Spaghetti Sauce and Other Delights

Spaghetti Sauce and Other Delights, from politically-incorrect comic Pat Cooper.

Pat Cooper was one of those ethnic comedians you might find performing in the Catskill mountains if you were an Italian from New York on vacation in the 60's. He specializes in the sort of politically-incorrect humor that you can't quite get away with today.

This is one of two albums I have that take-off on the ubiquitous Herb Alpert "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" cover art. The other is a disco album from the late 70's called "Sweet Cream", featuring an African-American woman striking a similar pose (similar to the original girl-with-whipped-cream, that is).

Spaghetti Sauce and Other Delights
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Everyone is Equal (Real Audio) This is actually from an earlier Cooper album called "My Hero", but it's too good to resist.

See Also: Whipped Cream and Other Delights

Your Comments:

The Red Head ( says:
Continuous Pat Cooper at
Stop by and listen to and visit the arcive page, Pat was on the phone this morning.
I hope you will come join The Family of
"All About This,The Tony Delvecchio Show" (04-30-2003)

Mike ( says:
I would love to find both of Pat Coopers albums, if someone out there has please contact me. (04-24-2003)

Julie says:
I have looked everywhere. Where can I find Spaghetti and Other Delights on CD. Does anyone know? Please advise (04-23-2003)

The Hungry Hippo says:
So where is the "desktop" picture for THIS one?
I want to look at this forever and ever and ever on my computer's desktop!
"Is that a breadstick in your hand or are you just happy to see me?"
;) (02-13-2003)

John Michaelson says:
Pat cooper is a comic genius and this album is only horrible for it's album cover only. Otherwise, we're talking about a true comic poineer who needs his day in the sun. (12-29-2002)

bruce ( says:

Do you have good albums, no scratches of
Spaghetti Sauce & Other Delights .. & possibly
My Hero .. both by Pat Cooper ... I am looking
to get both of these on a CD .. If you can do
this please let me know. I can send a blank CD
and case if needed.

Thanks for your time.

Bruce (11-15-2002)

John ( says:
please send info on any dvd or vhs featuring Pat Cooper can be bought. (10-28-2002)

john mastropietro ( says:
anyone can tell me where pat will be performing on stage in nj from this day on ....need to see you again you are the greatest.... (09-17-2002)

Marvin E. Pedigo ( says:
Had the priviledge of following Pat Cooper on the Joe Franklin show the other night. Man the cretive energy at Joe's Memory Lane Restaurant was intense. What a man that Joe Franklin is too. He even promised to help us raise the money for our movie.
Marvin E. Pedigo, Senior Producer (07-24-2002)

Justin says:
You can catch some of Pat in the arichives on the Tony DelVecchio site at:

He's a rare one indeed! (07-18-2002)

Dr. Giovanni ( says:
Everybody's "axing" about Pat Cooper CDs and LPs...Have you tried eBay? I just checked and there at least six Pat Cooper items for sale.

Ciao! (07-10-2002)

Joanna Migliore ( says:
I am looking for Pat Cooper's record albums in CD form. Do they exist--if so how do I buy them?

If they don't exist, would Pasquale consider reviving them in CD form?

His humor is refreshing and perfectly politically correct in my Italian book!! His humor is head and shoulders above how the Sopranos portray Italians. Viva Pasquale Caputo!! (07-08-2002)

John Corrado Jr. ( says:
Am interested in getting any Pat Cooper album on cd or mp3 format. Please drop me a line if you can help. (07-05-2002)

I'm PEPPERONI KID which likes a crazy record.
I want to tell him listened to this record at the
distant east country.
Please let me meet rich Herb Alpert's friend.
It's happy. (05-18-2002)

seth murdock says:
I can't know (05-17-2002)

pierre ( says:
Hi , I am Pierre and I have this LP by pat cooper in very good condition. I also have many other strange records and especially 60s and early 70s stuff from India (Bollywood soundtracks), China and South East Asia. You can contact me at Thanks, Frank! (04-15-2002)

pierre ( says:
Hi , I am Pierre and I have this LP by pat cooper in very good condition. I also have many other strange records and especially 60s and early 70s stuff from India (Bollywood soundtracks), China and South East Asia. You can contact me at Thanks, Frank! (04-15-2002)

Rob ( says:
I will print this page and give it to Pat. Perhaps he will let me make some DVDs of his stuff and make them available to those interested. He will enjoy hearing all of these comments.

Rob (03-11-2002)

John Lee ( says:
I, too, am looking for Pat Cooper VHS tapes, DVD's or CD's. ANy help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


John Lee ( says:
My wife is a big fan of Pat Cooper and I'm trying to locate and buy a DVD, CD, and/or VHS tape of some of his acts. I'm having trouble finding them. ANy help would be appreciated.


JOhn Lee (01-30-2002)

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