Indian Giver

Politically incorrect bubblegum pop on the Buddah record label.

Buddah records released a string of "bubblegum" records during the 60's -- light, do-nothing music meant to appeal to the psychedelia-minded who didn't want to deal with all that nasty talk of drugs and politics. Groups like 1910 Fruitgum Co and Ohio Express were really thinly-veiled covers; the real work behind these albums came from the producers at Buddah.

On this piece of vinyl, the Fruitgum Co. delivers its classically incorrect hit, Indian Giver (which still gets occasional airplay today despite its awful racial connotations). Even better is a cut called 1910 Cotton Candy Castle, a track that reminds me of a Beatles song shined up and made digestable for the masses.

Indian Giver
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1910 Cotton Candy Castle (MP3) Like Strawberry Fields Forever, but more for the shopping-mall crowd.

See Also: Buddah's Dial-A-Hit

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Bradley ( says:
The "Hard Ride"album is by a bunch of imposters,kinda like Kiss without their make up(who stole their musical concept from Captain Groovy and His Bubblegum Army anyhow).The Native American garb was loaned to Mark Farner for the cover of GFR's "On Time"and later sold to The Sweet in order to hype the "Indian Giver"rewrite"Wig Wam Bam".Katz/Kassenetz later ignited racial hostilities further by releasing Ram Jam's"Black Betty"featuring ex Lemon Piper paint peeler Bill Bartlett(hear "Through With You on the Green Tambourine L.P.).Avoid the stereo mixes of the Buddah singles and crank the mono 45's for maximum crassness. (04-03-1998)

kevin van amburgh ( says:
what are the lyrics to Indian giver? The Ramones covered it and did an excellent job, but because Joey Ramone slurs his speech sometimes, it's hard to make out. I appreciate the help. Sincerely. Kevin V (04-02-1998)

LD (slodown@move.2fast) says:
Any of the Katz-Kazenbah (sp?) stable of groups had one thing in common, whether it was the Fruit Gum Co or Ohio Express or the Super Circus, all had Joey Levine as the lead singer and studio musicians. The touring groups were usually different at every other gig. Chewy Chewy by the Express has a great hook, Quick Joey Small is another great tune from the Bubblegum genre. (03-11-1998)

gary bentz ( says:
hey i love Bubble Gum music.1910 & ohio express were two of the best, thier music was never meant to make a statement just to make you fill good. does anyone out there know were to find more info on these two bands and bubble gum music. (02-22-1998)

Andy C. says:
"1-2-3 Redlight" was, in my opinion, their best song. In addition... did you know that they were produced buy the same guys who handled the Ohio Express? To MJS from 11-08-97... right on,bro. Bubblegum was a unique sound and nothing today is worthy of the label. (02-19-1998)

Randal "sweeter than sugar" ( says:
I love " bubblegum music " and Indian Giver it is one of my favorite ones. Also taste of Beatles and Crazy Elephant. Does in fact anybody have something on Crazy Elephant? Lyrics, chords, etc...Thank you. (12-25-1997)

Dan Slabaugh ( says:
I loved the Indian Giver album, but I remembered how disappointed I was that the song "Special Delivery" on the album was a different version than the hit single. Does this ring a bell with anyone else? The single version was a tight, well-engineered track, but the album version sounded like it should be the B-side to "Sticky, Sticky"! (12-09-1997)

james raison ( says:
Me again. How anyone can not like a band who wrote, GOODY GOODY GUMDROPS, MY HEART IS DOING FLIP FLOPS? I will never know. Has anyone heard the Teenage Fanclub version of Goody Gumdrops its actually very good!! (11-13-1997)

james raison ( says:
I have an album of 1910 Fruitgum Co. which name escapes me at the moment (I am not at home to look it up) but the album has a great picture of a bunch of bikers and contains some really funky 70's music and it doesn't sound like the bubblegum music that you normally hear from this band. It is on buddah records, I wonder if anyone knows if its available on CD as I picked my LP copy up second hand and it has seen better days. One of my favourite tracks is The Train ('Here comes the train pretty baby'etc) also one called (I think!) thoughts of simon?? - a really funky starsky and hutch type track. I would love to hear from anyone with any info e.g. Did they do another album like this or is it there only non-commercial LP they did? (11-13-1997)

Suz ( says:
What is the orgin of the phrase "indian giver" anyway? I know what it means but where does it come from? (11-12-1997)

MJS ( says:
I get annoyed when I hear music critics call groups such as Hanson, or New Kids on the Block Bubblegum. Bubblegum was a definate sound all its own. Just because a group, or type of music appeals to teenage girls, does NOT qualify it as Bubblegum (11-08-1997)

chris ( says:
i remember a long time ago,me and my best buddy listening to the indian giver album on a rainy Sunday afternoon and it wiped both of us and to this day we still listen to this album and remember days it seems not so long ago when things were just bubblegum.thank you (11-01-1997)

Sav-Man Sweets says:
"Indian Giver" is racial? Please! It's about lost love, just like a lot of Rock songs are! This "political correctness" crap is another form of attempted censorship. Give it a rest! (by the way, the flip side of "Indian Giver" is labeled "Pow Wow", but if you spin it backwards, it's a tribute to HOWDY DOODY! If you have a turntable, which may be extinct in the CD age, check it out!) (09-23-1997)

Joyce ( says:
I liked the song. I'm looking for music by Jim Weatherly that was put out on Buddah Records in the 70's. Anyone got any leads for me??? Thanks! (09-23-1997)

Jesse G. ( says:
The 1910 Fruitgum Co. were the best band of the time, clearly. The singer has a magnificent voice. If only present day singers could sing like him, the music industry would be a much better place. (09-23-1997)

dave g ( says:
1910 cotton candy castle. Shit candy castle is more like it!! This song is truely apalling,and just makes me realise how lucky i am that iam too young to remember the sixties,when i bet every record released sounded like this crap!!! (09-14-1997)

dess ( says:
I am looking for the lyrics and tablature for the song "Indian Giver" and other 1910 Fruitgum Co. songs. Any ideas ? (09-09-1997)

ken warnken ( says:
i don't think the song was meant to be racial. that is a saying kids use when you take something back that you gave someone and that is what the song is about. she took her heart back from him so she is an "indian giver". I respect the indian race as well as anyone else but i love the song and personally took it as an innocent song. (09-04-1997)

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