Enoch Light Presents Spaced Out

Enoch Light presents exploratory trips through the music of Bach, Bacharach and The Beatles.

The full title of this 1969 release reads: Enoch Light presents Spaced Out, exploratory trips through the music of Bach, Bacharach, and The Beatles, integrating the Moog, the Guitar Scene, Electric Harpsichords, Flugelhorns, Etc... My copy is embellished with an orange sticker claiming this to be "The First New Concept since the Percussion Era". I don't know if that's true or not, but the Barbarella-esqe cover model wearing a tin-foil bikini is enough to make me not really care.

Innovations in Stereo Sound Inside the sturdy fold-out album cover, Light provides a paragraph long explanation of each track, like this one for the Beatles' Get Back: "Things get off the ground fast with the very first notes of Bernie Leighton's funky piano solo starting on the left, and then switching to the right. Biting brass (left) and swinging saxes (right) add to the momentum of the introduction and to the tremendous degree of stereo excitement. Vinnie Bell's "fuzz" guitar announces the Beatle theme, and is goaded on hard hitting ensable "wa-wa" figures. Tenor man Bob Tricarico jumps in to lead the ensable through the rest of the chorus. A high point of musical excitement is reached as Tricarico wails against a background of sharp ensable figures".

With eleven other equally dynamic tracks split between Beatles, Bacharach and Bach, this is one record that's sure to please the spaced-out crowd at your next party.

Enoch Light Presents Spaced Out
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Petite Paulette (MP3) Light pulls out all the stops on his Moog synthesizer for this incredible Bach rendition.
Get Back (MP3) You'll love the "tremendous degree of stereo excitement" they created by ping-ponging the audio between the left and right channels.
A Little Fuge For You And Me (Real Audio) Adapted from Bach's Little G Minor Fuge. "There is no longer any doubt that Bach swings!"

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melissa blight says:
HEY, what a blast from the past. as a 12 year old in 1981 my jazz ballet troupe performed a dance sequence to 'petite paulette', and absolutely blitzed the local competition (complete with bright blue lycra flares and sequins!!!) we knew every groove of that damned track - rather like being brainwashed.

i heard a familiar piece of bach cello music on australian broadcasting commission classic radio this morning, and racked my brain to finally recall it as enoch light's 'petite paulette'. i actually didn't realise it was bach re-interpreted!! so glad i've now heard the original, what a beautiful piece played by trules mork on cello.
perhaps enoch should not have gone there!! but then we thought it was pretty cool at the time.... (02-01-2007)

John Hatch ( says:
Hmm, another example of period music... cute in it's own way I suppose. (06-19-2005)

Ivory Joe Fezzewig ( says:
Y'knowsomething?? Hardly a day goes by that
I don't get some spam e-mail about that former
Nigerian Military Head of State. He gets more
chicks than Jerry Springer! Think I'll take
the old turntable out of mothballs and enjoy
some more golden oldies by Enoch Light's Music
Brigade (12-07-2004)

Sir Droopy Titties says:
Leave me alone, that damn surgery went wrong! That fuckin doctor is going to, oops. Please excuse me, my gay lover awaits for me. (11-14-2004)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
This stuff puts me in mind of Walter Carlos. Yeah, that's right. This was BEFORE she(?) was WENDY. Anyway, "Switched on Bach" was a great record and we all coveted the Modular Moog they have on the cover. Ooooo! PATCH-CORDS!!! (Yeah, I know. It's wasn't really plugged in - they NEVER are!) This record seems to be aimed at stealing his or her thunder. Oh, well - the more the merrier I always say. Oh, yeah. That's WENDY - not Mary! Sorrrrry! (11-11-2004)

Joli ( says:
A real Barbarella likeness if you ask me. Jane Fonda, you've found your double. I love hearing "A Little Fugue For You & Me" adapted from Bach's Little G Minor Fugue. Petite Paulette was so 'out there' I'm not sure she'd be able to "Get Back." Even still, long live the 60's & the 70's. And... long live LOVE (Olivia Newton-John). (10-12-2004)

Lord Cuckoo Face ( says:
Hello - I am a student in Sydney, Australia - I absolutely love the moog and can not find this music anywhere - i sanyone willing to send moog Mp3s like the ones posted here - the sounds are so true and rich - *drowns in euphoria* - thank you frank for the great site - Mrs Miller is now a cult comic hit in our grade! (06-24-2004)

Ass Cheeks says:
*fart* (04-29-2004)

erfolgreich says:
nice... (11-20-2003)

R'aboo ( says:
"No Escapin' This".

No one's ready to deal with us...

I love hip hop Plus every other genre there is...(no country)...I think that sampling is one the best cross culture things to happen in the music...I love searching the net to see where that sample came from and how they adapted it to fit there song...It' brings different styles together for a new generation to hear and enjoy (08-15-2003)

Ronzie Burns! ( says:
Hey mad4tunes, you big horse's ass! I could get more for them on ebay! Ebay sucks, and so do you!

And as far as your Carrol O'Connor comment, he's not here to tell you what a peice of crap you are. He was a genius, you are a genital. You were birthed from the butt of a mule! (01-04-2003)

Adam Hartfield ( says:
I have this album on CD, but it's a pretty lousy transfer. I think I got it online at either or (10-12-2002)

Mad4tunes ( says:
Obviously, Ron Burns is too cheap to sell his stuff on Ebay.

On the other hand, this is some really interesting stuff. I stuff similar to this, but prefer celebrities making asses of themselves (ala Carroll O'Connor). Just ask George Gimarc...he and Frank would probably get along famously. (08-04-2002)

Dan Prinzing ( says:
I have this album. Does anyone know, if it's available on CD? (05-31-2002)

Kevin ( says:
Little Fuge sounds like it could have been on the "Hair" soundtrack (04-17-2002)

Trevor ( says:
I had this very track and got to know it "inside out" on my Grundig TK144 tape back in 1970.
I haven't heard it since then... what a GREAT surprise to surf serendipitously into this site and hear it jumping out through my Grados! I was 18 then... you do the math. But I recalled EVERY note perfectly. Frank, great site, brilliant track. Aaaah, memories flood back as I listen to this again..... (04-10-2002)

Dosifei ( says:
As a classical musician and ardent Bach fan, I am appalled. Or delighted, can't tell which. The Little Fugue take was actually really cool, until the voices came in. Without the singers, it could stand as fairly good. But they turn it into truly painful kitsch. God bless/damn them. (03-03-2002)

Bill from Wethersfield ( says:
I would like to buy a cassette recording of "Enoch Light and his Orchestra at Carnegie Hall Play Irvin Berlin." It was originally recorded on a Command Records label. Can anyone help me? (02-19-2002)

Tom Fenton ( says:
If anyone has any of these records(or even cds),and would like to sell them,let me know. Resonable prices please! (01-11-2002)

Ron Burns ( says:
I have this album. I am willing to sell to best offerer. I have just about all the albums listed on this site. My contact information is included. It's the way I do business: Ron Burns 550 CHILDS DR MILTON,ONTARIO,CANADA L9T 3P3 1-(905)-876-3245 (08-06-2001)

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