Organ Freakout

The swinginist Hammond organ album since the birth of psychedelia!

It's bad enough when some two-bit record company throws together an album soley to cash in on the latest musical trend. When the latest trend is psychedelia, the result is nothing short of ridiculous, as this unbelievable album from the late 60's aptly demonstrates. I guess the films I saw about hippies dropping acid to the tunes of the Dead and Jefferson Airplane didn't tell the whole story -- somehow I missed the part about middle-aged guys playing psychedelic Lowrey organs surrounded by chicks in mini-skirts. Peace, man.

One can only hope that the kids who bought this album were suitably disappointed when dropping the needle on such tracks as "Golden Gate Freakout", "The Acid Test", or "Joshua Got Busted" only to be rewarded with sounds no hipper than what you'd find at a suburban cocktail party. This record wouldn't have any soul if you wrapped a fish with it.

When the Mustang mounts the Hammond and the AMPS start cookin', lookout baby, it's an Organ Freakout
Organ Freakout
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Ah Cid (Real Audio) Ah, cid? Yeah, I get it.
Tennessee Waltz Frug (Real Audio) What's a 'frug' ?
Old Time Religion Gone New (Real Audio) If this song were any longer, it might well drive you into an uncontrollable psychedelic frenzy. Better have someone keep an eye on you just in case.

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Your Comments:

Chuck Kelley ( says:
Too much organ, not enough freakout. The 101 Strings psych records are alot better. (04-22-2004)

Peanut Head ( says:
Gees....nunna you guys gets it, huh?

"Organ Freakout" ain't got nuttin' da do wid dat Hammond M17 or whatever da fuk it be called...them chicks is swingin' and groovin' cuz da guy on da "organ" is none other than cool kat Jimmy Osmond....and he gots hands on TWO organs..if ya know what I mean, babies...

Dem chicks just losin' it when Jimmy playin' da organs....photog asked JImmy "Which would ya rather have, Jimmy baby...Roses on Your Piano? or TULIPS ON YER ORGAN??"

Well, dat was dat cuz Jimmy grabbed onta ....oops...gotta Mommy is calling me...bye... (04-19-2004)

Mike ( says:
This is great! I love the cover. If you want to hear some cool baseball organ music, check out (04-01-2004)

AHammondNut says:
Reggie Wilson has noting on this record! That is a Hammond M-3 on the cover. I dig the fashions too.
Rock ON! (02-02-2004)

Chris says:
I actually found a copy of this album in a thrift store. I convulsed with laughter after reading the back cover and I knew that I had to have it. But, when I finally played it to hear what "The Mustang" had to offer, a little bit of the funny went away. (01-21-2004)

J.D. says:
"When the Mustang mounts the Hammond..."

I just got a scary visual... (11-26-2003)

Joseph Gallant ( says:

This has got to be the most notorious "exhibit" of all the albums featured in Frank's Vinyl Museum!!

Apparantly, the copywriter who suggested in the liner notes that a Hammond Organ all by itself could create psychedelic sounds must have been having a freak out!! (11-15-2003)

Homer ( says:
he said Organ...heh heh heh (11-13-2003)

Dan_gerous says:
What was wrong with dropping acid to the dead or the Airplane, Man it kept me occupied for most of the 70'S, AND, it was a whole bunch of fun! (10-02-2003)

(((scottsasonic))) ( says:
Is this anyway related to Animated Egg and /or Haircuts and the Impossibles? Or is it not even there? The song titles are interesting in their possibilities.. subjectiveness translates from experience and preference (09-03-2003)

kurt mueller ( says:
drop me a line ive been 55 all years and im not gonna change unless you try to change 18 years old from belleville down at starting to say the things out loud that i type now i know what widows feel like.Old people develop starnge habits because it is very trying to be in the same body for all those years.Things begin to get twisted and bizarre.Quietly one loses their mind (08-26-2003)

Faustine says:
The FRUG is a happenin' dance!! saw it on the Game Show Network's Black and White overnight, actually...


1. Put your left hand on your hip, elbow out.
2. put your other arm in the air, bend your wrist and kind of point or something, and shake your finger like "naughty naughty".
3. Wiggle your ass, bob up and down up and down and shake your finger in time with the music. That's it.

That's the way they did the frug on TV, anyway.


JLB says:
in the early 60's my sister and i took hammond organ lessons for 6 yrs and i proceeded to drop acid by the 70's. but never ever to the tune of that!!! eeeekkkkkk!!!!! (05-24-2003)

jason says:
this reminds me of a baseball game where the organ player is hepped up on diet pills and was told it was acid... (03-26-2003)

jim "is this trip over?" lujac says:
Like you guys all act like sound) .....wait a minute....yea I remeber now.I rember once I thought Irembered but couldnt remember what I forgot.(laughing hysterically) (02-04-2003)

tobe says:
i'm still laughing..... oooh my sides are hurtin bad!! (09-19-2002)

tobe says:
just cant stop laughing....... wot fuckin' mugs evever bought this turd?? (09-19-2002)

Paul THe Tele Man ( says:
I actually like the Golden Gate Freakout tune, hte rest sucks. (08-16-2002)

Daredevil6 ( says:
If I understood why Organ Freakout was made it might be easier to take. I'm just so confused. It's like staring at a turd floating in Ambrosia; why? Why? For the love of God, WHY? (08-09-2002)

Extream says:
EVEL IS THE MAN! (07-16-2002)

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