Enoch Light Presents Spaced Out

Enoch Light presents exploratory trips through the music of Bach, Bacharach and The Beatles.

The full title of this 1969 release reads: Enoch Light presents Spaced Out, exploratory trips through the music of Bach, Bacharach, and The Beatles, integrating the Moog, the Guitar Scene, Electric Harpsichords, Flugelhorns, Etc... My copy is embellished with an orange sticker claiming this to be "The First New Concept since the Percussion Era". I don't know if that's true or not, but the Barbarella-esqe cover model wearing a tin-foil bikini is enough to make me not really care.

Innovations in Stereo Sound Inside the sturdy fold-out album cover, Light provides a paragraph long explanation of each track, like this one for the Beatles' Get Back: "Things get off the ground fast with the very first notes of Bernie Leighton's funky piano solo starting on the left, and then switching to the right. Biting brass (left) and swinging saxes (right) add to the momentum of the introduction and to the tremendous degree of stereo excitement. Vinnie Bell's "fuzz" guitar announces the Beatle theme, and is goaded on hard hitting ensable "wa-wa" figures. Tenor man Bob Tricarico jumps in to lead the ensable through the rest of the chorus. A high point of musical excitement is reached as Tricarico wails against a background of sharp ensable figures".

With eleven other equally dynamic tracks split between Beatles, Bacharach and Bach, this is one record that's sure to please the spaced-out crowd at your next party.

Enoch Light Presents Spaced Out
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Petite Paulette (MP3) Light pulls out all the stops on his Moog synthesizer for this incredible Bach rendition.
Get Back (MP3) You'll love the "tremendous degree of stereo excitement" they created by ping-ponging the audio between the left and right channels.
A Little Fuge For You And Me (Real Audio) Adapted from Bach's Little G Minor Fuge. "There is no longer any doubt that Bach swings!"

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Bruce Leung ( says:
Hey, "A Little Fugue For You And Me" was recently sampled by the Beatnuts on their tune "No Escapin' This".

That's a pretty obscure break. Cool. (07-30-2001)

John C. Holmes ( says:
Hey, what's the matter with 70's porn? (07-12-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
How horrible! The Beatles, Bach, etc. arranged for the soundtrack to a 70s porno flick. Damn, how sad. (06-14-2001)

ole ( says:
beautiful!!! Perfect music for the perfect mod! Lets ride the vespa over to my place for a joint and a bottle of wine. (09-13-2000)

Was introduced to Enoch Light and the Light Brigade by a friend and ever since then I've been searching for anything released on CD. Did manage to find the 2 Percussion things. Never heard the Spaced out Album but I'll bet if it's anything like his other stuff, it's terrific! I just don't understand why no company has thought to release Enoch Light's stuff on CD and any one who has never heard the incredible sound reproduction is in for a treat. I would also like to know whatever happened to Pianist Lee Evans who did several albums of Light. In my book he was one helluva pianist!!! (03-10-2000)

Eric ( says:
Would you believe I have some Enoch Light albums? Nothing as wonderfully scintillating as this, but some pretty awful stuff. Lemme know if you want a list. (11-15-1999)

Austin Powers says:
Yeah, Baby!! This record swings! Too bad this is a vinyl copy & not an 8-Track, I'd like to crank this up in my Jag, baby! (07-12-1999)

LC-Ludwiig ( says:
Enoch Light was lucky to have such a nice girl in his band. What does she play? The tuba? (04-21-1999)

esquivel says:
a little trivia: the record company made him change his name to enoch from his birth name, which was "eunuch"..not sure whether this name was in fact accurate, maybe one his groupies can fill us all in. (03-25-1999)

Chad Fox ( says:
Just to let Enoch fans know...I scored BIG TIME at Amoeba Records on Haight Street in San Francisco. There I found over 25 Enoch Light records, from Grand Award to Command to Phase Four. I totally peed my pants when I saw that not one of them was priced over $2.95 US. Then I took them home, stuck 'em on the turntable, and peed again! "Discotheque" is my favorite! Twisted! Anyone interested in tapes of the records, just send me an e-mail! Chad (12-02-1998)

Buck Calhoun ( says:
Buck Calhoun approves.. yes... yes... (11-23-1998)

madame loungecore ( says:
floating in space in my fluffy bikini, sputnik to sputnik, I'm losing my mind, pick me up spaceboy (if you're feeling bold), I'm half undressed and feeling the cold! (10-02-1998)

cornfed ( says:
enoch light rules, listen to blues in the night and you'll never go back! (07-13-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
Screw the album! Who is that chick on the cover? I would love to wrap her potatoes with my aluminum foil!!! Back off Dan Quayle, she's mine!!! Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me. (03-22-1998)

Leonardo Albaran says:
Liam Galagher should listen to this !!!! (03-05-1998)

Ted from TOSA ( says:
Enoch Light's music would really sound great on CD's. Phase Four Records I believe was the record company that produced them. (03-01-1998)

Brian Linds (JWOOD@finearts.UVIC.CA) says:
I play Enoch Light's version of Bond Street on during my cheesy Burt Bachumentary on The Midnight Midway Sunday Nov. 30from Midnight until 4:00 A.M. on CBC Radio 2 in Canada. You can get it on real audio I believe. Listen Sat from Midnight until 5:00 A.M.for the weirdest, wildest and most wacked out records ever made!!! (11-26-1997)

Gus Reusens Jr ( says:
Hi you guys! I've been living in Europe for over 20 years now and my Enoch Light collection was stolen together with my car upon arrival. My favorites were the real percussion oldies which I'd like to replace. Here in Spain they haven't heard about the Light Brigade... Can I get in CD by mail fron the US? What about a complete catalog? TNX (08-07-1997)

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