Indian Giver

Politically incorrect bubblegum pop on the Buddah record label.

Buddah records released a string of "bubblegum" records during the 60's -- light, do-nothing music meant to appeal to the psychedelia-minded who didn't want to deal with all that nasty talk of drugs and politics. Groups like 1910 Fruitgum Co and Ohio Express were really thinly-veiled covers; the real work behind these albums came from the producers at Buddah.

On this piece of vinyl, the Fruitgum Co. delivers its classically incorrect hit, Indian Giver (which still gets occasional airplay today despite its awful racial connotations). Even better is a cut called 1910 Cotton Candy Castle, a track that reminds me of a Beatles song shined up and made digestable for the masses.

Indian Giver
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1910 Cotton Candy Castle (MP3) Like Strawberry Fields Forever, but more for the shopping-mall crowd.

See Also: Buddah's Dial-A-Hit

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This album is garbage says:
! (08-06-2001)

This album is shit says:
! (08-06-2001)

t says:
The chords for the song are GACG for the verse. the chorus is a steady g, change to d, and then back to g. Capo on the 8th fret to have the same key as on the album. At the end, they get higher and slide the capo up to the 10th fret (or just go to A). (07-31-2001)

t says:
1910 Fruitgum Co.

I can still remember it wasn't long ago
Things you used to tell me
You said I had to know
Told me that you love me
And that you always would
Then I said I love you
You said that that was good
Girl you made a promise
Said you'd never want me to go

Oh no, Indian giver Indian giver
You took your love away from me
Indian giver, Indian giver
Took back the love you gave to me

Baby, I was feeling the 3way I want to feel
You had me believing the love we had was real
Things we did together
You said they'd never end
Now and till forever
Oh yeah, that's what you said
Girl when I was down
I know that you always be there
(repeat chorus)


t ( says:
If you want the lyrics to indian giver, go to...


jonathan scott ( says:
hey long live bubblegum music!! there are plenty of bands around today doing their updated version of this tireless genre. the doleful lions are one of these bands in which i am a member. we are currently recording 1-2-3-red light for inclusion on our upcoming CD avalible through parasol records (07-22-2001)

Blighty says:
'1910 Cotton Candy Castle' fucking rools. I'm gonna get me that album. (07-15-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
Remember when I said that most Buddah Records suck. This is one of them. Yes, the sound clip is a horrible pop, non-psychadellic ripoff of Strawberry Fields. This song must have made the kids want to go out and eat mushrooms until they die! The only song I like of theirs is "1-2-3 Redlight" (and I didnt' like their version.. I liked the Talking Heads version which is only available on bootlegs). On a related note, I'm going to form a bubblegum group called THE MAGICAL LOLLIPOP BALLOON RIDE WITH A 69 BY THE CAREBEARS AT THE MUSSOLINI DISCO. Our album.. not Indian Giver.. DRUNKEN IRISH! Trust me, the cigars on the cover look like a more interesting buy than this sheaf of shit. (06-14-2001)

YECH says:
This music? makes me wanna puke (05-21-2001)

Eric ( says:
I am now alittle over 40 something years old, not 50 yet, I use to listen to the album. I would like to again here the rest of the music. If anyone could help me get a copy or tell me where i could find it, I would be greatly appriecated. (09-17-2000)

Riggs ( says:
Someone mentioned the band Flying Giraffe on here. Does anyone have a copy of the Bell single, or anything other than the song on the Super K Collection Volume 2 CD? Would love to get a tape/CD/mp3/whatever copy of anything that exists. Thanks! (03-28-2000)

Guest ( says:
reja wants to know what happened to the 1910 Fruit Gum Co. members. I drummed for them on some cuts from the first album, and am now working a regular job and front a blues band in British Columbia,Canada. (01-09-2000)

Jonathan says:
Anyone that would like to see any of Buddah's classic bubblegum albums finally reissued should email BuddHA and let them know. While they've been reissuing some of Buddah's catalog, they've been neglegting the classic bubblegum albums. I recently emailed them about this, and recieved a reply saying that I have been the only one so far to email them about this and that they're not convinced enough people would buy the reissues, so anyone interested in seeing reissues, let them know. Send emails to (11-22-1999)

LORENZO ( says:
I I I just wanna say that cover above is awesome...and the girl on it is awesome!!! Anybody knows who's her by any chance? Let's play folk guys! Cheers!!! (11-17-1999)

ahhh ( says:
joey levine is the greatest!!!ohio express and 1910 f.g.c. get me hot!!!!!!!!!!what ever happened to the guy on this cover layin' down with the glasses?oww!chew me outta my mind! (11-14-1999)

Joey Levine of the Ohio Express is a by far the "KING OF BUBBLE GUM". His voice makes me wanna Chewy Chewy in my pants!!! (11-12-1999)

PintoBeans ( says:
Bubblegum rules!Yummy Yummy gets me psyched to tear down walls! I also love Chewy Chewy, and The Rapper. When I hear the chorus to the Rapper, it makes me violent! Don't worry folks, I'm not serious. The guy that sang for Ohio Express pops up in TV ads now and again. "The flavor lasts so long, long, long with Bubble Yum". Anybody remember laughter? (09-08-1999)

James Wright ( says:
Love bubblegum music. How about that organ in Indian Giver some of the best I ever heard.I have recorded it so much off of a 45 I have onto cassettes just can't get enough of it. (08-28-1999)

clint holmes says:
if anyone wants a copy of their little known follow-up to this, titled "jungle bunnies" with the boys in blackface, afro's and loincloths and carrying spears, let me know... (03-25-1999)

tweety ( says:
where can we find a copyof the record and lyrics for the 1910 fruitgum co 123redlight thankstweety (03-24-1999)

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