Indian Giver

Politically incorrect bubblegum pop on the Buddah record label.

Buddah records released a string of "bubblegum" records during the 60's -- light, do-nothing music meant to appeal to the psychedelia-minded who didn't want to deal with all that nasty talk of drugs and politics. Groups like 1910 Fruitgum Co and Ohio Express were really thinly-veiled covers; the real work behind these albums came from the producers at Buddah.

On this piece of vinyl, the Fruitgum Co. delivers its classically incorrect hit, Indian Giver (which still gets occasional airplay today despite its awful racial connotations). Even better is a cut called 1910 Cotton Candy Castle, a track that reminds me of a Beatles song shined up and made digestable for the masses.

Indian Giver
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1910 Cotton Candy Castle (MP3) Like Strawberry Fields Forever, but more for the shopping-mall crowd.

See Also: Buddah's Dial-A-Hit

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Big Chief F*** Me Running says:
Get over the political correctness. White men rule! (06-21-2003)

DONALD ( says:

Lollypop Man says:
If anyone knows where my Goodyship Lollypop is I like to buy it and restore it! (03-08-2003)

MightyOrson ( says:
Did those goodfellas produce some great stuff or what? Mamma Mia! (01-19-2003)

blanca flores says:
are you funny (12-17-2002)

blanca flores says:
are you funny (12-17-2002)

nigel1969 ( says:
Indian Giver is one of the greatest songs ever released.
Especially the Ramones cover version.
Rock On! (08-18-2002)

Extream says:
EVEL IS THE MAN! (07-16-2002)

Jeannie (babbages) ( says:
Matt I have been trying to get in touch with you.
please E-mail me (07-05-2002)

Skittycat says:
"Come on and get your thrill"? Or "come on and get your fill"? You could really argue those lyrics either way. I do appreciate the shout-out (of sorts) to Shirley Temple. (06-14-2002)

Nancy W. ( says:
Indian Giver is one of my all-time favorite songs.Mark Gutkowski rules. Hard to believe that the Fruitgum Co. recorded all those great songs 34 years ago. Boy, do I feel old! (06-02-2002)

daniel m. permenter says:
what the crap? this album is great! collectibles re-released their stuff on CD, definetly check it out, unless you're a fascist or something (05-22-2002)

Peetree Cuntface (----------------------) says:
Lick ass mutherfucka! I haven't see such iggnorance since my last date with Salmon 411
stick it to yer granny and lick ass you fuck face.
I hate stupid dicks and I need your warth on cold winter's warsh. (02-22-2002)

George says:
I think 'Lucky' is on to 3 yr old
loves 'Scooby-Doo", and after having the "SD" theme song drilled into my head 6 or 7 times a day, I noticed that the melody is almost note-for-note identical to the 1910 FG Co's hit, "Simon Says". Mere Coincidence? (09-25-2001)

Abbei says:
This album sits in the gift shop at the Rock Hall of Fame. (09-23-2001)

Javier says:
No comprendo por qué no siguieron grabando. Eran fantásticos. (09-01-2001)

Rob ( says:
I can still induce fits and seizures in certain folks by dredging up the Ramone's cover version of "Indian Giver". 60's air-head, bubble-gum pop music is great! (08-31-2001)

TC says:
1910 Fruitgum Co. Rule. All you losers who say this album sucks are stoopid. You probably like rap and heavy metal. (08-30-2001)

Lucky ( says:
It's Scooby-Doo chase music, THAT'S what it is! *heehee* Well, somebody had to sing those dang things, and the style is *awfully* similar... (08-21-2001)

Ron Burns ( says:
I have this album. I am willing to sell to best offerer. I have just about all the albums listed on this site. My contact information is included. It's the way I do business: Ron Burns 550 CHILDS DR MILTON,ONTARIO,CANADA L9T 3P3 1-(905)-876-3245 (08-06-2001)

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