Organ Freakout

The swinginist Hammond organ album since the birth of psychedelia!

It's bad enough when some two-bit record company throws together an album soley to cash in on the latest musical trend. When the latest trend is psychedelia, the result is nothing short of ridiculous, as this unbelievable album from the late 60's aptly demonstrates. I guess the films I saw about hippies dropping acid to the tunes of the Dead and Jefferson Airplane didn't tell the whole story -- somehow I missed the part about middle-aged guys playing psychedelic Lowrey organs surrounded by chicks in mini-skirts. Peace, man.

One can only hope that the kids who bought this album were suitably disappointed when dropping the needle on such tracks as "Golden Gate Freakout", "The Acid Test", or "Joshua Got Busted" only to be rewarded with sounds no hipper than what you'd find at a suburban cocktail party. This record wouldn't have any soul if you wrapped a fish with it.

When the Mustang mounts the Hammond and the AMPS start cookin', lookout baby, it's an Organ Freakout
Organ Freakout
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Ah Cid (Real Audio) Ah, cid? Yeah, I get it.
Tennessee Waltz Frug (Real Audio) What's a 'frug' ?
Old Time Religion Gone New (Real Audio) If this song were any longer, it might well drive you into an uncontrollable psychedelic frenzy. Better have someone keep an eye on you just in case.

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Your Comments:

Mr. Skin ( says:
....and some people say that ATTILA sucked. (04-25-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
Too bad about the cover. Put someone like Dolly Parton,in a low cut dress or Morganna, (The Kissing Bandit) on the cover. You can then call it, ORGAN BREAKOUT! Regards, Busta Zipper (03-22-1998)

Droopy Drawers says:
Hey, I'll put my roses on your piano, if you put your tulips on my organ! Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me. (03-17-1998)

Richard ( says:
I think my brain is haemorrhaging. Aarrgghhh!! (01-20-1998)

Jon Webster ( says:
I'm doing project for my course at college on designing a collection of CD's looking at the history of hammond organ music from the 60's to the 90's If you know any bands I should include I would be glad to here from you. Thanks (01-13-1998)

dj topside (fishbrains37) says:
i like cookies (01-06-1998)

Guest ( says:
I have vinyl records for sale. 12" dance and slow plus many remixes like Ultimix, Powerhouse, etc, etc. Interested in a list send me a note. (12-05-1997)

Blake W. says:
I have another record by THE MUSTANG entitled THE MUSTANG PLAYS SWINGIN' ORGAN on the Somerset label. It includes covers of Night Train and Frankie And Johnny. The funny thing about the Frankie and Johnny cover is that I have another record on the same label by THE HAIRCUTS AND THE IMPOSSIBLES that contains the exact same version of this song. Nothing at all is different! The Somerset label may be a two bit company, but I generally get a big kick out of their cheesy attempts to cash in on the musical fads of the time. I find myself putting at least one song from THE MUSTANG on mix tapes I make. (09-17-1997)

William Hogenbirk ( says:
I am looking for vinylrecords of The Peddlers Can you help me (09-09-1997)

William Hogenbirk ( says:
I am looking for vnyl (09-09-1997)

The Hesh Inc. ( says:
There's nothing wrong with organ music per se (look at Booker T. & the MGs) ... but I agree with your assessment of the whole package. The suburban cocktail guy playing the organ is trying to be hip by playing a Hammond, but he isn't even playing a B3 or any of the other drawbar+Leslie models favored by real rockers or soul/R&B players! (06-30-1997)

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