Organ Freakout

The swinginist Hammond organ album since the birth of psychedelia!

It's bad enough when some two-bit record company throws together an album soley to cash in on the latest musical trend. When the latest trend is psychedelia, the result is nothing short of ridiculous, as this unbelievable album from the late 60's aptly demonstrates. I guess the films I saw about hippies dropping acid to the tunes of the Dead and Jefferson Airplane didn't tell the whole story -- somehow I missed the part about middle-aged guys playing psychedelic Lowrey organs surrounded by chicks in mini-skirts. Peace, man.

One can only hope that the kids who bought this album were suitably disappointed when dropping the needle on such tracks as "Golden Gate Freakout", "The Acid Test", or "Joshua Got Busted" only to be rewarded with sounds no hipper than what you'd find at a suburban cocktail party. This record wouldn't have any soul if you wrapped a fish with it.

When the Mustang mounts the Hammond and the AMPS start cookin', lookout baby, it's an Organ Freakout
Organ Freakout
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Ah Cid (Real Audio) Ah, cid? Yeah, I get it.
Tennessee Waltz Frug (Real Audio) What's a 'frug' ?
Old Time Religion Gone New (Real Audio) If this song were any longer, it might well drive you into an uncontrollable psychedelic frenzy. Better have someone keep an eye on you just in case.

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Andrew Schrock ( says:
Overall... as has been said here before, dayyumn the entire LP sounds like crap you'd hear at a roller rink in middle school. Like the organist has been slipped some quaaludes instead of acid. (07-01-2002)

huge organ ( says:
i live in central illinois, and my huge organ was freeekin out when i heard this crazy shizzat! (05-01-2002)

Schraff ( says:

Danny Brien says:
What a groovy record. I've been up for hours trying to squeeze those sounds out of my hammond organ. Gimme more of that leslie effect. Whoa yeah. (03-13-2002)

Ron Burns ( says:
I have this album. I am willing to sell to best offerer. I have just about all the albums listed on this site. My contact information is included. It's the way I do business: Ron Burns 550 CHILDS DR MILTON,ONTARIO,CANADA L9T 3P3 1-(905)-876-3245 (08-06-2001)

Eric ( says:
Wow, groovy, dude! Supermarket psychedelia! Clear those pot-smoking hippies outta here so clean, white middle America can groove along! The suggestive title (almost) makes up for the music (and the concept), though. (07-01-2001)

Nat Kone ( says:
The Mustang was actually a great organ player called Paul Griffin who played on millions of things including Dylan records. He died just last year. Mustang records are all over the place but the guy was a great musician. And to Shawn England who called the Lovemachine record a "bad trip", please send me all your bad trips. (06-30-2001)

tlb ( says:
By the way, in response to the question "What's a frug?" A frug is a dance from the mid-60s. And when did acid dropping hippies groove to "Old Time Religion". This one ranks up there w/ JESUS IS A SOUL MAN (06-15-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
This is psychadellia? When did this happen? I'd like to hear this guy play some Bob Marley. That would be worth buying. (06-15-2001)

Harry Hayes ( says:
Gawd! Did this old fart on Hammond have a conductor waving a baton? Timing is bloody awful--he should "swing" on a rope. All that's distasteful (voicing, touch, time), and not one shred of soul! Makes me want to puke! Where's Bro Jack Mcduff, Jimmy Smith , Ray Charles etc. Oh Gawd make this vinyl into a flower pot! (08-12-1999)

Vynyl Junkie ( says:
This guy must have been in Pat Boone's backup band. Wait, this record was produced by Pat Boone. No, this is the album Pat's fans drag out when they need something really white & don't want to sing along! Excuse me, I need to go listen to some Otis Redding to cleanse myself. (07-12-1999)

John K. Fitzpatrick ( says:
the Frug is a dance. Check out some mp3 music at my page - (07-08-1999)

sUEbRI says:
WHOOAAAAA. i Like CoookIES ToO. AM i STIIL HERE ? EH eh ah Hha Ha? Am STIlL hearing tHAT MUsic? ahhhhhhhhhhhKKKKHGGGGGGHH! (06-24-1999)

LC-Ludwiig ( says:
OUTTASITE! (05-08-1999)

Shawn England says:
This sounds a lot like a similar vinyl abortion I found called "Electronic Music To Blow Your Mind By." It features groovy cheese by a band called The Lovemachine. Ironically, listening to it while tripping on acid would probably be very unsettling. Like "Organ Freakout," it is a musical bad trip. A real bummer, man. (01-14-1999)

Mot Olletsoc ( says:
Whoooo could imagine.... That you could Freakout. Whew that Freak needs someone to give him a shot of that old time munition right in his Freaky head. Back then as now so as if record company's would try and catch the wave of a popular song or album by pumping out some cheesy record with a name close or simular to the hot song or album. thus is the case here Me thinks. Dear old Frank Zappa had his first commercial success with "Freakout" which even now is way!!!! cool. Check it out Suzy Creamcheese, go cry on somebody elses shoulder (10-22-1998)

Joe Mason ( says:
Sigh. Two of my friends have this album, and I've been searching for years... (10-12-1998)

eric m. u. says:
The really sad thing about this is it reminds me of getting fooled as a young dweeb when out looking for a "hip" record to brag about in junior high! shame on you record companies, although in this case the record might have been alright if someone just told you the title and let you imagine your own cover(esp. in jr.high!) (09-14-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
CHECK OUT MY ORGAN!!!CHECK OUT MY ORGAN!!!CHECK OUT MY ORGAN!!! CHECK OUT MY ORGAN!!! OOOH YEAAAAA!!!! Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me. (06-23-1998)

The Orange Shag Singers ( says:
What,yous guys got a problem with organ music? (05-27-1998)

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