Enoch Light and the Brass Menagerie

Raw power, savage beauty, and the ruthless new sound of brass.

"Not since Enoch Light's Persuasive Percussion revolutionized the entire concept of sound recording has an instrumental album created such a furore (sic) as Enoch Light's Brass Menagerie". So hails the liner notes on this 1969 collection of popular songs (including three from the musical Hair) done up with every variety of brass instrument available. Inside the fold-out jacket we get Light's usual paragraph-long treatment of each tune along with an essay that virtually credits Light with every musical innovation since the 19th century. That said, the tunes are pretty good -- dig yourself up a copy and give 'em a listen.

Enoch Light and the Brass Menagerie
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Good Morning Starshine (Real Audio) Tubas and flutes shine in this dramatic interpretation of the "Hair" classic.
Stars and Stripes '69 (Real Audio) Kind of like a swinging 60's version of the John Phillip Sousa march. Cool.

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Lyn Kayne ( says:
I am looking for "Stereo 35mm, Vol.1". I have several other Enoch Light lp's that are in perfect condition and would be willing to trade. Thanks. (10-30-1997)

art stolle ( says:
does anyone know where to get cds of command and/or prodject 3 records? (09-14-1997)

Glen Zeigler ( says:
Looking for CD copy of Enoch Light and Big, Bold and Brassy. My vinyl copy is scratched quite bad! Any ideas where I might find it???? thanks (08-11-1997)

Ed Cicci ( says:
I am looking for a recording (preferably CD) of Enoch Light & the Light Brigade's version of "Saxophobia". I heard this selection on an LP 30 years ago and am interested in obtaining it now. (08-06-1997)

Bob Toll ( says:
I own about 40 Enoch Light albums including first release (1959)Provocative and Persuasive Percussion, the most revolutionary albums of their era. They have now both been released on CD. Also Jazz presenter on local radio station and am looking for more history on Enoch Light in all his aliases and more history on the Command label. Thanks, Bob Toll, Melbourne, Australia (06-16-1997)

Tom Donnelly ( says:
Does anyone have any information on a group called the Free Design which had at least two LPs put out by Enoch Light? (06-01-1997)

Harry C. Perkins ( says:
I have in my possession, Twenty One Trombones by Enoch Light. This in my opinion was the greatest album I have ever owned. It is getting a little scratched, and I wondered if this was ever reproduced on CD's!!. If so, I would love to purchase this. Please let me know. Thanks (05-29-1997)

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