Donny & Marie

The brother and sister team from Utah singing songs made famous by their television show.

As off-the-wall as some of the exhibits in Frank's Vinyl Museum get, sometimes you can't beat the classics. Here's Donny and Marie Osmond, singing the songs that made Utah famous!

Donny & Marie
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I'm a little bit country... (MP3) She's a little bit country, he's a little bit Rock n' Roll... what more could you ask for?

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Sir Droopy Drawers says:
As I am writing this, we are bombing the hell out of Iraq. Speaking of bombs, it was reported that the Donny & Marie show renewed their contract for next year. I ask you, which is worse, Donny & Marie, Kathie Lee Gifford, or Saddam Hussein? The winner is................ (12-17-1998)

Ed Head says:
Although I've spent the last few years as a big fan of Huey Lewis and Hootie, I can freely admit no one can move me like Donny and Marie. They are the best. All you negative noodles can just go away. D&M 4 ever! (12-17-1998)

cheryl says:

Rebecca ( says:
I am looking to sell my dolls of DONNIE & MARIE. They are in good shape if anyone would like to have them PLEASE contact me with a price !!!!!! (11-30-1998)

Pam Hillman ( says:
Looking to buy the Donny & Marie Dolls from the 1970"s. My daughter is a very special fan of Donny & Marie, she had the original set of dolls when she was young, but a friend (ha ha) stole Marie. I would love to be able to replace her as a surprise for Christmas. If you have Marie or the set please e-mail me the condition and the price. Thanks Pam Hillman (11-30-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
Feeling much better now, Thanks. Hey Folks, with Thanksgiving just around the bend, why not watch a "Turkey" of a show. The "New" Donnie & Marie show will make you wish that you were "roadkill" along the side of the road. It makes one just want to "flip" em the "bird". I must go now, the colors are really starting to get intense!!!! (11-12-1998)

Mick Fulton ( says:
I always loved Marie and after seeing their talk- show, now I also like Donnie. (11-11-1998)

Titus Groan ( says:
What's with that creepy hand holding a dirt clod and the word "KOLOB"? It's on every Osmond album! Is this some kind of secret Mormon code??? (11-07-1998)

kimberlee Oom-Sprinkel ( says:
oh man thank goodness, you're back to the show and i love it. It been a real long time not seeing your face. Last time, seeing you is in michigan at the wyoming rodeo place and also at the mormon church in may on mother day. Saw the whole family except the oldest deaf brothers. my husband and I are both deaf and a member of mormon chruch. We are concern if there any way of favorite to have Donny and if Marie could also do it for sing a song " Soldier of love" with an interpreter signing next to you. We sure miss all of you from all this past shows and now this is pretty different and it more fun to watch the way Donny and Marie actions. We been watch a show daily even my husband had to recording for me while I am at work. We try to understand what you all were saying and my concern if there can be a closed caption available. Thanks for coming back and keep it up. (11-07-1998)

DUANE J says:
I love your show I watched the one you had every week Now I watch every day I tape it so Ican watch it after work I notice a little bit of the Tonight show in some of your of your openings which is good because I watch that show too I want to thank you for great entertainment (11-05-1998)

vaughnie says:
It is nice to see that I'm not the only Donny and Marie fan. I have watched them as long as I can remember and was excited to hear about the new show. I go around to flea markets looking for records or 8 track tapes. I thought that I was the only person who goes into a store and orders the CDs. I have always said that my one true dream was to meet Donny in person. I had the opportunity to meet Marie at our local Sam's club. I am so glad that I stayed a believer all these years. (11-05-1998)

Jen ( says:
I know, everybody has said it so often it's not original, but I am so glad to see Donny and Marie back on the tube! I was a fan as a kid, my whole family would sit and watch the show every week. At school, all the jokes and snide comments about the show came mainly from "closet fans" of the show who wanted to be "cool" by joining in the general noise about how corny it was. It was funny, in a way. Donny and Marie were Pop Icons in my early years, and they earned that status because they were flat out good! The show was good, the music was good, & the sibling rivalry was electric at times but never nasty. Their show exposed a lot of us to music we otherwise might never have heard. For me it was country. My dad listened to a local country music station that was all twang and "my dog was killed, my wife left me, so now I'm an alcoholic," and neither my brothers and sisters or myself could stand to listen to it. Marie's country moments showed a new side of country that I actually liked! I was astounded! Their new talk show is great! It steps outside the bounds of the traditional talk show format of "relaxed formality" and brings a real feeling of fun, friendship and family. Donnie and Marie's attitude on the show is contagious, they are so good together! If there was ever any truth to the tabloid rumors of their mutual antipathy during all these years since the old Donnie and Marie Show ended, there is no evidence of it on this show. I'm glad to see them on the air again, they both deserve it and so do we (the world of Donnie and Marie fans, past, future, and present). I've seen the Osmond Show in Branson. It is fantastic, easily one of the best shows in that town. I must confess I thought it would be really "sad" and corny and I didn't want to go; I went anyway and it was great! The only thing it lacked was Donny and Marie. I wish the new Donnie and Marie Show were played again at night, maybe right before the evening news or after the 10:00 news, that way I could watch more often. Hopefully, this will happen. Y'all are great! Keep up the good stuff! -Jen (11-05-1998)

Merianne ( says:
I was home sick last week and "discovered" your show. It is awsome! I love seeing a good show that you don't have to be embarrassed to be caught watching! I will have to learn how to program my vcr so I can record you daily! I would love to see some purple socks, Donny! (11-03-1998)

Janet Williams says:
I have been a fan of the entire Osmond family since I went to my first concert in 1971, when they appeared here in Denver. I had such a crush on Donny. I had his posters as wallpaper in my room. I knew all the words to all his songs and was madly in love. I am so happy to see him and Marie on TV again. I used to record Days of Our Lives, but since it is on the same time as Donny and Marie's talk show, I now record their show. I even got my husband watching it, where before when I watched Days, he would find something else to do. I would like to know where I could get tickets to the Donny and Marie show. I love you guys, keep up the good work, but please, please, sing more. Iabout died, when Donny serenaded the one guest with Puppy Love. More of that, please. (11-03-1998)

Casey says:
Marie is cool. But Donnie SUCKS! Yes,if your thinking that I'm a Rosie O'Donnell fan,you are correct. I think what he said about Rosie was, nasty,rude,crule,ect. There was no point of saying that. She had been a fan of his for years, and what does he do? He for no reason, INSULTS her.So now you know what I think about Donny. Sincerly,Casey (11-01-1998)

Kathy S. ( says:
Welcome home, Donny and Marie! To my home, anyway! I was 4 or 5, when I heard "Go Away Little Girl" for the first time. I fell in love! Then Donny got married when I was a young teen, and my heart broke! Then the Donny and Marie show came on and you were so amazingly wonderful! Marie's sense of humour and beautiful, pure voice went so well with her brother's. I saw Joseph, and it was great! I applaud you for having a wonderful new talk show with a twist, an entertaing, fun, enjoyable show. I still love when you both sing! As for the letters of hatred and put-downs, ignore them. You are travelling down the right path, and many are following. Only people with low self esteem make fun of other people. Only people who can't achieve things in their own lives attack others. These people should be pitied, and prayed for, so that they can find something of their own to work on, especially their own problems. Not that you needed to hear this from me, I know you know! Keep smiling, your teeth are gorgeous and the smiles reach your eyes as well. Continue to spread the love, laughter, and excitement that you always have. God Bless, Love, Kathy. (11-01-1998)

merry cox says:
I would like to find an address where my niece could order some Donny and Marie recordings and also find out if there is an active Donny and Marie Fan Club? I would appreciate a reply. Thank you (10-31-1998)

Leni P. says:
I love watching Donny & Marie. They are so much fun to watch. They are so confident when they are singing or when they are participating in promoting products; but when it comes to interviewing their guest, they sometimes look uncomfortable. I would enjoy it more if the conversations flowed more naturally. (10-29-1998)

Karen ( says:
I wore my tape recorder out taping the Donny and Marie Show in the 70's. I was such a fan. I sitll have many of their albums. Unfortunately, I threw away all of my magazines (Tiger Beat, Teen Beat, etc.) and posters. I am happy about their new show. It should be very good after they have had time to get comfortable in their new roles as talk show hosts; they seem a little awkward at times, especially Donny. I'm sure they'll rise to the challenge though, as always. Good Luck D&M. and Donny, don't feel guilty about that remark to Rosie; she gets a lot of her laughs by poking fun at all sorts of people. If you can't stand the heat... (10-28-1998)

Emily ( says:
Dear Donny and Marie, Hi I'm thirteen years old and I love your show.I like it because it is one show I know I can watch without having to worry if the next word they say will be about something bad.You can't find many shows like that anymore.By the way are you going to have any of your brothers or any of your family on the show?And also could you please sing together more often?I love it when you two sing together. You both have great voices! (10-27-1998)

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