Disco Noel

They've made Chrismas albums about everything else -- why not Disco?

Leave it to the folks at Pickwick Records to come up with this one -- classic Christmas carols set to a disco beat. Now, the next time you find yourself traveling through time to the 70's, you won't have to choose between Disco dancing and listening to your favorite Christmas songs -- you can have the best of both worlds with Disco Noel!

Disco Noel
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Silver Bells (MP3) It's Christmas time in the disco.
Jingle Bells (MP3) Get down with the disco version of this classic carol.

See Also: Do The Hustle, Polka Disco

Your Comments:

kris ( says:
Wrong e-mail address above. Again, anybody know where I can get this? (11-26-1997)

Kris ( says:
Where can I get a copy of this? (11-26-1997)

josiah ( says:
.leoN ocsiD ekil I .si siht sey ,etis ylf repuS (11-24-1997)

leon says:
that's noel spelled backwards, and i've always thought of christmas as my special day. disco on! should i say ocsid no? (11-22-1997)

Phil Kenney (munibondLA) says:
I am actually having a Disco Christmas party. Where can I find this fine album? This would be the perfect pre-dancing primer. (11-11-1997)

Noel says:
Hi my name is Noel :) I love disco and go disco dancing every weekend in L.A. Thanks for my very own web page! How exciting to see my name in lights on a Disco Album. (10-11-1997)

gary b ( says:
always find it interesting how ideas get more and more 'diluted' - plain old Xmas records are usually horrible enough to start with, then some record exec sez "hey, why not a Xmas DISCO record! We'll make a fortune!" - from there we get Tiajuana disco Xmas records, and so on? aaaaaah?yuletide schlock. Ain't it grand? (10-08-1997)

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