Donny & Marie

The brother and sister team from Utah singing songs made famous by their television show.

As off-the-wall as some of the exhibits in Frank's Vinyl Museum get, sometimes you can't beat the classics. Here's Donny and Marie Osmond, singing the songs that made Utah famous!

Donny & Marie
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I'm a little bit country... (MP3) She's a little bit country, he's a little bit Rock n' Roll... what more could you ask for?

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Your Comments:

Norman the Morman Doorma ( says:
Hey the Osmands had their own cartoon too! Lookee; (02-02-2004)

Big Daddy says:
Dear Vinyl,

I could quite honestly care less if you appreciate me or not. Who are you ("vinyl museum"?) that feels that all of this revolves around you? You have to realize how ridiculous it is for you to come here and give me a lesson in maturity. If you are really "frank", or a pal of his, if you really wanted to peform an act of maturity, then you would shut these forums down imediately. Actually, a mature person would not have even created any of this, obsess over the Brady Bunch, online Reversi (Othello) game, etc. etc........................... (01-24-2004)

Vinyl Museum says:
Umm, Big Daddy. I appreciate your most insightful comments, but was it really worth your time and anger to trash such a piece of garbage human being as Droopy? But please, keep your anger down to a subtle roar. Some people can see your comments as the last time they will visit this site.

I understand the garbage existance of such people angers and arouses people's brain into a whirlwind of hate with comment, but remember, you must be a better person than he / she, and your commentary was slightly too far beyond maturity.

But I do, however, appreciate your defense of Donny and Marie, but remember where you're at and remember who all visits here. These open unmonitored comment portions was not the best idae any webmaster could have come up with, but it was a great gesture on Frank's part. (01-24-2004)

Jeff Crigger says:
Your comments are about as thought-proking as your name, oh dear Sir Droopy Drawers.

Open your eyes, Jackass, see that the world doesn't revolve around you. So go back to your slam castle and enjoy a Pina Colada with your butt-buddies, you ham slamming, pie-eyed jughead, backwood country bitch. (01-24-2004)

Joanne Chisholm ( says:
I could have agreed with Alan more. My 13 year old daughter can't fathom why Pearl Jam was so great. She thinks that they are crushed in comparison to Audioslave and AFI. And to think Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden and the like were nothing more than a mere 10 years ago. But she believes them to be as old as I conceived The Beatles when I was a pre-teen in the 70's. Think about the timeline there.

My daughter's children will someday look back at AFI and Audioslave and Foo Fighters the same my daughter looks at my precious Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain. Just like many see Donny and marie today. It's all the same cycle no matter which way you cut it. (01-24-2004)

Alan says:
It's amazing how much hate this music could provoke. Some people need to know what a hard working musical family The Osmonds were. This album was in high demand from the millions of television viewers and was seminal to the record company to release it. I'm actually ashamed to see it placed in such a catagory as either 'bizarre' or 'odd'. This was a rather successful album for it's day. And for all of you younger folks out there, your kids will be looking back at your music today like it was cheap and cheesy. I've got a 12 YO daughter who thought Kurt Cobain was silly but he defined the 90's.

It's a vicious cycle of life, get used to it. You offend those that enjoyed those albums and those times, but your turn is coming.

And by the way, this is certainly not one of the best works Donny or Marie could have released, but it was just a sign of the times. (01-24-2004)

BLACK JACK ( says:
I want a song (a little bit country)midi
somebody who have plese emill to me
I am come from taiwan (01-04-2004)

. "DOT" says:
Thier music is not my pick either (as an adult) but I remember it with fondness as a child. And I have respect for them because they have managed to stay close to thier roots and not stray from thier strong beliefs, despite being exposed to the all the garbage in the entertainment industry. It takes people with a lot of will power to be able to do that. And I am sure they could care less if some loser like "sir dropsy" does not like them........... (01-03-2004)

Paul (BarkingHare@Excite.Com) says:
Let me be fair; I like the Osmonds because they seem to have avoided the traps of fame young stars fall into. I have heard rumors of Marie's behavior on the set of their TV show but since I can't prove it, I won't repeat it. I do respect their work ethic; I understand Marie performed on stage late into her pregnancy to help her family out at risk to her health and her child's. Unless they excell at covering up a history of sordid, I have to respect them for being good, decent people. Their music, however, does not do much for me. (01-02-2004)

What would you call quality entertainment? Marilyn Manson? Eminem? Snoop Dog? I?ll bet that?s your choices. Want to know why you hate Donny and Marie? Because they are clean and wholesome. That is why you change the channel from Little House on the Prairie to something like Boy Meets Boy, or Will and Grace, or Roseanne. Decency offends people like you. Please decent people ?of the world? excuse me for calling this piece of boar phlegm, ?people??? That is fact. The people of the world who criticize entertainers like The Osmonds, are trash, and trash are very angry because they have had terrible lives. This ?sir droopy drawers? is most likely the victim of a broken home; who has grown up with a warped attitude of what is normal. He hates anything or anyone decent because it reminds him of how indecent his own life has been. He is probably a victim of repeated child rape. His father or uncle, or some other degenerate male relative probably made his anus his own masturbatory playground. The taste of semen is still fresh in his mind from the years of sodomy performed on him by the many retarded male figures in his life. His mother was probably some cheap slut that was too homely to charge for sex, so she sucked any herpe-covered cock that she could get her shit eating lips around. Her sex value ended soon after her father stopped raping her at 7 years old. This ?sir drops his drawers?---and exposes his vagina, was likely raised on a steady diet of pornography, Satanic rock, incest, pedophillia, bestiality, and last but not least, necrohillia. He probably was quite used to being exposed to human sacrifices, and serial murders performed in front of him as an adolescent.


BTW, dropsy, now that we know you cannot answer my question about what you have (not) contributed to society; can you tell me what you do for a living? Cashing welfare checks does not count, accept against us.. Don?t you wish to God that you were somebody? Just somebody worthy enough to be able to secure airtime on some cable network that will allow you to sell YOUR dolls? It?s real easy for a coward like you to sit around with a Donny & Marie record page opened in one window on his computer screen, and a child porn page opened in another to type up cowardly inane BS criticisms about wholesome entertainers, because he is so disgusted with his own sad life that it makes him feel better to degrade others, than to actually go out and try to accomplish something. But the sad (happy to everyone but him) fact is that the world hates you??..It does??. If you died tonight, not one person would mourn your death. You would just be another piece of shit flushed down the toilet???

And I WILL have (another) ?wonderful New Year?. And you???????? WON?T?????. (01-02-2004)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
AND FURTHER MORE! Unlike Dummy and Mary with their collective toothy grins. I bet you can save alot of time and money just by brushing that one tooth you have. If you think the Dummy and Mary are quality entertainment, then just crawl back under that pile of rocks. So just what has happened to Dummy and Mary, well, Dummy is nowhere to be found and Mary is selling dolls on the Home Chopping Network. Great career move! IDIOTS OF THE WORLD UNITE! DOT IS YOUR LEADER! (01-02-2004)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
IDIOTS OF THE WORLD UNITE! (and it appears they have done so here!) So would someone tell me, just what has Dummie and Mary have done to become so famous? Nothing in my book. Oh, they smile alot! Their singing ability, if you want to call it that, amounts to two bar bums lighting their farts on fire. Actually that might be more entertaining. Which I am sure the person who replied to my initial comment would attest too, since he/she has nothing else better to do in their sorry excuse for a life! Now, why don't you put yourself up for auction on ebay, I may be kind to you and bid 2 cents. Have a wonderful New Year! - Sir Droopy Drawers (01-02-2004)

2004 (2004) says:
2004 (01-01-2004)

dot says:
Sir Droopy/xKittenxKillahx420,

Oh how nice. This little pathetic pussy changed his faggot maggot name to something just as gay. But then he had to post twice to try to get his useless point accross. Donny and Marie are decent people who have contributed much to the enterntainment industry through the ages. And so have many of the Osmonds. What have you done? Make fun of people who could buy and sell you AND your mother? Wow, your child molesting father must be proud! The only "whiteheads" are the ones your mother makes you pinch on her fat ass right before she makes your brush her hair everynight. Try getting a life. Then a job. If you feel the need to bring your dictionary, and flip through it randomly choosing big words, to reply, and make ignorant posts here, fine. But just remember, you will never make sense, because you will never have any....... Make sure you get the tangles out of mommy's hair... (12-27-2003)

xKittenxKillahx420 says:
Besides "dot", I've heard nothing out of you but kavetching, go take your Prozac. (12-27-2003)

xKittenxKillahx420 says:
Oh buck up. Donny and Marie are whiteheads on the face of this planet, and anyone who's rastromedial prefrontal cortex incorrectly registers the sounds that come out of the speakers to be pleasant/musical probably needs to see someone. It's ok to like it for irony though. That I approve of. (12-27-2003)

. says:
Sir droopy, I have not noticed anything major. However, what you should be more concerned with is improper behavior. See I HAVE noticed that the people who like Donny and Marie that post here seem to be kind natured people. And then along comes some worthless, immature piece of shit who contributes nothing to the world but ill will, posts rude comments on a Donny and Marie message board about their fans, and even goes as far to call them names. Sir brain in your drawers, I would rather have "poor working knowledge of grammar" (whatever working means) than to be a disturbed and lonely freak, who had no mother or father to make sure he learned how to treat others, and to get a life and stop spending so much time belittling others under ridiculous aliases. By the way, "all the Donny and Marie fan"... Fan???? At least these fan(s) know enough that you add an S to most words in plural form. Go pork yourself ass face! (12-25-2003)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
How come all the Donny and Marie fan have a very poor working knowledge of grammar? Talk about idiots.

-Sir (12-24-2003)

xKittenxKillahx420 says:
I can't really tell who is who. Donny is a rump rocker to all the men in his area. (12-24-2003)

Dawn Manley ( says:
Dear Donny and Marie

I am trying to find some of your old albums. As I would like to buy them again. either in CD or LPs.
Are they still available> If they are where can I purchase them>

1974 - I am leaving it all up to you
1975 - Make the world go away
1976 - Featuring songs from their TV show
1980 - Donny and Marie Special

Thank you for your help in this matter

Dawn (12-09-2003)

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