Donny & Marie

The brother and sister team from Utah singing songs made famous by their television show.

As off-the-wall as some of the exhibits in Frank's Vinyl Museum get, sometimes you can't beat the classics. Here's Donny and Marie Osmond, singing the songs that made Utah famous!

Donny & Marie
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I'm a little bit country... (MP3) She's a little bit country, he's a little bit Rock n' Roll... what more could you ask for?

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Regina Arul ( says:
I'm a huge fan of Donny & Marie...grew up with their songs,their upset when I couldn't see them in person when they came to Singapore.It's been 22yrs now & I'm still a great fan.I'm wondering if they have recordings of the Donny & Marie show on videotape/vcd..I'd like very much to purchase them..thanks,Gina (12-30-1997)

Johnny `Imaikalani Pastor ( says:
I grew up watching them. My sister and I used to put on "Donny and Marie" shows in our backyard for the neighborhood kids. I used to run home form elementary school to watch them on TV. I enjoyed watching them on "Rosie." I even have Donny's recording of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." I cannot wait for their new show. Does anyone have info on Donny and Marie websites. Please e-mail me with the url's. Till Then....Make tomorrow a perfect day. May you find love and laughter along the way. May god keep you in his tender. Till he brings us together again..godd night everybody" and ALOHA FROM HAWAII! P.S. Is there a Donny and Marie Fan Club? (12-28-1997)

Allie ( says:
I have looked high and low thru the years for I have been looking high and low for anything relating to the Donny and Marie shows!!! I am so excited to have found this page. If I hadn't got this computer, I would still be in the dark!!! I think the DONNY AND MARIE show should at the very least be re-run on TV Land or some kind of network!! It was funny and a great show for kids of all ages. I never missed it, and if it had stayed on the tube I would be faithful to this day!! (12-28-1997)

Lorraine ( says:
I think Donny and Marie should do a reunion album or show or something. They're awesome. (12-23-1997)

D.T. says:
How fun! You all are really into this, huh? I was a big Donny fan- years ago! It's fun to remenice..."here in my deep purple dream"! (12-17-1997)

Matt Osmond ( says:
Not only do I own a vintage copy of this record, but I am a part of the family (one of the 49, almost 50, grandkids. It's about time donny and Marie get the respect they deserve!!! (12-12-1997)

Gil says:
Wow...a REAL blast from the past. Does anyone remember the skit on ths show wit Donny and Marie when they were old, and they had "She's a little bit cranky...and he's a little bit rusty and old..."? I think I have an old cassette recording of that I thought it was so funny! (12-10-1997)

David Becker ( says:
I fell "in love" with Marie when I was ten years old. She is more beautiful today than my wife collects her dolls with me! Can't wait for the new show...hate that i can't get to NYC to catch her in The King & I when she opens in December! (12-02-1997)

Trish Murphy says:
I have loved the Osmonds ever since an early age. I have all of their records. My favourite is Donny, he is sooo gorgeous. (11-29-1997)

Kristine McIntyre ( says:
would like trade audio and video tapes on Donny and Marie and the other Osmonds -have lots of shows from the early 70's to now - interested in donny interveiws related to Joseph and his Christmas CD release interested in anything on Marie doing Sound of Music and the King and I - also interested in news clippings on D&M and other Osmonds (11-22-1997)

Aimee ( says:
I have The Donny and marie Dolls, But in very great shape, original clothes, purple socks and all!!!! I would like to sell them if interested please reply ASAP!!! Sincerely, Aimee (11-19-1997)

Daniel Selby ( says:
I, too, love Donny & Marie. I have a web site dedicated to them and my collection of D & M toys made on them in the late 1970's. Please visit and sign the guestbook! Thanks! ~Daniel (11-17-1997)

Polly Weifenbach ( says:
This will be a big year coming up for D&M! Donny has his new album, and he and Marie are teaming up once more for a television talk/variety show produced by Dick Clark! I for one can't wait to see the two together again! (11-15-1997)

Trina Sondy ( says:
I have been a fan of the entire Osmond family for over 25 years. I couldn't wait for the Donny and Marie Show to get on every week. My room was covered with posters, pictures, everything. I saw Joseph in Chicago and finally got to meet Donny after I jumped on the hood of his car because his driver was leaving. I wanted an autograph so bad after all these years. I put my hand in the car and told him I have waited 25 years for an autograph will he please sign this for me. You know what he said in that special voice of his? Anything for you and than he smiled. The Osmonds will always be in my heart and on my record player. (11-04-1997)

Thomas Norton ( says:
.....G'nite ever'body! (10-25-1997)

Thomas Norton ( says:
does anyone have a Midi .wav avail of the closing know the one, "May tomorrow, be a....." Send it to me if you will. Just don't forget the "." after "norton" in my addy. Thank you so much. (10-25-1997)

carolyn campbell ( says:
I love donny osmond alot he great and I have been his fan for 20 years and I love all the osmonds love carolyn (10-17-1997)


dave g says:
Superb entertainment.An all time classic surely. (10-09-1997)

Peter says:
Hope the new Donny and Marie show makes its way to Canada! I'm also looking forward for the video collection set of the 70's show! D & M fan ! (09-26-1997)

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