Indian Giver

Politically incorrect bubblegum pop on the Buddah record label.

Buddah records released a string of "bubblegum" records during the 60's -- light, do-nothing music meant to appeal to the psychedelia-minded who didn't want to deal with all that nasty talk of drugs and politics. Groups like 1910 Fruitgum Co and Ohio Express were really thinly-veiled covers; the real work behind these albums came from the producers at Buddah.

On this piece of vinyl, the Fruitgum Co. delivers its classically incorrect hit, Indian Giver (which still gets occasional airplay today despite its awful racial connotations). Even better is a cut called 1910 Cotton Candy Castle, a track that reminds me of a Beatles song shined up and made digestable for the masses.

Indian Giver
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1910 Cotton Candy Castle (MP3) Like Strawberry Fields Forever, but more for the shopping-mall crowd.

See Also: Buddah's Dial-A-Hit

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Son of MOOG 2.1b says:
I used this tune to score porn flicks Chick Willis did to bolster his "sagging" career. The memories cum flooding back. ************END OF TRANSMITION****************** (02-20-1999)

Cliff Huber ( says:
I don't recall the song Indian Giver by the 1910 Fruitgum Co., but I remember what I believe to be the original song sung by Bobby Curtola of Thunder Bay Ontario Canada in 1963. When that song was on the hit parade, I purchased from Bobby his first car : a 1950 black DeSoto. (02-17-1999)

reja ( says:
One thing Bubblegum was famous for was the incredible production. At a time when studio work was done occasionally live and with a minimum of instruments -- resulting in a weak, tinny sound -- Kasnetz-Katz milked the Phil Spencer "wall of sound" production technique for all it was worth. The result was some incredibly rich songs with some of the most clever harmonies and riffs ever heard at the time. Bubblegum music was definately a landmark in the history of early rock and pop. What ever happened to the guys in these groups (1910 FGC, Ohio Express, etc)?? (01-31-1999)

swetstane says:
I am proud to have been a founder member of Newcastle ( Australia's) only " hard -core" bubblegum band SUGARBEAT . Even though we only played one proper gig. 3 dental technicians and a 12 year old drummer. Boyce+Hart, 1910 f.c. Ohio Ex.,Archies, Tommy James + Shondells Tommy Roe. Anybody else ever started a band playing hardcore bubblegum.? I,d do it all again too.Viva la Gum..... (01-31-1999)

Al ( says:
HELP! I am looking for a download version of Simon Says. If anyone can help, please do! Thanks, Al (12-16-1998)

Hector Soliz says:
"Indian Giver" is one funky, rocking slice of late-'60s Americana, and "political correctness" be damned. People forget just how turbulent the late-'60s were. Bubblegum music was a touch of escapism at a time when the nation was losing its collective innocence in the middle of that little disaster known as Vietnam. I was hip enough to dig the more "serious" acts like Hendrix, the Beatles, and Creedence, oh, yes, Clearwater Revival, but I also enjoyed the Fruitgum Co., Ohio Express, and Crazy Elephant. What we need today is more bands like these. P.S. 1910 Fruitgum Co. kicks Pantera's a**! (11-23-1998)

brian wolfe ( says:
i'm sick and tired of hearing about how bad indian giver or any other song of that genre. there's nothing in that song that makes me think politically incorrect thoughts. those days were fun and buddah records brings me back to a time when 45's rules and no one heard of cd's. many buddah stereo tracks are different than the mono single mixes. for a capsule of the buddah sound one must get a copy of "moonflight" by vik venus which is parody of man landing on the moon and the space program. there are even impressions tunes in the record because they recorded for buddah's r&b label curtom. in western pennsylvania many of these songs were huge hits like "quick joey small" and "special delivery". how about "the train" by 1910 fruitgum company that wasn't a bad tune either. a big hit in pittsburgh 1969 on KQV. thanks for the site, but let's not take all the negative comments seriously. but let's hope some day in the not to distant future someone will be putting marilyn manson cd's on this site! (11-11-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
I love this stuff...perfect listening for huffing model airplane glue while I put on my mom's panties and heels. Please excuse me, my dog wants me to kill someone... (11-08-1998)


james meehan ( says:
indian giver was one of the most played singles in my collection,indian lake was another one i liked by the cowsills. none of the fruitgum singles were sung by joey levine. their best single in my opinion was 1-2-3 redlight. the single versions of almost all the buddah singles were different mixes as were some of the bell singles''gimme gimme good lovin'' by crazy elephant comes to mind. ''shake'' by shadows of knight was another good single on team records distributed by buddah. (10-20-1998)

Jim Kelley ( says:
STRANGE BUT TRUE: the Ramones originally saw themselves as a bubblegum band, and they thought their main competition was The 1910 Fruitgum Company. They did a cover of "Indian Giver" as well as "California Sun" by the Beach Boys and "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow," which they called "Surfin' Bird." In answer to Suz, the term "indian giver" originated with white settlers in the 1800s who believed the Indians had voluntarily given their land to the US Government, and so when the Indians tried to take it back, they thought that was dishonest. I find it interesting that people who are offended by "indian giver" don't seem to mind calling someome a "welsher!" (09-19-1998)

Brian Washington ( says:
Did you know that Peter Pan did an album with that song? It was subtitled "Bubble Gum Hits for Kids" (# 8084), and was released in 1969. The album also featured (in order) "ABC" (or "Alphabet Street"), "Chewy Chewy", "123" (or "The Counting Man"), "Sweeter than Sugar", "Bubble Gum Music", "Humpty Dumpty", "1-2-3 Red Light", "Goody Goody Gumdrops" and "Bang-Shang-a-Lang", a hit from the Archies. Some of the arrangments may appear laughable, but all in all, it's really cool. You should check this one out if you can. (08-28-1998)

Duane Richardson says:
Buddah was 1960s Bubblegum.Bell was 1970s Bubblegum. What label was 1980s and 1990s Bubblegum??? (08-17-1998)

Duane Richardson says:
I remember making out to alot of my girlfriends sisters Bubblegum records. Simon says was always my favorite. I have a CD with alot of Bubblegum songs on it. It is calle Bell Bottom Grooves. I have always digged Bubblegum. (08-17-1998)

brian cruden toronto canada ( says:
my recorord collection would not be complete without bubblegum music long live that sound (08-17-1998)

Bill ( says:
Okay, here goes: 1) the B-side, "Pow Wow" is a backwards rendition of "Bring back Howdy Doody," originally performed by another Kasenetz-Katz konkoction, Flying Giraffe on a 1969 Bell Records single 2) Joey Levine was the lead singer for Ohio Express and Kasenetz-Katz Singing orchestral Circus, but NEVER the 1910 Fruitgum Co. That was always Mark Gutkowski (except on "Goody Goody Gumdrops" where Billy Carl's demo vocal was kept on the final version) As Bubblegum Master, I have to keep track of misconceptions going round. By the way, great site Frank. Many friends will be plenty pleased with their postcards! Cheers! (08-11-1998)

swammie ( says:
NO WAY! I'm really bored and I happened upon the 1910 Fruitgum Company and Indian Giver. That was the first 45 I ever bought...made my mom take me downtown to the music store in Santa Cruz. I have always loved that song and NOBODY I've ever spoken to had heard of them/it. WOW! The 'net is a wonderful thing. Email me with a request and I'll copy the lyrics to you. Swammie (06-15-1998)

Vince A Martinez says:
"I can still remember, it wasn't long ago..." god how I loved the 1910 Fruitgum Co. I have been able to locate two greatest hits packages on cd as well as the cd re-release of "Simon Says". I wish their whole catalog would be re-released for cd. Guess I'll have to keep waiting for that! Oh well, Thanks for the memories!!! (05-22-1998)

Steve ( says:
I have a copy of "Indian Giver" 45rpm. The B side is "Pow Wow" but it recorded backwards. Can any one give me information about this. (05-21-1998)

dave says:
Where are they now ???? (04-20-1998)

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