Donny & Marie

The brother and sister team from Utah singing songs made famous by their television show.

As off-the-wall as some of the exhibits in Frank's Vinyl Museum get, sometimes you can't beat the classics. Here's Donny and Marie Osmond, singing the songs that made Utah famous!

Donny & Marie
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I'm a little bit country... (MP3) She's a little bit country, he's a little bit Rock n' Roll... what more could you ask for?

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Your Comments:

sandee ( says:
my cousin sent me this post card because I was such a Osmond brother fan. I still have all of their alblums. When I turned 40 my sisters and' brothers got me the osmond brother greatest hits cd and the donny osmond cd. Next to Mario lemieux the hockey player I think Donny Osmond is one of the sexiest men on earth. (05-22-1999)

ricky murrman says:
Oh my goodness that marie can really suck it (05-21-1999)

david hillsman says:
I remember one time I was banging marie in the ass when all of a sudden,donnys head popped up,pulled my shit covered cock out of her ass and crammed it in his mouth,I shot a gallon of sperm,then he kissed marie,what a couple of freaks. (05-20-1999)

Danny Bonaducci says:
Many years ago while we were all young child stars we all stayed at the beverly Hilton. I was excited to meet them and we even played spin the bottle. Then I got so horny I had to go back to my room and jerk off (05-20-1999)

Emily says:
I love Donny and Marie. I'm only 13 years old and I love their show, epecially Donny! He is so cute! Well, the TV show is coming on in 2 minutes so I better go watch it. I LOVE YOU DONNY!!! (05-10-1999)

Marisa P. 4-28-99 says:
I'm glad that Donny and Marie are back. I think they are fun to watch on tv, especially when they argue on the show. I hope they make another album together and that I think they should sing more on the show. Yeah for Donny and Marie!!!!! :) (04-29-1999)

Chasity Bennett says:
I like your show a lot. I do not get to watch it very often because I am a senior now. I watch it everytime I get a chance. I have met Marie twice and she she as nice in person as she is on television. Keep up the good work. Marie, you should sing some of your songs on your show. That would be so wonderful. My mom LOVES Donnie and Marie. She watched them when she was little and she still does. She has saw Donnie once, and MArie three times. She loves both of you very much. You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!! (04-28-1999)

Chester ( says:
ATTENTION!!!! This is a VINYL MUSEUM site page and not a place that exists to send messages of adulation to Donny and Marie. Sheesh, people. Do you think they actually come here & read your idiotic posts? Do you think they even give a hoot about you? Get real. And learn to use the spell check feature on your email, please. You are doing a real disservice to your idols by showing the world that their fans are a bunch o' "Hooked On Phonics" casualties. (04-26-1999)

Droopy Drawers, I hope you have been neutered because you really shouldn't breed. (03-30-1999)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
Hey folks, *NEWSFLASH* The 70's are Over!!! I repeat, The 70's are Over!!! I ask you, what the heck qualifies them to be talk show hosts? Danny Bonaduce did a better job, and look where he is now? Let Marie hawk her dolls on QVC or whatever, and let donnie do.........perhaps he can become the next spokesperson for Taco Bell! Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me. (03-25-1999)

JENN (MOM11692@AOL.COM) says:

Anna Lindquist ( says:
I watch their show every time it was on because I had the biggest crush on Donny.I thought that he was so hot and cute.He still is cute.He is the reason I love the color purple every thing in my bedroom is purple. I talked my husband into letting me paint my room purple.I just love Donny so much.I wish that he would sing again. (03-12-1999)

Brittany Wingerter ( says:
I love Donny and Marie's show. I watch it everyday. They have the funest people. Donny and Marie have so much energy. I can tell by watching their show. Donny and Marie, I hope some ay I will get to see you show live. It has all ways been a dream of mine. I also think that you guys are really good rolenodels for people. Donny and Marie, you are the best and always will be. (03-09-1999)

Brittany ( says:
I like Donny and Marie. They are very funny on their talkshow. I watch it everyday and it just gets better and beter. (03-09-1999)

Christy Cleghorn (AhCleghorn) says:
I LOVE DONNY AND MARIE! They have brought me lots of love and joy to me. I grew up with the Osmonds and have always been in love with Donny. They set a perfect role model for kids and families today. I love their songs and their family unit. Does Donny and Marie have a fan club? How can I get Osmond collectibles and Donny and Marie t-shirts? I LOVE THE OSMONDS! (03-07-1999)

Anita ( says:
I have a large collection of memorabilia for sale on Donny & Marie. All of the material is from old teen magazines. Lots of articles. color and B&w portraits and other photos and clippings.Also, have a complete magazine on the Osmonds. If interested, please E-mail me. Thank you. Anita (02-24-1999)

Richard again says:
well now that I read a few more messages I to want to have sex with marie... yeah I think I'd do it in the missonary postion for the first time, you know be able to look into those beautiful eyes of hers... but after that I think I'd have to flip her over... get a life..... (.)(.) people that make smily faces bite.... (02-23-1999)

Richard Cranium ( says:
Shouty Shouty............. ATTN: "JUSTICE" what the hell are you queer? does Donny make your dick hard what the hell is wrong with you... I mean go run up against a nice firm wall. And props to chick willis, do you have to pay child support or what? You gotta love that Howard stern show... and give me more of Jerry springer, yeah yeeeah yeaaah yeah.... chow. (02-23-1999)

Chick Willis says:
Back in '72 me and Donny were havin' a three way with Marie when...she turned into that ho from the Exorcist. I had to lay the smack down on her ass. By god did I enjoy that. I taught her ass to stoop like Donny never could. (02-20-1999)

ummmmmmm says:
Just an FYI to all you asking Donny and Marie Questions??? You do realize this is just a posting board and they DONT read this......Try the Donny and Marie Show site if you want a resonse. By the way Marie is Pregnant with here 7th I believe (02-17-1999)

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