Spaghetti Sauce and Other Delights

Spaghetti Sauce and Other Delights, from politically-incorrect comic Pat Cooper.

Pat Cooper was one of those ethnic comedians you might find performing in the Catskill mountains if you were an Italian from New York on vacation in the 60's. He specializes in the sort of politically-incorrect humor that you can't quite get away with today.

This is one of two albums I have that take-off on the ubiquitous Herb Alpert "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" cover art. The other is a disco album from the late 70's called "Sweet Cream", featuring an African-American woman striking a similar pose (similar to the original girl-with-whipped-cream, that is).

Spaghetti Sauce and Other Delights
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Everyone is Equal (Real Audio) This is actually from an earlier Cooper album called "My Hero", but it's too good to resist.

See Also: Whipped Cream and Other Delights

Your Comments:

tralfaz ( says:
I've got the Whipped Cream cover on my Album Cover Art site. Stop by sometime. Cooper is not a well person... (02-25-1999)

King Cormack ( says:
Sorry to say Pat is still with us, appearing as recently (to my notice) in a Seinfeld episode whose plot revolved around Jerry joining the Friar's Club. That was Pat who said to George Costanza: "Are you an entertainer? No? Then why am I talking to you?" (02-22-1999)

a fake parakeet says:
Who is this Louis Prima? (02-20-1999)

Chuck Pravata says:
I saw it. Great stuff, especially for a bunch of losers like you guys. Pat Cooper is ridiculous. You're right, I do have nothing better to do than to bash him and his fans. I get paid entirely too much to do entirely too little! (02-02-1999)

Nitro Joe ( says:
Have you seen the "Clam Dip and Other Delights" EP. by Soul Asylum circa 1989? (01-12-1999)

Roberto says:
I grew up listening to Pasquale Caputo and we always loved him. I finally saw him live at the 3 Rivers Inn in Central New York years ago and he was funny until we met him after the show(WHAT A JERK), he shouldn't even tell people he's Italian . What a DISGRAZIADE ! Then my mom saw him in the Catskills a while back(STILL A JERK). Ma che su case ? (12-02-1998)

Nick Caputo ( says:
I was born in Bari, Italy, and would like to know if we might be related. My wife and I would like to know if you even come to Phoenix to perform? How can we get on a mailing list for newsletters, etc? No entertainer has ever done Italian humor as great as you do. (11-13-1998)

Maria ( says:
I can't believe we finally found out who you are. I have had a tape of yours that an uncle of mine gave to me and I copied. We didn't know who the comedian was, but I can tell you that it really hit home. I grew up in a typical sicilian home and everything you said I was rolling on the floor busting a gut. The tape I have is what we refer to as the Italian Wedding. WHERE OR WHERE CAN I GET MORE OF YOUR TAPES??? P.S. I am 4 foot 11., no mole and may occassionally be found with a sewing needle. PSS - Will you ever come to Toronto??? (11-13-1998)

B ( says:
I noticed a lot of inquiries about obtaining the tapes...... do any of you actually get answers? If so, let me know as I am interested. (11-12-1998)

Bev Caravati ( says:
I've been trying to obtain a tape/tapes of Pat Cooper doing an Italian monologue of Pasquale Caputo for a relative for this Christmas. If anyone has any idea how I may obtain one I would appreciate it very much. Let me know via my e-mail address. Thankyou. (11-12-1998)

Guest ( says:
I need to purchase a copy of Spaghetti Sauce and Other Delights. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail back to (11-06-1998)

Hey JOHN, Why don't you leave your e-mail address so we can talk in private? Love Chuck Pravata (the idiot) (11-03-1998)

Jim Smith ( says:
Pat, you need to chill out. Whatever bug crawled up your @ss, you'd better pull it out before you blow a valve in your ticker. Howard had every right to squash you today, but he didn't. He showed genuine concern. Get off your paranoid trip. (10-23-1998)

John says:
This is to the idiot under me(Chuck Pravata). Howard didnt make an idiot out of Pat today(10-23) or any other, by the way today was a repeat, smart boy. Howard loves Pat, but Pat lost it...that was why they made fun of it. (10-23-1998)

Chuck Pravata ( says:
Howard Stern made an ass out of you today. You should strike back. Redeem yourself Pat. That man humiliated you. You don't deserve to be treated like this. Concerned fan, Chuck (10-23-1998)

There is another take on helb alpert's 'whipped cream' album. It is by the band soul aslyum from when they were on the twin/tone label,"clam dip & other delights", I believe it was. By the way,friends,if anybody reading this wants to sell me any of the two albums Harpo Marx recorded for the Mercury label, give me a ring. (10-16-1998)

Rob ( says:
I have a real old album of Pat Coope. Its called More Saucy Stories from Pat Cooper. 1968 Unfortunately, the albums a little warped and not all tracks can be played. If there is anywhere in the world I may purchase this album, Please let me know. Thanks Rob (10-14-1998)

Andrea McDonough (Angie243) says:
I would love to know where I can purchase tapes of Pat Cooper. Also I would like to know his schedule for the upcomming year. I would love to be on a mailing address if there is one. My family and I would love to see Pat's shows. (10-12-1998)

madame loungecore ( says:
spaghetti sauce and other delights, gives hair lustre-no need for tights, improves your sexlife, puts hair on your chest, no need for viagra, it's simply the best! (10-01-1998)

vinny ( says:
where can i buy pat coopers records tapes or cd please write back thank u (09-27-1998)

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