Donny & Marie

The brother and sister team from Utah singing songs made famous by their television show.

As off-the-wall as some of the exhibits in Frank's Vinyl Museum get, sometimes you can't beat the classics. Here's Donny and Marie Osmond, singing the songs that made Utah famous!

Donny & Marie
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I'm a little bit country... (MP3) She's a little bit country, he's a little bit Rock n' Roll... what more could you ask for?

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Your Comments:

jamie asher ( says:
donny,s good at it (11-25-2002)

The REAL Charlene Kelly says:
This person forging my name is now known to his local law enforcment where I just pressed charges on him. (11-03-2002)

Mallory says:
Donny and Marie are the NICEST people you guys have NO idea what the heck you're talking about your just jealous so BACK-OFF!!!! (11-02-2002)

Mojo says:
Can someone please tell me what exactly Donny and Marie Osmand have done to make them so infamous... thank you (10-31-2002)

charlene ( says:
i hope no one likes donny anymore after what he did to me please everyone do not like donny ever again and email me and tell me about it and i will be happy i cried so much after what donny did to me he said my dog duncan and my grandma with a wooden leg both died and he hacked my an aol account he was very mean and i not apprecite it ok
i hope you are an listening donny osmond you jerk (10-31-2002)

charlene ( says:
look donny i do not want to be an mormon i do not want the book ok im a happy christain baptist ok so halleloulya (10-31-2002)

charlene ( says:
happy holoween to everyone but donny he is that pumkin they call a jack-o-ass (10-31-2002)

charlene ( says:
my moma never told me to say this but im going crazy and i wll say it to you donny ok fuck you bitch ok i hope i do not go to an hell for this but you deserved it bitch (10-31-2002)

charlene ( says:
donny im not an fan of yours anymore after what you did to me and shawn

im 38 and i cry after what you did ok (10-31-2002)

charlene ( says:
please do not ask for my password donny ever again (10-31-2002)

charlene kelley ( says:
donny i hate you
why did you hack me???? (10-31-2002)

. says:
Damn it Christopher! I told your mother and grandmother not to tell you! Whoa!!

Nice that they can remove their teeth however. (10-26-2002)

Christopher Trott says:
They sucked back then, and the STILL suck!! whoa.. (10-22-2002)

, says:
james, that's what you call thinking? i wouldn't bet on it. her shit has more class than you do. (10-20-2002)

James Adkins says:
I think that if I asked Marie to go out, she would put out, that little slut couldn't resist doing me, little fucking skank (10-16-2002)

jay says:

I think that marie is a sexy woman and a very nice person, i have had a crush on her since i was 17, we are the same age now and i still think that she is a very special woman. (10-01-2002)

= says:
o_O is not an 11 year old child, but an extremely disturbed adult male that was raped by his father his whole life and cannot have a normal life with a woman, or anyone because he is deranged, immature, and homosexual. (09-28-2002)

your daddy says:
do do do ddo do do do do the hustle do do do do do do do do the hustle (09-27-2002)

o_O says:
You all are a bunch of really fucked up ppl you know that.look im 11 i love porn and pussy and lemme say you ppl be fuck all the dam way up i donno y im rightin this shit oh ya im high right now high high so high flotein tho the sky hahaha
you all need some weed and pack of zigzags or somethen oh shit dude you gotta see this shit right here nuttin better than free pussy cluk cluk yall peace and good times mother fuckers...out (09-27-2002)

Anonimous says:
I think Donny and Marie Osmond are really groovy and am ouutraged by the evil criticism against them. Freedom of speech is fine but to use this foul language and offensive statement like this is just an act of evil. Those involved like this should be ashamed of themselves - forgetting that kids can come here. This has a picture and some music - there is no reason why kids can't come here. If the law was in my hands all those who indesently hurt innocent people like this would receive atleast 100 beats with a baseball bat - it seems to me the only way to discipline evil people is with a taste of their own medicine - violence.

I only called myself anynomous fearing neo (satan) and other devils here might try to trace who I am. (09-26-2002)

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