Donny & Marie

The brother and sister team from Utah singing songs made famous by their television show.

As off-the-wall as some of the exhibits in Frank's Vinyl Museum get, sometimes you can't beat the classics. Here's Donny and Marie Osmond, singing the songs that made Utah famous!

Donny & Marie
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I'm a little bit country... (MP3) She's a little bit country, he's a little bit Rock n' Roll... what more could you ask for?

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Your Comments:

Lori Cheever says:
I have been a fan of Donny and Marie since I was little. I have this record and used to listen to it. A great album and I have always thought both of them are very talent. I was even one of those fans who was on Donny's fan club.
I have collected dolls for a long time. I started collecting Marie Osmond dolls 11 years now. She has a warm personality and so does Donny so who would not think they are not special?:) (09-26-2010)

rustycat says:
Wow, more 70s memories. I loved this show when I was 10, and lusting in my heart after Marie, especially when they sang "Little Bit Country/Little Bit Rock n' Roll." :) (02-04-2010)

Javier Aponte-Parsi ( says:
I really loved the Donny & Marie Show. Their music brings me so good memories of my teenage years! I wish them many blessings from the Lord and look forward to see them again in TV. (Their new talk show is not seen here in Puerto Rico). I just got the double CD Winning Combination/Goin'Coconuts, a reissue of their albums from the late 70's. Goin' Coconuts was my favorite. I had it in the 8-track format and was hoping someday it would be reissued in CD. Thanks God the people at UK did. And thank God for Internet that made it easier to get it. (01-27-2010)

The Old Sea Dog says:
D. + M. are fame hungry whores who will do anything to get into the spotlight. when M. was on DWTS she pulled out all her tricks and gimmicks to stay on the show, in the end she was dumped !. D. is a repeat of M., tricks and gimmicks and no real class or dancing !.

I wish they would both go back to utah and drop off the media radar forever !. (11-18-2009)

Angie Wynne says:
I often wondered what kind of strange people are still fans of Donny & Marie. After reading the posts in this forum, it's obvious their fans consist of mentally challenged individuals.
They cannot spell or construct sentences.
They post messages to Donny and Marie on here, when it's obviously not an official fan site.
Never on the internet have I read so many freaks posting messages on one site.
At least that answers my question regarding what type of person would still be die-hard fans of these two. (08-27-2009)

Angel C says:
dude, i cant stand seeing their pictures at the flamingo in vegas. they look dumb as hell! (06-15-2009)

Phillip Hoffmaster ( says:
Question for Donnie , Marie Osmond
From a concerned father of a 10 yr old little girl that likes music,special needs child ,autistic,4 yrs in remission through out her whole body b-cell lithomia cancer ,has over the years been operated on because of the cancer and still getting operations.She had used up her first insurance and I luckly found a insurance company that iam paying for now , but why Iam writing to you is I had thought of an idea where what if there was a real big concert and all the money went to a non profit foundation of which is not set up yet. But this foundation could set up and pay for the sick kids insurance, copays, medical supplies, medicines and the kids that do not have insurance that are having medical issues like my daughter , then the parents would not have to worry about the money then they could put more support towards there kids.

I recently saw Stevey Wonder in person in arl. Va and he told me that he would try to help as much as he could . His manager took my phone numbers just waiting for them to call me back.

So if Donnie , marie and there whole family thinks they would be willing to help me help many special needs kids out there , this could be a real big help for many kids.

sincerly Phillip (06-05-2009)

allisonchapin ( says:
to maria
i really glad i got a chance to meet you in person. i still am a big fan. i hope we bump into each other soon. tell donny to call him yah babe
for me. i want to wish you a happy mother day to you .your fan allison chapin (05-06-2009)

lidia ( says:
i love donnie and marie they are my idol's and i really love there singing they have such great voice's and i wouldn't mind meeting them both and talking to them oh and also talking picture's with them. love ya donnie and marie. (02-05-2009)

sally ( says:
I really need the sheet music for Im a Little Bit Country. can anyone tell me where I can get it?
thanks (11-18-2008)

Vinyl Fan says:
" All these post from fans... that's insane! I think they missed the point of this website :o)"

I think what's happening is people are Googling a particular artist and this site comes up in the results. So they post without understanding what this site is all about. (10-09-2008)

Tee Hee Hee says:
I have this album and when I was a teenager, My friends used to ridicule Me for having it,
C'mon Marianne is actually a pretty good song.
Marie was smokin' hot. (09-19-2008)

YellowFromBelgium says:
All these post from fans... that's insane! I think they missed the point of this website :o) (09-14-2008)

haywood jablomy says:
Why do people post here thinking that it's an official site for the artists and think they are writing directly to said artist(s)? Why?? (07-17-2008)

Bich Lien Tran (bich says:
hi Marie, I'm your fan of your show Last Tuesday Night you and Donny was so awesome duet one thng I was calling your name to choose me.

I was sitting in front to see you and then you called the Chinese guy his name is mr Geok that a Chinese name Marie I like you and the I love it is "Paper Roses" it was so cool.

I love it so much I have to go now to help cook some Dinner ok and Please come back I will waiting for you to choose me again when is your show and your Concert (06-22-2008)

Sharon Newsom ( says:
Hi Donny & Marie Iam Big Fan I Used To Watch Your.
And Marie On TV In The 70 I Would Like To Know If?
You And Marie Will Be Back On TV Aging I Hope So.
Write Back Soon?
Sharon Elizabeth Nwesom (06-15-2008)

kerry ocallahjan (www, says:

carol hans ( says:
I have been a long time fan of yours for sometime and would like to be in your fan club would please email me that information so i can be in that. I was born the same year as your sister and the same month, anyways this is my email address and will be so happy to be in your fan club thanks carol (05-16-2008)

Teresa Rogers ( says:
I to grew up with the Osmonds (watching them on tv) and of course I was madly in love with Donny. I will be 52 this year and he still looks handsome. And Marie is still beautiful! I love her dolls, just cant afford to buy one. I understand that you are going to have a signing of your 50th anniversary in Fort Union this Saturday. Will you be having any in the Provo or Utha county area?? Please let me know. Thanks, Teresa (04-10-2008)

Jimmy says:
Here's a nice photo of Marie's ass after she passed out on that dance show. (She's o.k. now.)


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