Donny & Marie

The brother and sister team from Utah singing songs made famous by their television show.

As off-the-wall as some of the exhibits in Frank's Vinyl Museum get, sometimes you can't beat the classics. Here's Donny and Marie Osmond, singing the songs that made Utah famous!

Donny & Marie
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I'm a little bit country... (MP3) She's a little bit country, he's a little bit Rock n' Roll... what more could you ask for?

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Your Comments:

Peanut Head (peehed@yahoo.whatever) says:
yeah, Richard, or can I call ya DIK for short?

Press da "Post Comments!" ONCE so ya don't look so fukkin' stoopid ta the rest of us!

Oh yeah...Donna & Mary OSMINDT say hello.

Jimmy OSMUNDT says ta get stuffed!!!

By Mommy is calling me...I have ta go..bye... (05-01-2004)

Peanut Head (peehed@yahoo.whatever) says:
Hullo? dis is Richard Ryan...any messages fer me? (05-01-2004)

Peanut Head (peehed@yahoo.whatever) says:
Richard Ryan? (05-01-2004)

Peanut Head (peehed@yahoo.whatever) says:
Richard Ryan? (05-01-2004)

HI DONNY AND MAIRE (04-28-2004)

HI DONNY AND MAIRE (04-28-2004)

HI DONNY AND MAIRE (04-28-2004)

; says:
bec, you are so refined. You have certainly impressed us all. I am sure that Donny & Marie really care what you think or do. (04-26-2004)

Tod says:
I think Donny is the hottest guy in white pants!
Tod (04-20-2004)

bec says:
they are a pair of flakes. euurgggggh. pass the bucket. cult people. i s*h*i*t* a ton when i see or hear them. (04-16-2004)

Dr. L.S. Dea says:
I saw 'em open fer the Sax Pistols in 77! (04-03-2004)

Peanut Head ( says:
Thanks for the info, Casey.

I'll be sure to look up yer stuff next time I'm in da record store under "Midi - SHIT"

Avery, yer only 12 years old and ya like Donna & Mary Osmund? JIMMY was da bomb, babe....makes the rest of dem look like a buncha hacks.

Hell, chill though....go out and buy yerself a nice JIMMY OSMUND CD and rock da house down!!!!

Mary & The King huh?...reminds me of dat time...oops...gotta run....I hear my Mommy calling me....bye (03-24-2004)

Avery says:
I'm 12 and i love donny and marie. (03-23-2004)

Casey ( says:
Email me if you are interested in a midi version of "A Little Bit Country". I have not sequenced the midi file yet. I have until Friday to sequence this for a funny talent show where I work. I will be singing Donny's parts (one octave lower) sort of a kareoke thing, but I'm sequencing the midi, drums and bass, and might add whatever else, and I'm playing the guitar and singing.

I'd have to say that this is one of the best country tunes I've heard, but I'm not one to judge, because "I'm a little bit rock'n'roll".
Anybody know the chords? (03-23-2004)

mess with texas says:
A friend of mine, whose family is Mormon, said that the Osmond family used to occasionally attend services at his church. He said that it was widely known at the time that Marie had been impregnated as a young teen by none other than Elvis Presley (!) and that the family got her an abortion. (03-21-2004)

M. Oron says:
Which one is Donny and which one is Marie? (03-17-2004)

Peanut Head ( says:
Boy, am I pissed!!

Picked up this LP at the Woolworth's the other day and was hopin' to hear a bit of the Jimmy Osmond there.....all is get is this frikkin' incestual shit 'tween Donna and Mary Osmondl...

Jimmy held dat band together, man!!! funky haircuts, clothes and shit....

JImmmy sang some background vocals on Sgt. Pepper's when da Osmonds were in the U.K. Jimmy was singing a fukkin' fifth scale ocapella tonal infarction on Lovely Rita....Macca shit himself right on the spot cuz he could never hit one, and sessions were cancelled.....Martin was so pissed that he wiped Jimmy's part out and told him to get da fuk back to utah PRONTO.

Coulda been a big...ooops...gotta mommy is calling me....bye... (03-17-2004)

. says:
Homosexuals will burn in Hell. (02-19-2004)

LaLaChicks ( says:
Local Long Beach lesbian artists Anne Engel and Laurie Morvan have teamed up to for the LaLa Chicks, creating a whole new dynamic with the balls of a band. Joined by percussionist Angie Tabor and bassist Lisa Grubs, this foursome will play your favorite covers and originals, as heard on their original CD's. Sure to be a full house, come mix and mingle! (02-16-2004)

RoscoeLaw says:
This one is great! I first heard it at my aunt & uncle's house and I was fortunate enough to find it at a St. Vincent De Paul's. In addition to the ones on the cover, it ends with the closing theme ("May Tomorrow Be a Perfect Day") complete with, "Goodnight everybody!". A complete gem! (02-02-2004)

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