Donny & Marie

The brother and sister team from Utah singing songs made famous by their television show.

As off-the-wall as some of the exhibits in Frank's Vinyl Museum get, sometimes you can't beat the classics. Here's Donny and Marie Osmond, singing the songs that made Utah famous!

Donny & Marie
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I'm a little bit country... (MP3) She's a little bit country, he's a little bit Rock n' Roll... what more could you ask for?

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Chessica ( says:
I just wanted to say how great it is to have Donny and Marie back again! I grew up watching them and they always entertained me! Keep up the good work! You have been a wonderful example to many people and children out there! (02-09-1999)

Justice says:
Hey! I would just like to say that I have read some negative posts about Donny and I think you people should come to your senses. Donny is NOT a swell-headed jerk in anyway. He is a nice, caring, funny, energetic, handsome, talent guy. I think maybe you're jealous. If he looks like,"Oh my God get me out of here in a picture", don't be so rough about it. Either he posed like that as a joke and it went over your head or he had a bad day. He IS a human you know. He's a father of five great boys, and devotes as much time as he can to his family. How can you see him doing that and call him a jerk? I don't get it. Jerks are cruel, mean hearted, impatient, concided people. Donny is none of the above. How many of you go to charitable events or fund raisers on a regular basis and raise thousands of dollars? Or help young,sick/dying children by giving time and money? Or cooking and giving money to the homeless? Donny has done all of those, and that's just to name a few. Jerks are people like Howard Stern.(No offense if you like him.)So next time think twice about insulting a man who's probably closer to God/perfect than many of us are.(No offense meant to anyone, but I was just ticked off. Let me lend a hint to my Osmond friends in my closing this entry.) Think Donny, Justice :o) (02-07-1999)

Carla says:
I met Donny Osmond and he was really a jerk. There's a picture of me with him and he's got this look on his face like, "God, give me a break!" (02-06-1999)

Margaret Arsenault ( says:
I just wanted to say that its great too have you two on the air again and yu both look good my fav show so far was when Marie wanting choclate and sharing it If i have choc cravings I usually dont share.Is it possible to get an autograph pic of you two I will pay for it its something I have always wanted? and Donny we are the same age getting older arent we .Marie cong on your prednancy excuse spelling thanks for listening margaret arsenault (02-06-1999)

linda ( says:
hello i have been a fan of donny & marie i have watched them for 25 years and they still are the two performers around!!!!! how many childen does marie have?????? we love you/and your talk show. (02-03-1999)

Connie ( says:
It's great to see yo both on tv. Your show is great. I saw you in concert a few times & nearly thought I would die actually being in the same room with Donny. I have always been an osmond fan & I always will be. How many children do each of you have? Do you live in california or utah? Keep up the good work yo show is a big success. (02-02-1999)

Connie ( says:
Please excuse my mistakes in my previous message. If you can please e-mail me back. Thanks. (02-02-1999)

cool paul says:
this web is great. marie is a great sincere person. i liked her on mark and brian on klos in la and affliates throught the western states radio programs. donny however, has always presented himself as a spoiled harvard kid so full of himself. maybe if called himself don and not something his mother calls him. (01-26-1999)

just wondering says:
opps..sorry didnt mean to post that 2X (01-24-1999)

just wondering says:
Ok, I have a Q? Any LDS that may have the answer to this.....Wasnt Marie and her currant husband sealed in the Temple??? If so were are her Temple Garments..Or is it ok to Not follow the Church standards if you are famous?? (i.e. sexually inuendos and cleavage?) (01-24-1999)

Lavinia Michael ( says:
Imagine my surprise when I switched on the tv and saw the face of the man I was in love with when I was about 3 and the women I pretended to be while singing "I'm a little bit country"! Hi! My name is Lavinia and I'm an International student from Malaysia who is currenty studing in Bemidji, Minnesota. Just thought I'd let you know that yup!! even in South East Asia little girls pretended to be Marie and hoped to marry Donny! It is good to see you both back on! And thank you for giving me a good memory of my childhood. Keep the good work up and God Bless you both! (01-13-1999)

James and Rebecca says:
Donny and Marie: Your television program is the BEST! It's about time a talk show is entertaining, fun to watch, and CLEAN! Please ignore all the negative comments. Just remember: Jesus was mocked, scourned, beat, and crucified; but He loved us so much that He died for all of us. I'm sure He endured more than any of us will ever know. So, keep smiling, keep up the good work, and keep filming the best talk show on TV. James and Rebecca Chattanooga, TN (01-11-1999)

Marilu ( says:
Hi, i am 16 and i love your show, whenever i am able to watch it. Marie i also heard you have a 16 year old son. I would like to be able to talk to him sometime. I am LDS also. You guys are the best. Please e-mail me back. (01-08-1999)

RManess ( says:
I've been off work for 19 months due to an on the job injury and I want you to know I really enjoy your show I enjoy the clean and honest interviews, and the top quality guests. there is one burning question that I wish you would address; what happened to the fight Donny had with Danny of the PARTRIDGES? Please respond, and keep up the good work! (01-05-1999)

Erin says:
You guys rock! I love your show!!!!!1 (01-04-1999)

christina j. ( says:
I wish I could afford one of Marie's Dolls but I can't. Does she ever do any physically challenged dolls? Like a little girl or boy in a wheelchair? My mother said she found such a doll for my niece for christmas but it wasn't one of Marie's. I think it would be a grand idea though since she has the talent.Especially since I'm physically challenged myself. (01-01-1999)

CHRISTINA J. ( says:
RE:Howard Posner's appearance. I was just as amazed as Donny by the card trick. I couldn't have followed that if it was done in slo-mo! (01-01-1999)

Gloria ( says:
I watched the show on Dec. 25, 1998, and wanted to purchas several of the rings Frank spoke of on the show. Can anyone help? The rings were called the "ETTE" rings, which stands for "Endure-to-the-End" Please help and send the information to my email address. Thank for your help, and happy holidays to all who read this message. (12-29-1998)

patty from tomsriver/no.arling ( says:
I have been an Osmond fan since I can remember and I feel its about time they were given their own show. My question, How do you get tickets. PS I just purchased at at doll show, the donny and marie doll. (12-27-1998)

Anna ( says:
I was somewhat skeptical about Donny and Marie doing a talk show, but they've pulled it off and it's actually quite fun. Way to go, guys! (12-27-1998)

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