Disco Noel

They've made Chrismas albums about everything else -- why not Disco?

Leave it to the folks at Pickwick Records to come up with this one -- classic Christmas carols set to a disco beat. Now, the next time you find yourself traveling through time to the 70's, you won't have to choose between Disco dancing and listening to your favorite Christmas songs -- you can have the best of both worlds with Disco Noel!

Disco Noel
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Silver Bells (MP3) It's Christmas time in the disco.
Jingle Bells (MP3) Get down with the disco version of this classic carol.

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Your Comments:

Paul (BarkingHare@Excite.Com) says:
Now the disco version of Little Drummer Boy kicks ass. (01-02-2004)

Andrew ( says:
OK, your obsessive-compulsive follower of all things Mistletoe Disco Band here...

It's all a stroke of luck, I must tell you.

I sent off to a friend my CD versions of the CD and MCD music, and he in turn sent me a copy of a CD a friend of his from the U.K. made, and it turned out we sent each other the exact same music. The nine tracks of the 1978 Christmas Disco LP that I sent were re-masters from vinyl. What he sent me was a compilation from a music company that had access to either original tapes or clear copies of them.

Between what he gave me and what I gave him, there were only two major differences: first, the presence of a Christmas disco song I had never heard before, "Good King Wenceslas," which sounded basically in the same tradition as the music from More Christmas Disco; and second, some of the More Christmas Disco songs sounded as if they'd been sped up or re-mastered with different singers, but the difference was practically negligible.

So now I have everything in CD format, but there's even better news: you can buy this very same compilation album, the copy of which I got from my friend. It's called Xmas Disco Party, and it's available from Amazon UK. The site for it specifically is It's 5.99 (roughly $10.58). That's the most reliable way to find the music in the Real Audio links above.

See what a year's worth of research and patience can bring? LOL! (12-19-2003)

Nadia says:
Um, not to be rude or anything, but what the hell is "." talking about? This board has nothing to do with Madonna. (12-16-2003)

astonished disbelief says:
I'm currently teaching English in Japan, and live in a city near Osaka. Anyway, I have no idea how this happened, but the shopping arcade next to my apartment is PLAYING THIS RECORD NOW FROM 10-7!!! And, I shit you not, I've heard songs from this album elsewhere around here. That said, at least it's better than last year when I had to deal with the Jackson 5 rendition of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" on constant replay for about four weeks. (12-12-2003)

Larry ( says:
My wife and I always liked the Christmas Disco, by the Mistletoe Disco Band. We would love to purchase it on cd if anyone knows where we could buy it, please let us know. Thanks (12-09-2003)

. says:
Poor Madonna. Used to have her finger on the pulse of what was outrageous and made millions manipulating various images and pressing buttons. Now, at 45, and in the face of tepid record sales and an increasingly hard-to-watch quest for sustained relevance to MTV's target audience, she looks through her 1987 lens and figures that THIS will shock people. Unfortunately for her, at the same time this was on MTV, Bravo was broadcasting Boy Meets Boy. The only thing shocking about this is that Madonna actually thought it was shocking. I find it confusing why a seemingly intelligent, wildly successful and almost unimaginably wealthy woman actually stills cares if she's relevant to today's 18 year-olds. Do you know what looks best on a 45 year-old mother of two? Dignity.


Eva ( says:
I can beat you. I actually BOUGHT a cd of Christmas music done Reggae style. (11-28-2003)

Andrew ( says:
I saw Mike Wilkins' comment about the Christmas disco records he owns and wanted to respond about the title "Christmas Disco."

Earlier this year, I ordered the Mistletoe Disco Band's "Christmas Disco" from The rear cover of this album shows that a copyright date of 1978 by Springboard International Records Inc. Above the copyright are logos for Springboard and Mistletoe Records, "a product of Springboard International, Inc." Steve Lisi is credited with engineering the music, and David Larlaud is credited with the art direction. This album contains the exact same tracks as what are streamed from the links above. The track list for the record are
Side A:
Sleigh Ride
Jingle Bells
Santa Clause Is Coming to Town
Jingle Bell Rock
Silver Bells
Side B:
Winter Wonderland
Little Drummer Boy
Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer
Joy to the World (11-25-2003)

Nadia says:
I just wanted to say that I am so glad the holidays are coming; it gives me an excuse to pop on the "Disco Christmas Party" album.

Oh, and I found a place online that is suppose to carry the "Disco Noel" record, in case anyone is interested. (11-25-2003)

BostonChris says:
Its great to see people who also appreciate this classic. I found "Disco Noel" in my parents LP collection when I was 10 years old (now 24) and ever since we've made it a tradition to listen to it while decorating the Xmas tree. I never thought I would find others that had even heard of it, made my day. Ill keep checking to find a CD copy. (11-23-2003)

Kristine ( says:
If anyone has more information on the company that made the "Christmas Party Dancing" CD mentioned above, I would appreciate it - or if they know where I can buy it! I have the first Christmas Disco LP and I love it - would like to have on CD digital quality. Thanks (11-19-2003)

Mike Wilkins ( says:
Stumbled across the site this w/e, making me pull out the THREE disco-oriented albums I own (one of them of couorse, being "Disco Noel.")

DISCO NOEL: (Pickwick, SPC-1026, 1979) has already been discussed here, but gives credit to Mirror Image as the intrumental group. Thanks to Allan for the cover credit! (btw, I picked my copy - complete with the Athur Murray Disco Dance Studio directions - at a local used record store (Boston) for $2.99 more than a few years ago. Ten cents?! What a bargain!!!)

CHRISTMAS DISCO: (Holiday, HDY-1910, 1980) While the tracks are not in the identical order of the Pickwick release the year previous, THEY ARE THE EXACT TRACKS from the Pickwick release. Credit is given this time to the "Mistletoe Disco Band." On the back cover it says that Holiday Records is a product of Phoenix Entertainment & Talent (200 W. 57th St. NY, NY.)

CHRISTMAS DISCO: (Pickwick, SPC-1022, 1977) Is apparently Pickwick's first forray into the holiday disco arena. While it seems to have the same tracks as the much discussed "Disco Noel," THIS RELEASE ACTUALLY HAS VOCALS! And though "banded," it moves directly from one song song into the next. The band given credit on this release is "P.K. and The Sound Explosion." the backcover "sell" is credited to one Amanda Frances.

I hope that helps some of you in your searches.



Allan Lechko says:
the model on the album cover is Jackie Berglund. I went to high school (Columbia Heights High School in Minnesota) with her - class of 1978 (11-13-2003)

ann serrant ( says:
can anyone please tell me how to get a copy of Disco Noel....?????? PLEASE!!!!!! (11-12-2003)

Cathy (tmblbusldy) says:
I love this album. I am frantically looking for a way to purchase it ....any ideas?

Cathy (11-10-2003)

this song makes me cry says:
who's disco noel? i prefer disco stu (10-18-2003)

Bryan says:
Wow. I sadly misplaced both LPs purchased some time in the mid 1980s. I later found a CD under the title "Christmas Party Dancing" which had no incriminating indications that it was disco, much less that it was related to my long lost treasures, but I took a gamble and for $3 or $4 took the new mystery disc home. I was thrilled to discover it was in fact both Mistletoe Christmas Disco Band LPs brought into crystal digital clarity. It remains one of my favorite Christmas recordings, much to the chagrin of friends and family (who I suspect of losing the LPs in the first place).

What a treat to find your page with the original cover art! Too perfect. (10-18-2003)

Otto ( says:
I actually HAVE this albume! I found it at a flea market at a mall about 10 years ago or so (before disco became fashionable).

It's truly an irresistable gem. (10-08-2003)

Matt ( says:
I wonder if there's a rendition of "I'm Snorting Up a White Christmas" on there? Just kidding, but seriously folks, you shouldn't buy Christmas albums with contrived themes like disco or religion, Christmas is about letting the Jews know that our trees are better than there stupid candleholder. I mean we cut down a fucking tree folks and put it in our livingrooms. That's some serious shit. (06-22-2003)

Dancing Fool ( says:
Who's the big,fat guy in the white suit?Why,it's Disco Santa and his ho,ho,hoes (05-28-2003)

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