of 1/5/98. I live in Southeast Mississippi. If anyone knows of a TV station that carries the Brady Bunch, please let me know! Thanks! (01-05-1998)

Richard says:
check out Sid and Marty Krofts H.R.Pufnstuf live at Hollywood Bowl. (12-27-1997)

Grapeape says:
One of my favorite episodes is the on they all went to Kings Island .I never see that one aired..Anyone know how to get it on video???? That show was great and anyone who dosent think so isnt mature enough to know better...These sitcoms now days are dime a dozen!!!! (12-06-1997)

Brian Linds says:
Unfortunatly on my CBC Radio 2 show on Sat and Sun Nov. 29 and 30th from Midnight until 5:oo A.M I don't play and of the Brady KIDS Music. But on the Sunday of my two shows being broadcast across Canada I have an attraction called Funland For The Kids in which IU play bizarre children's records from the fifties and sixties. Listen in for Jim and Tammy Faye Baker's religious kid's record. oooh! (11-26-1997)

Laura Betson ( says:
Hello, I am working on a Brady Bunch RealAudio page. But, I have also started a Brady Bunch WebRing. I would love your page to be a part of it. If you are interested let me know and I'll send you more details. Here is a peek at what the ring will look like: I look forward to hearing from you!! :) Laura Betson (11-25-1997)

Tomcat ( says:
The Brady Bunch was delightfully cheesy. But it pales in comparison to The Brady Bunch Variety Hour. I had the pleasure of viewing this rarely seen legend of bad television a couple of years back on TBS. I sat there in utter disbelief for an hour and was nearly rendered speechless. Just try to imagine what it would be like if The Brady Bunch were put in the hands of Sid & Marty Kroft.You just have to see it for yourself. (11-23-1997)

Darin VonBach says:
The episode where Mr. Brady brings home a sail boat , that's the episode where the actor who plays Greg came to the set stoned that day. He explained recently on a talk show it was during the opening scene where Mike Brady pulls up in the brown shaggin wagin and Greg is in the driveway changing a tire on his bicycle. He gets up and trips on the bike in the process. Mrs Brady enters in the scene , and I think Alice does too. Greg is smiling and grinning from ear to ear in one shot , and the next pan on him he looks as white as a ghost , he then at the time thought that everyone had figured out that he was higher than a kite. this scene was never cut out of the episode. (11-23-1997)

Shadow ( says:
The Brady bunch suck so much dick!!! They're hippie fags with bellbottoms and should be brought into the street naked and shot (11-16-1997)

Rev. Al Zak, D.D.S. ( says:
Okay, so am I to understand that this "television" program that the album is based on was a representative of the so-called "progressive" school of media "window dressing?" There's nothing quite as sad as a person who can't see the machinations and fulminating that are going on all around him or her while he or she sits on the "chair" that's so CONVENIENTLY located near the fish tank and the bowl of Corn Nuts! (11-12-1997)

Beavis says:
The Bunch Sucks! Mheh, Heh. (That sums up "The Kids from the Brady Bunch" and all these albums!) (11-05-1997)

Judy ( says:
I grew up watching those darn Brady kids, and it was a riot. They were on Friday nights, and after them ,was the stoopit Partridge family. Keith, you are so queer!!!! Then, me and my friend would get up on Saturday morning,and go shoplifting.(we were 14, whaddya want?) Another thing was, that we wore the smae mental clothes that they wore. I remember only too well, striped,itchy polyester stretch pants. ICK!!! The Brady Bunch sequel, when Carol's husband comes back was the total grooviest. The girl who played Marcia was BORN to play Marcia! Hell, she's better than Marcia. Could any one tell me if there are videos of TBB episodes? The Blockbuster ahas a few , but I WANT MORE!!!!! The show just takes you back to a simpler, more benign time in life. As a final, nauseating note, I lived in this one apartment and the kitchen counters were Brady Bunch Orange !!!! But they were groovy, in your typical far out kind of way. (11-02-1997)

Tara Pyatt says:
I just LOVE the brady's. I think they are the grooviest kids to ever hit the planet. They are realy happening in a far out way. They are out sight. If anyone wants to write to me since I am a brady fan please send your letters to Hhcabin4. if anyone knows how I could get some brady stuff like the coloring book or the lunch box etc. Please tell me how I can get them. Thanx so much. Luv all you brady fans. You guys are outa sight!! Realy happening in a far out way!! (10-24-1997)


justme ( says:
My favorite episodes are OH MY NOSE....and the one where Bobby and Thindy get lost in the Grand Canyon...........I am the Brady's bigggest fan...........I have a pair of Greg's underwear......honest...... (10-13-1997)

BOBBY FANS EMAIL ME (10-10-1997)

dave g says:
Superb entertainment.An all time classic surely. (10-09-1997)

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