The Kids from the Brady Bunch

Who needs the Partridge Family? These kids do it all -- they even cover the Beatles!

This is the best of the several Brady Bunch albums that were produced in the early 70's. This one doesn't contain the popular Time To Change tune that Peter Brady sang on the show, but the studio band and overall sound quality on this disc makes it superior to other Brady releases. The recording of Sunshine Day from this album was used verbatim in the Brady Bunch movie, a testament to the contribution that vinyl makes even in today's digital world (ok, they probably used the original studio tape, but still...)

What impressed me most about this record was that I could actually identify each individual Brady in most of the songs -- quite a feat when you consider that there are six children's voices mixed together (or maybe it's a sad commentary on the number of hours I wasted over the years watching television).

The Kids from the Brady Bunch
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Drummer Man (MP3) Lay it on me, Drummer Man!!
Candy (Sugar Shoppe) (MP3) Marcia makes you a sweet offer you can't refuse.
Love Me Do (MP3) A cheesy Beatles cover that actually rocks, in its own special Brady way.

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Your Comments:

Barbi ( says:
i put together an online trivia contest and what contest would it be without some Brady trivia to it, great page, thanks for wav.s (07-09-1997)

Carrie says:
They are soooo cool! I also agree. BRING BACK THE BRADYS IN CARTOON!!!!! YEAH!!!!! (07-01-1997)

You're sound clips were groovy!I've got the album and am amazed by the similarity.Keep on groovin.HAVE A NICE DAY!!! (06-30-1997)

gerd says:
We want the picture of the whole family in the boxes. Just like the begining of the show. (06-13-1997)

ACJT19091750 ( says:
I have that record & it is fantastic!! (06-09-1997)

C.C.007 says:
I agree with Aimee, they need to bring the Cartoon show back!!! =). I wanna see those groovy musical numbers with the moving background!!! (06-02-1997)

Whitney Brady ( says:
I am 9 years old I like the Brady kids I really like Cindy, Marcia, and Jan.... My parents and I watch the Brady Bunch everyday...... Whitney (05-30-1997)

Pauldo ( says:
After hearing those two sound clips i'm actively looking out this on vinyl! (05-28-1997)

Aimee Ohrling ( says:
The brady kids rule!!!!!!!! I hope someday they will put the cartoon back on the Air!! (05-27-1997)

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