Disco Noel

They've made Chrismas albums about everything else -- why not Disco?

Leave it to the folks at Pickwick Records to come up with this one -- classic Christmas carols set to a disco beat. Now, the next time you find yourself traveling through time to the 70's, you won't have to choose between Disco dancing and listening to your favorite Christmas songs -- you can have the best of both worlds with Disco Noel!

Disco Noel
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Silver Bells (MP3) It's Christmas time in the disco.
Jingle Bells (MP3) Get down with the disco version of this classic carol.

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Your Comments:

FunkyChris says:
Mirror Image just re-released some songs of the Mistletoe Disco Band.

The link Andrew postet in 2003 leads to the CD that contains alls the songs of the Mistletoe Disco Band. (11-05-2006)

FunkyChris says:

after searching the internet for some hours I found that on

# Mirror Image - "Jingle Bells" - re-release of the Mistletoe Disco Band's 1978 Christmas song under this different "group" name

# Mirror Image - "Silver Bells" - re-release of the Mistletoe Disco Band's 1978 Christmas song under this different "group" name

So, Mirror Image simply added some of the great songs of the "Mistletoe Disco Band" to their album "Disco Noel".

So, as Andrew wrote in his comment in 2003, visit this link:
This CD contains the songs of "The Mistletoe Disco Band". :) (11-04-2006)

Nyssa says:
'This album has been released on CD in 1998. The CD is called "Disco Christmas Party".'

Ah-ha! This makes sense now! I have "Disco Christmas Party" and I thought it sounded just like the clips provided on this site. So let me be a testament to this claim: Yes, I think it is indeed the same album, so if you're looking for some groovy holiday music, then check it out! (10-16-2006)

FunkyChris says:
This album has been released on CD in 1998. The CD is called "Disco Christmas Party". :) (10-11-2006)

Jade Nohels ( says:
Oh My God, this is the exact Album that I listened to as a kid. Is there any way that I can get my hands on this exact music. Please help me, I need this so bad!!!!!
Thanks (09-09-2006)

INXS Rules! says:
I found this record at Goodwill a few years back and I just couldn't pass it up. It's so good, I even listen to it all year round. (08-30-2006)

noel (-) says:
hoi ik heet noel ik vindt het egt vet leuk dat je dit heb zeg.

kus (05-18-2006)

C. Terentius Rufus says:
Ahhh...Disco...Mirror Balls...watered drinks...wide collars...bellbottoms...platform shoes...cocaine and unprotected sex...Ahhh...those were the days...
Merry Saturnalia, everybody!!! (12-24-2005)

Brian ( says:
24 hours of non-stop Christmas Disco starts Christmas Eve at 9 PM EST at

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. (12-24-2005)

Jerry ( says:
Hey Hey Hey...
Or maby HO HO HO!!!
Anybody out there have any idea on how I might acquire this "DISCO NOEL" on a CD,purchased locally in the Cleveland OHIO area????
Thanks alot... MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. (12-23-2005)

Rebecca ( says:
I love this album! I just had it put on CD, so that I can listen to it anywhere! What a way to celebrate Christmas! (12-23-2005)

Jeff ( says:
I have been looking to get this album for over 15 years. I remember it was my favorite one but lost my cassette. If anyone has it, I will buy it if available. (12-22-2005)

Jen says:
OH MY! Christmas is not the same without this music in the background! My mom, my brother, and I listened to this nonstop while putting up our tree every year. It can put me in the Christmas spirit like no other music. (12-08-2005)

John says:
I can remember getting drunk at a friend's house and listening to Disco Noel. Ahhh...what (12-04-2005)

oral pierre ( says:
hello i have been looking for the disco noel for a longtime i had it many years ago in trinidad and now i live in the usa i cant seems to find it. if anybody have any info about it please let me know (thanks) (11-29-2005)

jimothy ( says:
Hey hey! Merry Christmas one and all!

I have already started playing my salsoul "Swingin' with Santa" and it's not even December yet. I wish I'd grown up in the 70s. Blah.

Anyway... listen to the web radio station THE DISCO HEAT... and make your requests here... (11-28-2005)

john gradley ( says:
i own a copy of "disco noel", and i listen too it everyday no matter what season it is. i ran across the Lp last year and havnt stopped listening too it since. i believe its the best disco christmas album ever made. (11-28-2005)

Chris ( says:
Do you know of any place to buy this? This was my favorite. My grandmother loved it too. If anyone knows where I can buy it, let me know. I had an 8-track version which I no longer have and I really miss it. (07-27-2005)

DJ FRAUD says:
This album came out in 1979. I have an earlier disco christmas album, the 1976 "Christmas Jollies" by the Salsoul Orchestra. I also have two 1980 albums titled "Christmas Disco" and "More Christmas Disco". You just can't have enough of a good thing! If you really want something "modern" try "Acid X-mas". It's techno-ish Christmas hits. (04-13-2005)

Pardon Me While I Rock You says:
Little Miss Disco Inferno there seems VERY happy to be holding two sparkling balls in her left hand. But my favorite part of this cover has to be the price tag. It's 8 cents too high. (03-25-2005)

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