Donny & Marie

The brother and sister team from Utah singing songs made famous by their television show.

As off-the-wall as some of the exhibits in Frank's Vinyl Museum get, sometimes you can't beat the classics. Here's Donny and Marie Osmond, singing the songs that made Utah famous!

Donny & Marie
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I'm a little bit country... (MP3) She's a little bit country, he's a little bit Rock n' Roll... what more could you ask for?

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Trisha ( says:
Marie is very pretty....Why does she always wear men's clothes? Doesn't she have any dresses or skirts? (12-03-1999)

shayes ( says:
I have always been a fan of Donny and Marie. I think they are super people. The whole family are super. They stand on the word of God! I admire them greatly for this. They don't faulter in their faith and stand up for what is right. They have high moral standards and love their families. That is what counts not what someone else thinks about them. As long as they do what is right and stand on that firm foundation of Chirst, they can never go wrong. That is why they have prospered throughout life. They have had their up and downs but God didn't say it would be a bed of roses. Thoughout all their lives they have rememberd this. They will always be rich in Christ. (12-01-1999)

GFoster says:
Some of the crude comments I've been reading here is disgusting. I hope that both Donny & Marie will know that we appreciate their talents and we are so pleased to have the opportunity to see them on TV again. Their show is quality entertainment. They have both shared their personal struggles and many people have been helped by their candidness. They are not afraid to show their faith, and their lives reflect that faith working for them. We are glad Donnie and Marie that you have chosen to be open about your strengths and your weakness's..the individual roads you each took to take charge of your own lives has given us another example to learn from. You both have wonderful gifts, thank you for sharing them with us. Continue to stay focused on the spiritual in your lives...It is reflected in your kindness and love for others. We have all been the benefactors of your gifts...Thank you (11-25-1999)

Bob Trost ( says:
We were wonderring how we could get a recipe off the 11/24/99 show could you please E-Mail it to us thank you by! (11-25-1999)

Michelle LeRoux says:
Doe's anyone know were my hairspray is I lost it and now my hairs an affro ( AGAIN) (11-15-1999)

emma Hawkins (foxychickadee@hotmail) says:
i didn't write that stuff about Donny I don't even know who he is . A stupid person at school wrote it down yeah ,so i didn't write that I wanted to put his thingy down my throat it's just lies (11-15-1999)

Duane from New Zealand says:
We love Donny and Marie over here, they are so talented .I wish they would come to New Zealand (11-15-1999)

emma hawkins (foxychickadee@hotmail) says:
I wanna ride Donnys big fat juicy cock and shove it down my throat he's so yummy (11-15-1999)

Angela ( says:
I'v been a long time fan of Donny & Marie. I do remember their show from the 70's although I was a kid myself I loved them so much,I even had the barbie dolls of them, in their purple costumes. I still love them today, and I'm glad there back in the spot light. I'm hopeing to fly out soon to see the show. I can't wait. (11-05-1999)

Lucy Autry ( says:
Well her birthday has come and gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks any-way.I guess you just to busy right now. Thanks for trying anyway!I was relly counting on you to cheer her up. I know iv'e been a pain. bothering you. But if it were your sister wouldn't you do the same? Sincerely Mrs.Lucy Autry/a-lil-bit (11-03-1999)

Brenda says:
Marie will appear on Oprah today, Monday, October 25. (10-25-1999)

Charles Christopher ( says:
This site keeps getting better and better. I haven't heard "I'm a little bit country" in years - the last time was in high school a few years ago when we did a rip-off of it during an assembly. Only this time, we did it as "I'm a little Bit Country - and I'm a little bit GANGSTA RAP." Yes, you can imagine the hilarity that ensued, although some people were offended....... Hopefully, they've stopped pinching that quarter between their buttcheeks by now. ANYWAY, although I'd sooner poke my eardrums out than actually listen to one of the Osmonds' albums, I'll give D&M credit for......... well, I don't know what, exactly, but they seem like decent people who are rational adults, unlike Michael Jackson or someone. As for Donny being the "sexient man on daytime TV" who's his competition??? (10-14-1999)

Torey Cloud ( says:
Hey I love Donny and Marie! I'm a convert to the LDS church and I think the show is really THE cleanest on TV. Sure, they have to push it a bit, but that's TV. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right? Well that's mine. Anyway, I think they're doing GREAT and I'm glad the two of them held out since the 70's, before I was even born(01211983)! Marie has a 16-year-old? Gosh that's only almost a year younger than me. She looks YOUNG! (10-13-1999)

Miss Blondie says:
To Donny and Marie, I really love watching your show during the day! You two are the funniest people on daytime television!! You definately out-score Regis and Kathie Lee!!!!!!! Could you do me this REALLY BIG favor?? Please say hello to all of the cool people in Hokes Bluff, Alabama. We really like your show! p.s. Donnie, your are just the sexiest man on daytime television!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!! With love, Miss Blondie! (10-13-1999)

......... says:
I love watching Donny and Marie. They are so funny. (10-01-1999)

Danielle Boling ( says:
Hi guys, (09-29-1999)

Celeste ( says:
America needs more performers like The Osmonds. Donny and Marie, we love you and thank you for staying there for us. (09-25-1999)

Tina Adrian ( says:
Donny and Marie are the better than Regis and Kathy Lee. They gave so much happiness to people in the 70's and still are . (09-25-1999)

Christy Cleghorn says:
I love Donny and Marie! I love the Osmonds so much! I will always be a fan! (09-22-1999)

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