Spaghetti Sauce and Other Delights

Spaghetti Sauce and Other Delights, from politically-incorrect comic Pat Cooper.

Pat Cooper was one of those ethnic comedians you might find performing in the Catskill mountains if you were an Italian from New York on vacation in the 60's. He specializes in the sort of politically-incorrect humor that you can't quite get away with today.

This is one of two albums I have that take-off on the ubiquitous Herb Alpert "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" cover art. The other is a disco album from the late 70's called "Sweet Cream", featuring an African-American woman striking a similar pose (similar to the original girl-with-whipped-cream, that is).

Spaghetti Sauce and Other Delights
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Everyone is Equal (Real Audio) This is actually from an earlier Cooper album called "My Hero", but it's too good to resist.

See Also: Whipped Cream and Other Delights

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DANNY THOMAS, JR. (dltjr@gateway. net) says:
Pat Cooper will be in Youngstown, Ohio at Powers Auditorium, Saturday, October 24, 1998. for information and/or tickets call DiTommasso Productions,L.L.C. at (330) 755-1891 (09-11-1998)

MOE (BKLYNMOE81) says:

yehyeh ( says:
Does anyone else know that this cover parodies "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" by the Tiajuana Brass? That record can be found in almost any thrift store, around here in joisey anyway. .gogo kid (05-10-1998)

Joe Gologna ( says:
i would appreciate any sound files including pat cooper. thanks (04-06-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
The other day, I was taking a sledge hammer to my head. Why? that is a story in itself. However, I do have one question to ask all of you. If it is nice out, do you leave it out? Where did I leave that damn sledge hammer? (03-18-1998)

Montgomery Clit says:
Far out, man ! Far ouch! (03-05-1998)

Garon ( says:
I noticed several inquiries about a Pat Cooper CD. There is one CD out: The Best of Pat Cooper. Call 1-800-906-4PAT. (02-11-1998)

Ted Bremer ( says:
PLEASE settle an argument.... Is Pat Cooper Irish, OR Italian????? Thank you for your response. Ted Bremer (02-07-1998)

Tom Fernino ( says:
My mom is the perfect Italian mom with the 4'11 height and cooks great. Please send me info on the Pat Cooper, Paque Caputo albums, where can I obtain them. Thanks Tom (01-19-1998)

Tom Fernino says:
I was raised in N.Y. my whole life and my Italian mother hed these albums. can you tell me how to get a copy. Thanks Tom Fernino (01-19-1998)

Guest says:
IF YOU ARE A BIG MOOG FAN!!!! Listen to The Midnight Midway on CBC Radio 2 Nov 29 and 30th from Midnight until five in the A./M. I play lots of it! The whole show is really crazy man! (11-26-1997)

Bob Finamore ( says:
Pat is a Classic. I am 37 years old and have listen to Pat Copper since I was a child. The truth and the humour he brings together is one of a kind. Even if you are not Italian you can appreciate Pat Cooper. My wife is Irish and when I brought her to my parents house one day I made her listen to Pat. Now she want wants more. We love you Pat!! (11-22-1997)

Salvatore says:
I have two of Pat Cooper's records, Spaghetti Sauce and Our Hero. Actually, they're my parents. Being the Italians we are, we love these records. I have 'em up in my dorm room at the University of Connecticut, and my friends love 'em. We're just waiting for him to make a return appearance to Foxwoods casino! (11-01-1997)

Eddy Voskinarian ( says:
Please Send info on Pat Cooper on CD. I've seen one, with "My Hero" & Spag. Sauce" on the same Disc. I Desperately need one. (10-24-1997)

Barry ( says:
I am looking for any Pat Cooper CD'S. Do you know if there were any made and where can they be purchased (10-15-1997)

Ed Kildow ( says:
The band "the Frivolous Five" also did a parity of that cover. "Sour Cream and other Delights" featured five old ladies and sour cream. (10-11-1997)

Blake W. says:
You should see the cover to "Clamdip and Other Delights" by, I believe, Soul Asylum. Same theme, differnt food type. (09-20-1997)

Carmine ( says:
My parents are HUGE pat cooper fans. I would like to know where to find any of his albums. (08-18-1997)

Mnick31 says:
My father is a big Pat Cooper fan. He had a few albums recorded on reel to reel, could you let me know how I would find some albums, or record label I would contact. If you have any you would like to sell let me know. Thanks. (06-08-1997)

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