Disco Noel

They've made Chrismas albums about everything else -- why not Disco?

Leave it to the folks at Pickwick Records to come up with this one -- classic Christmas carols set to a disco beat. Now, the next time you find yourself traveling through time to the 70's, you won't have to choose between Disco dancing and listening to your favorite Christmas songs -- you can have the best of both worlds with Disco Noel!

Disco Noel
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Silver Bells (MP3) It's Christmas time in the disco.
Jingle Bells (MP3) Get down with the disco version of this classic carol.

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Your Comments:

Gene says:
I have the Christmas Disco album by Mistletoe
Disco Band mlp 1232 and it's great. I just
ordered the last two copies on cd remasted
and can't wait to get them for Christmas.
All Christmas songs with a Disco beat.
I've been looking for a long time for it and
bought the last two available at this site.
Only $12.and change apiece. If you get lucky
enough to find one grab it. It's a welcome
change from the usual. (11-26-2010)

Ryan says:
Disco Noel LIVES!!!

It's on iTunes as Christmas Disco by The Misteltoe Disco Band!!!

It's the same as my Mirror Image LP with different artwork... I'm going to rename it in my iTunes Library because Disco Noel is clearly a better album cover! (12-23-2009)

wuz' ( says:
This is nowadays called
Christmas Disco Party
DJ Santa & The Dance Squad (08-31-2009)

John ( says:
Mirror Image's Disco Noel is available at as Christmas Disco Party by D.J. Santa & The Dance Squad. It is the exact same music with 7 extra tracks not on the original Disco Noel. It will sound a bit different because it is digital and you can hear things better that weren't as noticeable on the record album. It is available as CD or mp3 download and you can also use your Pepsi Points for it. The link is (11-20-2008)

fishy ( says:
i know this is a really OLD thread. but last year, i found "Switched On Christmas" at Big W on CD. i was walking through and happened to hear one of the songs, so i went over looking around under the trees for the cd's they had playing, sure enough. $5 later i had it on cd.

a few years before that i found it in another Big W on cassette... which i bought back then too. for the $3.

my mother has had the LP for years. every single year without a doubt we would play it, even when it was jumping like anything from over-use from previous years.

Now i'm trying to google it on any websites, probably the coolest christmas album ever made.

disco christmas music is the shiznit. (11-19-2008)

caroline ( says:
I have a cassette of *switched on christmas* and am tryng to get one on disc but no luck it is by rainbow (11-19-2008)

randy ( says:
i goaded a freind into buying ''disco noel'' at a flea market for a 1.00 he put it on his stereo and invited me over the music was playing while his vintage aluminum christmas tree was revolving around on it's stand the tree and music were in perfect unison he almost had to pick me up off the floor i almost died laughing thanks steven (10-02-2008)

Larry Lamm ( says:
This 76 yr-old is barely computer literate.....could you help....I need a CD copy of "disco noel", performed by Mirror Image on Pickwick Records (circa 1976), SPC-1026 on label....any help greatly appreciated..thanks.....Larry Lamm (06-06-2008)

Gary says:
The Salsoul model was Ellen Michaels who was a Playboy playmate in the March 1972 issue. She has her own web site at (01-12-2008)

Steve says:
You can see where the cheapos at Pickwick got their "Disco Noel" knockoff idea from. And the Salsoul model was an absolute beauty, whoever she was.....


James ( says:
I've got the Disco Noel original album and it still plays great today. That it is performed by Mirror Image. i play it every year @ Christmas Time. (12-24-2007)

Steve says:
The "Salsoul Disco" album is better but not by much. Good Christmas music is rare, whether it was rock or disco. At least the Salsoul album had that gorgeous model on the cover. (11-27-2007)

oral pierre ( says:
hello could somebody help me ... i am looking for the album disco noel it is a christmas music the cover of it is a girl danceing at a chirstmas tree or if i can get a copy for christmas please write me and let me know thanks (11-17-2007)

Derek ( says:
I've got both "Dico Noel" and "Yuletide Disco," which are the same album with a different track order. Which came first? My best guess is that the Mirror Image version was the original, as it was part of a series of albums released by the Arthur Murray Disco Dance Schools that included the "Discopedia" series. Similar strangeness surrounds the "Irwin the Dynamic Duck" albums, which take tracks from the Wonderball Orchestra released on Wonderland records. (03-08-2007)

kimmy says:
wow- i grew up listening to this - my mom and i would dance around the house to this every single year. it makes me all warm and fuzzy to hear it- lots of great memories. i could listen to this all year. =) (12-28-2006)

John Crawford ( says:
I play this every Christmas since I brought it brand new. There a station in Houston that plays non-stop Christmas music from Thanksgiving till Christmas and never have I heard any songs from this GREAT album. It really a shame with all the Christmas music that this is not included. Disco was a blend of Big Band and the 70's time and I LOVE IT. John Crawford (12-26-2006)

DJRyRy ( says:
I grew up with this album in my house. I currently have it on vinyl and really would love to have it as an MP3 to put onto a cd... can anyone help me out with that?


I found Yuletide Disco in a digital format, but Disco Noel is really hard to track down (12-14-2006)

cindy haggerty ( says:
When I was younger me and my little brother listen to christmas disco all the time. We've been looking for it for years and cant seem to find it anywere. (12-14-2006)

Jimmy ( says:
I found a copy of disco noel at a yard sale when I was in college back in 1992. I get it out every Thanksgiving and play it until Christmas. I've seen burned it to CD so that I can enjoy it on the go. I must say that it has to be a classic. (12-01-2006)

susan gallardo ( says:
I would like to know what stores in Oklahoma City sell the disco noel album. I got it when I was 11 years old, and I have been looking for this album since then. (11-15-2006)

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