Disco Noel

They've made Chrismas albums about everything else -- why not Disco?

Leave it to the folks at Pickwick Records to come up with this one -- classic Christmas carols set to a disco beat. Now, the next time you find yourself traveling through time to the 70's, you won't have to choose between Disco dancing and listening to your favorite Christmas songs -- you can have the best of both worlds with Disco Noel!

Disco Noel
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Silver Bells (MP3) It's Christmas time in the disco.
Jingle Bells (MP3) Get down with the disco version of this classic carol.

See Also: Do The Hustle, Polka Disco

Your Comments:

Brian Candreva ( says:
WOW!!!! I am not alone!! My experience with this music is as Tis the night to Disco by the Disco belles. I was able to locate the same music through various other sites and in various other forms and just bought whatever i could find. Thanks to all for the help!!! Man was i overjoyed when I heard the first sample track and heard the music from when I was akid. (12-19-2004)

Liberace says:
Nothing says Christmas like Disco! Hand me that leisure suit & let's get dooooooown! (12-19-2004)

Reindeer says:
I recently heard a 70's japanese song with DISCO YODELING. It was the coolest thing EVER. (12-08-2004)

Stephen says:
Sex Toys (12-03-2004)

pamela golden ( says:
I have been looking for this christmas cd for a long time. I wish I new where to buy it from. It would be a great present for my mother. She used to play this album for us when we were little and I still remember it. Please if you know of any places that I maybe able to go and find this for her I, would be so happy. thanks
pamela (12-02-2004)

Zandra ( says:
Where can I purchase this?

hammer ( says:
This album brings back alot of pleasant childhood memories. My mother would play this album every year at Christmas. I remember rocking in the living room, watching it snow, waiting for Christmas while we would listen. (12-01-2004)

Bill says:
This album is played on the muzik sound system in hell's waiting room. Crisco (Christmas Disco)
Music. (11-27-2004)

Estelle ( says:
bonjour jesuis esttele (11-17-2004)

Dave ( says:
Dave (11-17-2004)

dave ( says:
dave (11-17-2004)

jbd ( says:
Can you tell me where I can purchase this record or is it avaialble in CD?
Thanks. (11-15-2004)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
It's a good thing Disco came along to save the Wah-Wah pedal from the scrap heap of rock 'n roll history! Disco is the bastard step-child of FUNK. Disco is the funk even us white guys and gals can dig without being AFRAID. It's not TOO black. And the genres crossed back and forth across the musical white lines a few times before crashing into the huge old oak tree at the edge of town. And speaking of "white lines" - it took a whole lotta blow to keep ya boogy-in' down all night long. I find it amazing that anybody still bothers with cocaine - 'cause Chester - it's got to be about the most BORING drug ever invented. Oh, yeah. We're HERE again. Everybody's talking. Nobody's listening and we're all waiting in line for the bathroom. Hey, wait a minute! Sounds like the USA in 2004! Woo-Hooo! Woo-Hoo! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! (11-10-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS! (10-27-2004)

Joli ( says:
Primo! Fab! Fantastical. Extraordinaire. I am this album's #1 fan. No really, I am. You can't make me not be. I would love to OWN & actually ACQUIRE this album for my own personal listening enjoyment. I would add the Feliz Navidad # by Jose Feliciano to it's ranks. (10-12-2004)

musiclover says:
one of the coolest Christmas covers ever produced. (09-02-2004)

Rudolph, the red-nosed drunk says:
compared to disco christmas medley by salsoul orchestra, this record blows chunks. (03-01-2004)

Satan Clause says:
This is the other! (02-09-2004)

Andrei da weird dude says:
Hey, this ain't half as bad as I thought it would be! (02-02-2004)

will_boy ( says:
hmmmm well, 10 cents seems fair to me. (01-13-2004)

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