Super Slab Hits

All the excitement, danger and romance of the big trucks and the open road.

I have an enormous weak spot for Truck Driving music. There's just something about the lure of the open road, the excitement of the big rigs, the freedom, the danger, the women... well, you get the picture.

Super Slab Hits delivers a bevy of gritty truckin' mantras. You won't find me on a long road trip without the likes of these tunes available to keep the tempo up and add that extra flavor to the long haul.

You have to wonder whether they make records like this for truck drivers themselves, or if they're really intended for city-boy wannabes like me. After all, it would be pretty hard to keep the needle down when you're doing 65 MPH in an 18 wheeler on Interstate 80. (Perhaps an 8-track tape version was available at truck stops for the mobile crowd).

Super Slab Hits
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Pinball Machine (MP3) What truck drivers "shoot" when they want to blow all their money and mess up their lives.
Six Days On The Road (MP3) Spend six days driving (like I did one summer) and you'll be singing it, too.

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Greg Ledgerwood ( says:
I had a 8 track tape some years ago 20 or so and it was called Truck star music it had excellent songs and I'm trying to find anybody heard of this tape hope i can find it on cd (11-09-2004)

Fred Bell ( says:
can anybody tell me where to purchase A copy of super slab hits as I have lost the copy that I had. And this the first time I have come across any mention of it for years ,

thank you in advance

fred Bell (Scotland) (11-07-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! (10-28-2004)

mike ( says:
A "swindle sheet" (Convoy lyric) is a log book in which truckers are required by law to record their time behind the wheel and their time on-duty but not behind the wheelm and their time resting. Because most long-haul driving is more like a sweatshop on wheels, drivers routinely keep two sets of books. One set -- the "swindle sheet" -- to show the authorities, if stopped, to prove they are not driving more hours than legally allowed and another set to give their employeer. (10-23-2004)

Britni Hendrickson ( says:
Hey all you truckers out there. I am very considerate of you on the highway. If it was not for you where would we be.Please help us again like you did before with the high gas prices. I love all you truckers and respect you.
I am a lil ol Okie from Locust Grove,Oklahoma and if you pass through honk your horn for me. Ok? I have never sang truckin songs but bet I could. If you like traditional music pull up some of my songs at and give a listen. my website is down for a time but you can see something about me at and leave a message.Or listen to me at an International Syndicated Legends and Legends Country music show with Roger Fredinberg and Doug Dugger where i am co/host and will be back on in December. I will dedicate a christmas song to all the truckers out there,"Rollin On Home For Christmas" which is on one of my cd's.
Thanks for your time and God Bless..

Joli ( says:
How could anyone even think they could musically compare to C.W. McCall with his song Convoy, which, BTW was co-produced with the guy (Chip Davis?) who created Mannheim Steamroller. Now if that is not an unlikely collaboration, I do not know what is. My favorite line from Convoy, OF COURSE (being I am a flat-out-for-Jesus Jesus freak) is "7 long-haired friends of Jesus & a chartreuse microbus." But the real question is, does anyone out there in LarosaLand know what a "swindle sheet is?" (10-13-2004)

david ( says:
I have this record! Found it at a thrift store in Stockton, CA. Excellent tunes, especially Teddy Bear, which always sends listeners into spasms of guilty laughter. :) (09-03-2004)

guitarman ( says:
About ten or twelve years ago my Cuz an I picked up a cassette tape at a T/A Truckstop titled Smokin' Joe And The Steel Cowboys. The songs were great and the guitar playing outstanding however over the tape is now lost but I often wonder if anyone knows where to get another copy? at the time it was also offered on CD but I have been keeping my eyes open for this album with no luck.If anyone can help i'd appreciate it. thanks (08-12-2004)

Robert1913 (Rdawnapril) says:
Have search everywhere for the lyrics to Teddy
Bears Last ride (07-27-2004)

del (keigleyd@ says:
old habits die hard, let's keep 'em rolling! Dad got me into trucking after his got him in. Full floor, no brakes! (06-22-2004)

Peanut Head says:
Hey Senor Zuluaga!!!

Como este una "BIG RIG" don ce facia fuko, el minuto penuso e "complex" inferiorio....

Uno CD JAMMY OSMINDT....este uno BOMBA, BABIES!!...el grande senor du vocalist...

uno tobacca, liqouro, et nekkido penuso grande i ...oops...mamma ceivuo quirerto sambo bobo...bye... (05-23-2004)

jaime zuluaga ( says:
quiero este juego (05-23-2004)

Peanut Head says:
Dat's wot I want fer chrissmas...a big rig, 8tracks full of JAMMY OSMUNDT, and wearin' a big hat, fartin' and sayin' SHEEEEIT all da time...

Wow,,dat is fun..specially da JAMMY OSMINDT, cuz he da BOMB, BABIES>>>....SHEEITT!! haw Mommy...bye... (05-22-2004)

Homer says:
C.W.McCall...Convoy...kicks ass even today!! (05-10-2004)

Motherfucker the Trucker says:
Hey Trucker, Hey Trucker, you Motherfucker!
Get that Goddamn Bigrigh outta my way,
I've been drivign all nigh my hands on the wheel,
Eyball Hardboiled ready to peel,
So get that godamn big rig outta my way! (02-09-2004)

truckmusic says:
Dave Dudley passed on 22 Dec 2003. He was 75, born in Spencer, WI as Darwin David Pudraska, He was first to record "Six Days On The Road" (01-17-2004)

Wear a Cup. says:
Who, why, and how should we kill them (12-24-2003)

Trucker4Life says:

this is the url to a site called Truckin' MP3's (11-29-2003)

Michael ( says:
I am trying to find a copy of an old 8-track that my dad used to have called Movin' On. It had several truck driving songs including "Let's Truck Together." Anyone know if this still exists in either cassette or cd format? Please email me if you have any info. Thanks. (11-14-2003)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
Yes, despite popular demand, I am back! Who the hell thought of this crap? My rectum makes better music after a night of baked beans! Don't get me wrong. I like truckers, I even dated a female trucker once...(ok, I was forced into it), but I don't think that such music should be legal. Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me. (08-31-2003)

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