The Kids from the Brady Bunch

Who needs the Partridge Family? These kids do it all -- they even cover the Beatles!

This is the best of the several Brady Bunch albums that were produced in the early 70's. This one doesn't contain the popular Time To Change tune that Peter Brady sang on the show, but the studio band and overall sound quality on this disc makes it superior to other Brady releases. The recording of Sunshine Day from this album was used verbatim in the Brady Bunch movie, a testament to the contribution that vinyl makes even in today's digital world (ok, they probably used the original studio tape, but still...)

What impressed me most about this record was that I could actually identify each individual Brady in most of the songs -- quite a feat when you consider that there are six children's voices mixed together (or maybe it's a sad commentary on the number of hours I wasted over the years watching television).

The Kids from the Brady Bunch
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Drummer Man (MP3) Lay it on me, Drummer Man!!
Candy (Sugar Shoppe) (MP3) Marcia makes you a sweet offer you can't refuse.
Love Me Do (MP3) A cheesy Beatles cover that actually rocks, in its own special Brady way.

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Your Comments:

Andy Mentzer ( says:
OHFERFUKSSAKES! "I Want Candy" Oops!,I mean "Sugar Shoppe"(my bad) is SO sweet I think I might hurl.Yeah, Hurl. At the Rock-and-Roll-Heaven-Pallooza, after Paul and Ringo kick off,
maybe the Beatles will regroup and do a cover of
"Sunshine Day". (03-07-2006)

megan ( says:
i was just wondering if anyone knew the order of the kids from oldest to youngest i think i know but i am not sure (03-01-2006)

Trina (aol says:
chris knight, you have a good sense of humour And cindy Was so so cute on The episode when She wanted mommy's Voice back.My Most Wish will to meet the bradys and be chris knight's Best Friend friend since he is Cute And I Hope Maybe it would Someday happen, but a autograph from favorite Brady will Be enough just like if i could see One The bradys. (01-16-2006)

kendall cyt (pilllcyr@HOTMAIL.COM) says:

Tom ( says:
Marcia Brady was my total heart throb throughout my life growing up. Her beautiful blond hair, her adorable face, her skinny figure. Her graceful steps tingled my body with delight,every time she came down the stairs in the Brady house.The world stopped in amazement when she appeared. Her attractive smile puting a spark to her electric beauty, melted my heart with true love. To meet her face to face and to get a kiss from her, would be an experience far beyond my wildest dreams. (10-22-2005)

jon mitchell ( says:
I've seen Cousin Oliver's band and chatted with him a bit. They totally rock. (09-22-2005)

pEteR LoVEr says:
I think Christopher Knight is the cutest guy in the whole world and if you don't like him or the Brady Bunch you sure don't know what you're missing (07-17-2005)

Meggels ( says:
I like the Braady Bunch! Cindy is definintly the cutest! (06-29-2005)

BlackSeal says:
The Bradys ROCK!!! I have ALL THEIR SONGS!!!!! Does anyone know when they might be touring again?? :/ (06-24-2005)

Sophie ( says:
Cindy is the cutest! Where is "time to change" that song rocks!?! (06-22-2005)

russ ( says:
how old are these kids, singing about sucking candy in the sugar shoppe? (04-25-2005)

Angie (cherry_lips_34) says:
Does anyone have any idea how I can get a date with Christopher Knight (Peter Brady)????? I think He is a very sexy man!! (04-08-2005)

hannibal ( says:
in heaven, you get to sleep with marica and jan, while cindy films it. (04-01-2005)

Danny says:
I <3 the Brady Bunch! (03-11-2005)

#1 brady bunch fan says:
i love the brady bunch soso much it is like so cool and funny (01-29-2005)

The Twonk says:
I gave Bobby Brady that shiner. Pesky little pipsqueak. (01-28-2005)

Alexandra says:
I love The Brady Bunch, I think is the best sitcom ever. I'm a really big fan. (01-17-2005)

Turd Ferguson says:
The 90's Brady Bunch movie is absolutely hilarious. Mike Brady (the dad) is played by Gary Cole, a comedic genius (also the voice of Harvey Birdman, attorney at law). I bet no one knows what in the hell I am talking about. (12-27-2004)

porkchopsandapplesauce ( says:
This LP was not only the soundtrack for their cartoon series ['The Brady Kids", minus Mom and Dad] but the drawings of the kids were promotional. The animation company Filmation with agreement with Paramount Pictures (who made "The Brady Bunch") didn't finialize them yet.
Even worse the series was made on a same old animation template based on the cartoon 'The Archies'. Even the Brady's dog 'Tiger' looks like Archie's dog 'Hot dog" with a bad hair dye job. Merlin. the magic bird in the cartoon's voice was Larry Storch ("F-Troop")
But i admit, this is a good kids LP. "Drummer Man" is as funky they can possibly get. A good sing alongand nice music break.


Jo Rasmussen ( says:
The episode when Marica moved to the attic tops them all! The Brady Bunch is a classic to be remembered!! (12-06-2004)

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