Disco Noel

They've made Chrismas albums about everything else -- why not Disco?

Leave it to the folks at Pickwick Records to come up with this one -- classic Christmas carols set to a disco beat. Now, the next time you find yourself traveling through time to the 70's, you won't have to choose between Disco dancing and listening to your favorite Christmas songs -- you can have the best of both worlds with Disco Noel!

Disco Noel
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Silver Bells (MP3) It's Christmas time in the disco.
Jingle Bells (MP3) Get down with the disco version of this classic carol.

See Also: Do The Hustle, Polka Disco

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Disco Stu says:
I have this on tape (which was buried in accumulated family junk). While regrettable,I used to listen it to during the holiday season for the shear camp value. "Jing! Jing-gul Bells!" (09-28-2002)

Joseph Gallant ( says:
A much better attempt at combining Christmas music and the disco sound was "Salsoul Christmas", a 1976 album recorded by the Salsoul Orchestra. The Salsoul Orchestra had a few albums on (guess what?) Salsoul Records during the second half of the 1970's, and also provided the musical backing for most of that label's vocal artists.

One cut on "Salsoul Christmas", "Auld Lang Syne", has become a New Year's Eve perrenial, played on many contemporary-formatted radio stations at 12 Midnight on Decemeber 31st. (08-21-2002)

K. Meredith ( says:
I'm trying to find this Disco Noel for my stepdaughters -- any hints? (08-20-2002)

Bobby Allison says:
I saw a christmas disco record at goodwill. i dont think it was this one though. this is pretty cheezy. (08-10-2002)

Sammy Reed says:
This past Saturday, I got an album called "Christmas Disco" at a yard sale. It was produced by "Mistletoe Records - A product of Springboard International, Inc.", but it has the EXACT version of "Jingle Bells" from this album. One company must've made these recording of "disco christmas" songs and licensed them out to just about every cheapo record label in existance. Of course, there were a few companies that made "disco christmas" albums with recordings other than these, such as the "Winter Wonderland" tape I mentioned earlier in these comments. (08-05-2002)

Paul K. says:
The best thing about this record was the instructional poster, that's how i learned to do the hustle! It was a gift in about 1988 (a unique thrift store find, even then...)but I have since lost the poster.... (07-30-2002)

B Nicol ( says:
My husband loves this Christmas music. I sold the 8track at a yard sale and he is ready to divorce me. I would pay to have a cd or tape made, if anyone has a copy let me know. (07-13-2002)

-={ S C E P T R E }=- ( says:
i have this tape... it's scary. i torture my coworkers with it every christmas. (06-21-2002)

moonbiscuit ( says:
The scary thing is that I own so many of the albums discussed on this site. Makes me wonder where my mind has gone. Probably left it in a thrift store where it got tossed into the bargain bin. (06-11-2002)

70's Guy says:
Someone please kill me. Now. (05-29-2002)

NetNiv ( says:
Nightclubbing, we nightclubbing, (05-17-2002)

mike ( says:
I've been hunting for a song from the 54 movie trailer since i saw it in 1998. I have no clue what it is nor does anybody i've asked. The song never made it to the sound track. I've included the link to the trailer below. It's the last song played on the trailer played after ?Knock On Wood? and is sung by a female. It sounds to me like she's singing "making love stronger than the night".
Please help me
you can email me at my yahoo address or
Thanks again.

( (05-11-2002)

hypnotyza says:
This is fair/average, but if you want real holiday disco, dig up the SalSoul christmas album. I think it's from '78, but it's got way more production value than this floater. (05-11-2002)

Smorgy Fjeldsted says:
There I was --all alone on Christmas Eve-- must have been 1976. I was wearing my lime green polyester 'Saturday Night Fever' disco duds that had just been splattered with Aunt Darlene's rum-soaked fruitcake that she'd given to me as sure-fire, can't miss date bait. How was I to know that little bitty Betty, the disco dance instructor, detested fruitcake? I mean, everybody luvvvvs the traditional baked holiday loaf, don't they? The plastic-like red gumdrops decorating its upper crust glowed like disco balls when I stood underneath Betty's porchlight at the right angle. Would've been pretty courageous to go to a disco inferno by myself in my depressed state and all. Instead, I went home and plopped the needle down on my Disco Noel album--and learned the true
meaning of Christmas spirit.Pa Rum Pum Pum. (03-19-2002)

chris says:
Love this one - it goes nicely with National Lampoon's "Kung Fu Christmas". Not a new idea, tho - Ray Conniff's "Joy to the World(Twist)" beat 'em to it by 15 years... (02-05-2002)

gavicus ( says:
i have the jackson five christmas album - it's goo dbut not as good as this beauty or so i gather. i don't know - i actually really enjoyed jingle bells, it's as funky as the nightrider theme (that's pretty god damned funky). (12-31-2001)

Nadia says:
I have an album called "Disco Christmas Party" and it has songs on it which I believe are identical to the ones featured here. I think maybe they just took old 70's recordings of the songs and put them together and retitled the album. I managed to pick it up rather cheaply at a local drugstore about a month or so ago. (12-24-2001)

master poo says:
I'm back! These are great albums! There is so much awfully good Christmas music out there but you have to look. I have three carribean christmas records,awful! Four or five gangsra rap christmas albums,awful! The best is Master P's with titles like High fo' Christmas, Locked up fo' christmas and Jackin' fo' the Holidays! I dont know if MP was serious or not,I hope not. You also needto find Scooby Doo mystery Christmas Tales ans The Six Million Dollar Man Christmas Adventure album. I swear Lee Majors and "Oscar" read their lines separately and then the Engineer spliced it together. Here the Elves revolt against Santa when a muckraker comes north and convinces the Elves they're being exploited by St.Nick. There's a gun fight and it sounds like Santa takes one in the belly. Look for Norton singing about the elusive Doodly-Boop and his swinging rendition of A Christmas Carol.You shoud also not pay more than a dollar apiece for these,except for the Norton album, its priceless! (12-04-2001)

master poo says:
I've seen this album a few times in the record shops I go to. I also bougt it the very first time I saw it! I also own one called Yuletide Disco which is even worse, in a good way. (11-28-2001)

rodd ( says:
LOVE this!!!! How can I get a copy of Disco Noel???? Does anyone have it on tape or CD....Willing to pay for your time and trouble...

Thanks (11-22-2001)

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