Organ Freakout

The swinginist Hammond organ album since the birth of psychedelia!

It's bad enough when some two-bit record company throws together an album soley to cash in on the latest musical trend. When the latest trend is psychedelia, the result is nothing short of ridiculous, as this unbelievable album from the late 60's aptly demonstrates. I guess the films I saw about hippies dropping acid to the tunes of the Dead and Jefferson Airplane didn't tell the whole story -- somehow I missed the part about middle-aged guys playing psychedelic Lowrey organs surrounded by chicks in mini-skirts. Peace, man.

One can only hope that the kids who bought this album were suitably disappointed when dropping the needle on such tracks as "Golden Gate Freakout", "The Acid Test", or "Joshua Got Busted" only to be rewarded with sounds no hipper than what you'd find at a suburban cocktail party. This record wouldn't have any soul if you wrapped a fish with it.

When the Mustang mounts the Hammond and the AMPS start cookin', lookout baby, it's an Organ Freakout
Organ Freakout
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Ah Cid (Real Audio) Ah, cid? Yeah, I get it.
Tennessee Waltz Frug (Real Audio) What's a 'frug' ?
Old Time Religion Gone New (Real Audio) If this song were any longer, it might well drive you into an uncontrollable psychedelic frenzy. Better have someone keep an eye on you just in case.

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Your Comments:

Palustris ( says:
"I guess the films I saw about hippies dropping acid to the tunes of the Dead and Jefferson Airplane didn't tell the whole story"

I guess you DID miss the psychedelic organ as it was a REAL phenomenon and, truth be told, I really did listen to the "Bach Live At Fillmore East, Virgil Fox, Heavy Organ" LP while tripping on acid with friends in my mobile home in NH . See Virgil Fox's discography. He played at the Filmore East and Winterland in S. F.: (11-19-2011)

raistuumum says:
@Barry Stoller: Yep. The Animated Egg LP is a much better psych exploitation album. Shame on the companies; at least add some overdubs on 'Ah Cid' (12-30-2010)

Ace says:
I could be mistaken but . . . that's a Lowrey Organ (tapered-edge rocker switches) not a Hammond Organ (straight-edge rocker switches) on the album cover . . . (07-02-2007)

geo5000 says:
Ha...Sounds just like Iron Butterfly. (03-04-2007)

That guy from No Where says:
Laugh if you want - but I say this music isn't half bad.

BTW - is that Teri Garr on the left - she was a dancer early in her career. (01-29-2007)

Herb says:
So many girls and only one man with one organ... (12-18-2006)

uhudler says:
The Mustang aka Paul Griffin played the Piano on the Don McLean Track "American Pie". (11-15-2006)

J.D. says:
I'd gladly shag any (or all!) of those girls on the cover. (10-22-2006)

Benlu 66 ( says:
In 1966 and 1967 even rip-off junk like this had that stomping beat appeal. That's why the mid60s is the best rock era ever. (07-02-2006)

Lindasy says:
what the hell does tulips on my organ mean? its so annoying! (05-18-2006)

Barry Stoller says:
'Ah Cid' is a frequently recycled Alshire / Somerset track which originated on the (in)famous ANIMATED EGG LP, which later was mutated into the legendary ASTRO-SOUNDS FROM BEYOND THE YEAR 2000 album (by 101 Strings); the actual band was The Id, a one-off LA project led by super-session vet Jerry Cole (guitar for Wrecking Crew, Beach Boys, Byrds, Presley, etc.).

BTW, Paul Griffin, the Mustang organist everyone on this forum is so quick to deride, played keyboards on prime Bob Dylan and Steely Dan sessions (in addition to many more). Before departing the A / S label(s), Griffin jammed on a Robert Lowden session for 101 Strings' SWING WITH HAMMOND ORGAN, producing the immortal "Add Strings." (03-21-2006)

Michael J Duberry ( says:
awesome site, keep up the good work, google is my best friend for finding this fantastic site, this site is truly fantastic and higly recommended to all. (11-19-2005)

the mustang's friend says:
this record may have missed its original, contrived mark, but it is pretty amazing. (10-26-2005)

mark diesler ( says:
this is freaking awesome. (10-04-2005)

Stroker Ace ( says:
They girls may be doing the frug, but I think the Mustang is doing the jerk. Check it out. (05-31-2005)

Harry Palmer ( says:
Where's his left hand? And what's he doing with it? (05-31-2005)

Bettie Grant ( says:
I'll give you two bucks for this album if you'll pay the postage and include a turntable.

Bettie (05-29-2005)

Eddie Fresno (Seattle) says:
This is the "FRUG" ya smartass!

The Frug was born from a dance called the Chicken, which had a lateral body movement and was used as a change of pace during the Twist. Dancers became tired and started moving only their hips while standing still, making up arm movements. Dances that evolved from the Frug were the Swim, the Monkey, the Dog, the Watusi, the Waddle (or Wabble), and the Jerk. Other names for the Frug are the Surf, Big Bea, and Thunderbird. The Watusi is also known as the Wabble and Waddle. (04-27-2005)

hannibal ( says:
I had an organ freakout once... woke up and I thought I had dropped chewing gum on my balls during my sleep... turned out i was just sagging more than normal. (04-01-2005)

hopjack says:
There's always something a happening with Mustang and his organ. (03-24-2005)

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